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Channel Art.jpg
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I just Made This It my first ever it took me 20 mins tell me how i did show me your first
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Too generic. But good for a first try.
What did you use to create it?
adobe photo shop

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Hello anons.

I need your help. Is this name on the card photoshopped? My decades of MSPaint experience says it is.

I'll post other pictures from her while I wait for you ever so gracious PS masters to dispense wisdom.
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Pls, anyone?

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Before putting paintings on sale on the Internet, how should their photos be retouched? What kind of filters etc. should be applied?
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Remove any distracting backgrounds, white balance the painting, don't over edit

How do I crop a jpg. without losing quality? Photoshop always fuck my pics up. Thanks.
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ran into this same problem and the stock photo utility on macs does surprisingly well
Thanks but I'm on PC
>Lose quality from cropping

If something is broken with your photoshop you can just use a layer mask to only show what you want.

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How do advertisement companies take a digital copy of a product and post on online e-shops and TV commercials?
They have consistent lights and no intense shadows/reflections, they are clean and well presented. What are the principles of photography for this and post-production?
I didn't post this in /p/ cause there is obviously a digital re-touch for the final result.
Pic related, it is from an e-shop.
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Google "how to build a cheap product photography light box" and there are a million tutorials.
This is definitely a /p/ this image is 90% about properly softened light and maaaaybe 10% about post work

ok so somehow I managed to get an interview for a graphic design position at a company in the oil industry, however I actually know absolutely nothing about graphic design beyond some stupid logos and posters I made for my friends bands and some other miscellaneous bullshit

they honestly seem to think I know what I'm doing so far but nobody has really questioned me because I think everyone I've talked to is old and knows even less about graphic design than me

what the fuck do I do
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Welp, if it's in the oil bidness I suppose you'll be getting paid a shit ton of cash, so just get creative and pretend you're hot shit.
If you get the job spend all of your free time practicing and watching videos on how to design. Play ignorance if anyone asks.

Most of the work you will do will not be very technical so you can get by with what you know right now. I believe in you OP
What this anon said.

Fake it till you make it but you better hunker down and fucking learn as much as you can if you want to keep your job. Buy a subscription to Lynda if you have to, I don't care. Read books, watch documentaries, develop an eye for design all around you. Everything is designed by somebody, there are always lessons to be learned. Just keep studying, keep practicing. Learn your fundamentals and learn the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, then learn how to be awesome with them.

You can do this, anon. It will be a lot of work but you can do this. You can carve out your own career path. The fact that you care enough to ask for advice and help here shows a strong foundation. You can do this.

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Hi, I am learning how to use Blender for a couple of months now and I know basics. I need advice what should I do, like today I was trying to create some more better looking barn and it was a struggle. Should I keep watching tutorials about the things I want to create, or should try to do it by my own and keep trying till I make it?
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File: Vladislav_Ociacia-engineer-11.jpg (196KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>>>/3/ (sticky)
learn about 3d workflow don't watch tutorials unless you are looking to achieve something specific. also try learning the basics first and then track your progress as you start doing more and more complex stuff.

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Hey, i just started illustrator. Any advices?
>pic related
>also have a DA
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If you have any specific illustrator questions I'm sure we'd love to help.

File: zdzislaw-beksinski.jpg (1MB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1600x1200px
Hi guys! Total noob here.
I need new graphics for my post-hardcore band "This Fall". I would like to use this Zdzisław Beksiński paint as background and put the name on it but I don't know any good font that can match and have no idea how to make it nice. Can someone give me a hand?
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Don't disgrace Zdzislaw's work with a "post-hardcore" band, start with that. Plus that cream color is terrible
Use a classy serif font in small size tracked waaaaay the hell apart.

That's what I would do.

Well no I mean I probably wouldn't base my art of a stolen work from someone else, but if we're just talking type that's what I would do.

File: 1424186045612.jpg (62KB, 700x266px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some sans-serif fonts that have great screen readability? I used Ruda properly for the first time today and it makes a fantastic UI font. What do you guys use?
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Come on fucks

I like Open-Sans
Don't worry op threads on this board last forever, it might be 2 months before a thread here gets 200 replies.

File: MTTanlines.png (476KB, 509x756px)Image search: [Google]
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sup gd

anyone know how to get make wonderful pink/green/purple/blue blobby gradient things?

artist: David Rudnick

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File: CharliXCX.png (564KB, 509x756px)Image search: [Google]
564KB, 509x756px
pic related

also "get make" is a #hot&trendy new MFA design term yall probably haven't heard of..
nah but this shit is really nice
enter the void type
This image makes more sense to me than the top. Looks like a basic gradient with some object effects like inner glow. Perhaps a transparent gradient on top as well for the light blue side effects. That's my guess.

Happy designing!

File: 1451254450977.jpg (789KB, 2466x1738px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey there /gd/. I'm really interested in graphic design, and want to learn more. I was hoping someone could recommend a graphic design textbook that really helped them learn. If someone has a /gd/ essential textbooks list, that would be great too.
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A Type Primer by John Kane is a must have for typography.

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Hey fellas?

I'm using adobe premiere, how do I edit and merge videos in to other videos? (Like editing faces in the video, meme type of stuff)


Any pointers or programs you guys use?
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You are looking to do motion tracking.
You will need After Effects to do so.
VideoCopilot has some nice tutorials about it.
Hadn't seen your reference video.
That's chroma keying and you can do it in Pr.
>Record whatever you want to add over a plain background.
>Add chroma key and choose the background color.
You will need an evenly litten background for this to work properly.
File: filthy frank ramen.jpg (54KB, 736x545px)Image search: [Google]
filthy frank ramen.jpg
54KB, 736x545px


I'm trying to figure out if this was an illustrator or Photoshop job. It's super clean but some areas look pretty much hand drawn which leads me to believe it's not vector.

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Here's an example of why I think it might not be vector. Corner variance.
A skilled draftsman will generally not have any trouble to draw things cleanly like that, with or without vectors doesn't really matter.

It is still entirely possible that it was done with vectors though, e.g. using the freehand tool, or that it was drawn as bitmap and then auto-traced to get the linework to look crisp at high resolutions. The corner variations could be produced just as much by a bitmap brush as by a vector-tool. It could even be drawn on physical paper with a stabilo/fineliner and then scanned, who knows.

Perhaps what you really wanted to know is whether this was drawn with the bezier tool or the freehand tool? In that case, the answer is most definitely that it was drawn freehand, possibly with a little bit of stabilization enabled (but not much -- you can see many micro-wiggles in the lines).
Illustrator using the 'Artistic Brushes' Palette

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I am starting a graphic design thing for some extra money on the site and asking for some ideas for a good banner and slogan, Hope you can help /GD/-Best wishes anon
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>GD for the money
You are looking in the wrong place.
that´s a very tycho-ish design of yours.

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