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Hey guys !
Post your personnal logos !
It tells a lot about your personnalities !

Here's mine !
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File: a.png (10KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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My name is Andis.

File: Logo.png (47KB, 1483x1968px)Image search: [Google]
47KB, 1483x1968px
Something I did several years ago. Never had any reason to push it further.

File: OS-tan.full.883960.jpg (324KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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I finally upgraded from PS CS6 to Creative Cloud. They got my shekels. Everything is as expected (both the good and bad - nothing like taking features away in newer versions), except importing videos to frames now takes MUCH longer than it used to. It used to take a few seconds to load a H.264 video (maybe 10 seconds in length) - now it can take a couple minutes. Anyone experience this? Just a result of whatever new behind the scenes frameserver Adobe is using now or something?
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It probably indexes the video, but that's just a guess.
File: The great grandfather.jpg (76KB, 570x665px)Image search: [Google]
The great grandfather.jpg
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This one too.
Plz & Thx
how about you go kill yourself

File: tp_img_trademark.png (49KB, 500x544px)Image search: [Google]
49KB, 500x544px
This makes me happy on so many levels.
>Great game design
>Great logo
>Great website
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Saw this image on the homepage and clicked it. I like it.

But knowing Kojima, is there something in the image I'm not seeing? All I see is a skull inside a spartan type helmet.

(Also, I thought Kojima productions' logo was a Fox?)
File: frogmouth.jpg (99KB, 529x655px)Image search: [Google]
99KB, 529x655px

its a frogmouth type helm, used for sports jousting pretty much exclusively
I love when things come together as well. That's one great logo.

Were the Designer's Republic any good? Opinions?
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i enjoy their/his work
Was it only one guy?
went into administration or something a while ago so now it's just one guy

File: ipadmini2.jpg (806KB, 1920x1280px)Image search: [Google]
806KB, 1920x1280px
I'm considering picking up a tablet during Christmas sales. Besides doing pointless shit, I can finally start using one to test my design work whether it's web layouts or testing colors.

The cheapest one is Mini 2 but it seems this one is a black sheep when it comes to sRGB gamut range, it's rated at 76%. Does anyone have experience with this or know if the gamut range is a red flag for design work?
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File: 35956_untitled.png (402KB, 1001x819px)Image search: [Google]
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iPad® Pro™ bro
If you are designing for mobile tablets an iPad mini is sufficient enough. What the fuck you want flawless srgb on a toy device for.

File: 29577_image0_20120426_auto.jpg (575KB, 1152x1152px)Image search: [Google]
575KB, 1152x1152px
How big should raster images be?
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If you do print really fucking big, like 10.000 x 10.000 pixels or more.
like half a square meter

File: W0khZ.png (6KB, 942x455px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 942x455px
I want to make a short pixel idle animation of a character, with a speech bubble that has successively appearing letters (something like in Pokemon). I find timing the frames a pain in the ass enough even without accounting for the letters, is there an easier way of doing this without sacrificing quality or "pixel integrity"?
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File: 1336434694788.gif (87KB, 200x100px)Image search: [Google]
87KB, 200x100px
just add a letter, wait a couple of frames then add another one (counting spaces as letters), rinse and repeat.
animation takes time, there are no shortcuts
I was thinking maybe having the letters appear, then the character doing the animation, then letters again (since that would actually work for the concept), but that's still something like 50 frames for the bubble alone, it'll look like a mess in the reel. Is there a "Group Frames" option in Photoshop? (I'm away from my PC)
What software? After Effects has a preset for this.

File: what font.jpg (24KB, 471x60px)Image search: [Google]
what font.jpg
24KB, 471x60px
Can anyone identify this font?
whatthefont reverse font search didn't work.
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try baron neue

File: FB_IMG_1450932745071.jpg (39KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
39KB, 960x540px
Can some one edit this baby into playing music at a night club
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read the sticky

File: IMG-20150817-WA0015.jpg (84KB, 480x639px)Image search: [Google]
84KB, 480x639px
Someone can edit this pic?
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anyone bumping this thread should be temp-muted.

File: 1982590512_QBbv06cK_sela.jpg (331KB, 750x900px)Image search: [Google]
331KB, 750x900px
How do i slap an animation onto a video. what free program can i use? I know this is probably really simple for someone with even just a little bit of experience with video editing but i don't.
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wondershare filmora, perhaps,? not a vid anon, but just trying to help out

Pirate after effects.
What do you mean slap an animation onto a video? Do you mean importing something made with flash or toonboom into a video editing software's timeline or something?

File: IMG_0425.jpg (2MB, 2448x2448px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2448x2448px
Hey /gd/ i've seen different images that look one way when they are small but when you scale them thay look different. For example, i see in the thumbnail a cat and when i click on it to see it high res its a cock. How do you do that? does that effect have a name?
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Damn, I actually know this place.
Qué gonorrea.

Can you help me? I need you to change the background image help me please !
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fuck you and fuck off

File: tasteful gradients (sharp).png (63KB, 701x702px)Image search: [Google]
tasteful gradients (sharp).png
63KB, 701x702px
i know u like them sharp bbys ;) ;) ;)
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Here's your reply
File: BAD.png (65KB, 898x826px)Image search: [Google]
65KB, 898x826px

File: image.jpg (43KB, 425x425px)Image search: [Google]
43KB, 425x425px
>who actually made this album cover
Been searching for awhile, can't seem to find the artist.
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Kaws ?

look at the hands
Yeah that's who I assumed, just couldn't find like an official document saying so
is wikipedia close enough?
>For the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, KAWS' company redesigned the iconic moon man statue and illustrated various magazine covers for The New Yorker, Clark Magazine and I-D. He created cover art for recording artists Towa Tei, Cherie, Clipse and Kanye West.

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