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ITT: Wich magazine has (or has had) a nice layout in terms of design?

(Pic: Hattie Stewart redesign of PAPER)
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National Geographic
Architectural Digest
well OP let me tell you about how fucking fantastic magazines are right now. take a look at

The Gentlewoman
Triple Canopy
The Gourmand
The Great Discontent

pic related, HOLO is a magazine about generative, interactive, and new media art
Shit man, great list. I would also add Baseline Magazine, it's a typography focused magazine.

File: INTERITUS BADGES.jpg (2MB, 4800x1854px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4800x1854px
Hey guys im new to vectors etc ive just made these Car sticker designs just curious on your opinions :)
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They look very nice :)

Awesome designs great job!! Can you link your original sketches? Curious to see how much detail you put in the initial sketch before going digital, or if you even sketched at all. Just wanted to see a little bit of the process.
desu I think it's shit, too much detail
make it look flatter with low saturated colors

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Where do you find freelance work?

I lost my job a month ago after a random drug test. I'm looking for work to pay the bills -- preferably online freelance. Where do designers on /gd/ find freelance work?
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735KB, 1522x2031px

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Share thread.

Post your best work here budding graphic designers and noobs alike. I wanna see what /gd has to offer. Extra points go to descriptions about why you like it, who commissioned it and what you want to do next.

I recently made a zine for the yearly zine fair in my area. Watching Mr Robot/Fight Club/Matrix and reading Chomsky's Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda put me in the mindset to make this. It was an educational experience that turned out better than expected. Currently making a CD wallet for another lil project.
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Looks cool, will you show us the inside? By the way, part of me wants to see one of the letters in HERD be backwards but that may be too cliche... Whats your yearly zine fair called? Any websites to check out other people's work?
Thanks pal, and believe me- the zine's just one massive cliche xD But I had fun. It's basically about how the general public's voice really don't count for much when it comes to how a democratic society is run. You can vote now and then for a leader of the specialized class, but thats about it. The main character comes to this bitter realization, and struggles to come to terms with it.

As for the zine fair, it happens in Bristol, England. And workwise just browse behance, follow the dandad new blood competition winners, and follow Its Nice That :)
Looks like you quickly traced the scene in the office from fightclub, and added a tumblr nose, colors are nice though

File: gfktypepicSAT2.jpg (2MB, 2550x3300px)Image search: [Google]
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How about a music art thread? Either designs you have created or pieces you are inspired by.

Pic Related: Typographic Portrait of Ghostface Killah made out of his lyrics, album titles, track titles and nick names. Done in Illustrator. I tweeted it to Ghost and he actually answered me and we talked for a few minutes it was awesome!
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File: middleface.jpg (1MB, 850x1100px)Image search: [Google]
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File: rightface.jpg (1MB, 850x1100px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 850x1100px

File: space world for austin.jpg (3MB, 3508x2480px)Image search: [Google]
space world for austin.jpg
3MB, 3508x2480px
Studying art and graphics at high school in my last year before uni... Hoping to become a concept artist and wondered what you guys/gals thought of this?
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The main part you want to be looking at is that city thing, so I'd suggest making the buildings taller and possibly having the "camera" angle a bit higher to make the city thing look much larger when compared to everything else.
you got a nice signature

'Keeping your files and shit organised' thread.

How do you keep all your files neat and tidy /gd/?

I had a system a year ago, but it's gone to shit with file names like finalfinal123-final9.ai.

If you have a reference library filled with images and projects you like, how do you keep it organised so you can find things by subject etc?

I was thinking of using OneNote for my documents and write-ups, but I don't know if its versatile enough.

Share your ways /gd/, help us out.
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OneNote is great. I use it all the time to collect my project's visual inspirational materials and notes. It gives you pages with infinite area so you can organize your textual info, pictures, screenshots, schemes, files etc in however impulsive chaotic fashion you like and still have them neatly organized in sections/notebooks and synced through Microsoft's cloud service (TM) on all of your compooters.

>I had a system a year ago, but it's gone to shit with file names like finalfinal123-final9.ai.

Just give them timestamps. Like Webpage_Home_View_20151218_1257.ps.

File: ice.png (2MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1280x720px
I made an after fx vid yesterday afternoon based on a haiku i read, it used a lotta layered stuff that i photoshopped for a consistent cool blue style as well as sound i mixed and edited to give kinda a cold feeling.

I'm like really really new to after effects, so it definitely aint the coolest thing you've seen ever (also i just do this for fun, not at a professional level), but what do ya'll think?
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I think you need to look at better fonts. It was uber distracting how sub-par the fonts were, especially if you were working in AE.

It's like you exported the video without text and then finished it in Windows Movie Maker with whatever stock fonts you have.
Yeah I just used a basic calligraphy font. I'm pretty bad at finding good fonts that fit my stuff :/

File: speekyo.png (24KB, 294x79px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyway to turn out a cool logo/gd of the company name Speekyo?
More info:
My father and I are working on a tech start up to pay for my college education. Most hardware/software stuff done, all that is left is branding. We thought the two e's could become something cool and y's are always edgy lol. We literally have no idea what we are doing, so any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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File: _.png (54KB, 1300x900px)Image search: [Google]
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simplify. don't use drop shadows and/or gradients. try using small caps (makes the logo more friendly) for the one in the pic related i use the font kimberly and rockwell (the icon will be just a placeholder for an abstract logo)
Hire a professional.

You've admitted to not knowing what you're doing, your product will only ever be as good as the branding that comes with it.

Hire a good designer, I beg you.

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Hello, the Anonymous.
Among you there will 2D artist who will help fulfill the dream of a cup of tea?
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hot lady
wat do?

Hey /gd. I recently made a couple of design variants for my new channel. I was wondering what you thought of them. I'd love to see what kind of stuff you've all made as well.
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You literally just slapped together a gradient + default brush

Thont Fread!

seriously looking for the "Prestige Elite (STD, LT)" - Can someone help me out or tell me about good ressources for typekits i.g.?
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> boards.4chan.org/gd/thread/246538/font-share-thread-38

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Anyone here have some cool things made with the blend tool? Im looking for inspiration
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Experiment with more complex forms to get interesting results.

Protip: Be aware that there should be the exact amount of anchors in both forms. Otherwise the blending turns to shit.

File: alXKEod.jpg (1MB, 2361x3148px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2361x3148px
Was looking for someone to help me with this photo. I was going to use it for my Christmas cards but I feel like the picture needs a bit more...

You can do what ever you want with the picture, make it more Christmas like, funny, fucked up, what ever you feel!

Ill take the best ones and use them for my cards!

Lets see what you've got!
Thank you
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File: 1437696020296.jpg (21KB, 288x288px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1420171854577.jpg (21KB, 288x288px)Image search: [Google]
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File: bane.jpg (20KB, 238x104px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: we create logos out of dank memes
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Bane: 4U - Flower Deliver Service

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