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What font is this guys? The one on the top that reads "Galaxy", not the one that says "music"
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its time and i dont have it !!!
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Hang thyself, thou spiteful hell-hated giglet.
Hang onto your fugly christmas hat.
Fuck you.

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Hey guys

Wondering if you could help me and tell me which font is used on the Toronto Vs Everybody apparel?
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it wont be the same but try BEBAS NEUE
Nope, not Bebas Neue!

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what should I start with to learn graphic designing from scratch? any books or anything?
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How are your Illustrator and Photoshop skills? Start there. There are plenty of intensive video courses on YouTube. Bang through those until you're comfortable with the tools, then figure out the next step
You see this post >>248807 ?
Do the exact opposite of what it says.

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I want to master Wordpress as a CMS with various custom views, menus, self-made theme designs etc. as quickly as possible so I could claim to my potential employers I can build a functioning Wordpress site.

(I already have experience as a web designer and know some PHP and MySQL and I'm also used to working in Python with Django/DjangoREST frameworks.)

What are some good tutorials/resources/most commonly used plugins etc. to start with?
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Honestly, just get a template and you should be fine. Just don't pirate them.


Here's a good tutorial but it comes with a watermark in the footer.php. Just remove the watermark in the php file and you should be fine.
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I appreciate the advice and link. Your cool. Your the best.
You're the dude who posted here a while ago asking how to remove that watermark.

As for you OP, I would recommend looking into Wordpress Dev Kits which make building and setting up Wordpress much easier for custom work. A few that I use are:

A super rad kick off point that is super minimally and well tagged. Great start point.

Another great starter point that has a ton of useful tools already added.

I would also look into something called Timber which uses Twig for PHP dev. Helps a ton templating and what not.

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Hi there sugars,

Can anyone help me identify the name of this font in the picture, that used in every issue of Mercure Galant as a body text, which you can find here: http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb40216887k/date


Thanks for a thousand times!
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It's Baskerville or something very similar.
Hahaha this guy>>248702

That's garamond OP

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That was amazing!!
Saging this samefag.
what was it?

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Any advice on how to restore an old photograph?

Thanks :)
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Are you good with the clone brush and do you own a graphic tablet? If you are looking for a really good result then you are gonna need those 2 skills/tools to get the job done.
Do you have the negative? Those are just paper water/acid stains
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here's a basic touch up, I like playing with old photos, it's mostly just clone stamp and spot heal

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When I am over laying in pictures I tend to have to white stroke it if the picture is too dark, but having it on the whole time makes it look kind of clunky. Anyone know any tricks I might be able to use to redesign, just tagging all the memes and stuff, sometimes its 40 extra steps on a post with all dark pictures. The edges of the glasses are transparent but inside the paper is white, not sure how it will show up.
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post an example of the problem.
also the glasses inside would look way better
make the white transparent background, dude
and then try making different color variations of the logo

I'm working freelance for a state department.

They wanted two poster mock-ups. I took approx. 7.5 hours for conception, sketches, and designing the separate spreads. Per hour is 75 bucks.

First real "job", is this too much? I feel confident about the designs but I've never gotten this much money in one sitting. I almost feel like I should cut it down to four hours but...[spoiler]SHEKELS[/spoiler]
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Well done OP, you have learned a valuable lesson. Take as long as you can without being late. This is even more true when you're paid hourly.
so you're charging $75/hr for your first job? ...and billing your client about $560 for two mock-ups?

what the fuck.
Its a fixed hourly position, the contract says I can't go above or below that number... and I just worked one office day. I really focused and tried to produce a finished product, tried to do my best.

What is scaring me isn't the hours I worked but THEIR fixed bid. That shit adds up. But I know the guy personally; I feel that if he thinks I've billed too much he will let me know.

I'm honesty curious, how much do you bill per hour?

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anyone know what font this is?
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simplifica maybe
Simple Köln-Bonn

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What's the logo you've made you are the most proud of?

Don't be shy
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But really both rip offs of this

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Can someone tell me how to achieve this effect? I dont know how to describe it, but I want to do a logo where it looks like... there are chunks missing or like it was rubbed in dirt. Kind of like in the converge logo pictured. I'm using photoshop,
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another example of a slightly different effect, but same general idea
This a joke? Dude, thats the absolute basic shit, there are a fucking million tutorials about it. Dont you know How to Google?

But anyways:
1. Download grungy, dusty brushes.
2. erase.
Thats it.
yeah i agree with the guy above me, your a retard

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someone can edit my pic?? thx
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Drink more water and eat more healthy.
You're not going to last long like that.
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It's like i never changed a thing.
She looks good in black.

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Hello. I am a new web designer and I want to ask what grid system should I use.
The client I have, "just wants a website".
Should I use 960.gs, 1200, or bootstrap grid system?
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I'll tell you for 15% of the final earnings

Bootstrap is by far the most simple and straightforward. If you're just starting out, go ahead and use Bootstrap.

If he ever plans to update this thing on his own, he's going to need a custom wordpress theme built. Being new and asking this question, you do not have the expertise for that.

Honestly, the fact that you have a client at all and are asking this question leads me to believe that he's paying you less than $20. If he can spare more, just give this lead to literally anyone else on /gd/ so we can afford to eat this week and then your client will have a real website.

He pays me 900 euro and I design it from scratch, no templates no anything else.

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