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In this project I've set up a grid-system for creating my font. When I press CMD + Y I come into outline-mode. When I toggle it back some of the layers stay in outline-mode. How do I redo this?
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Press CTRL+Click on those icons
That makes an individual layer go into outline-mode. However I want some layers to stay in outline-mode when I toggle it back and forth, nawmsayn?
I figured it out.

To make your content stay in outline-mode after toggling it back and forth globally, put your content in a sub-layer and toggle it into said mode by CMD-clicking on the layer-visibility button.

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Hey, /gd/ what keeps you guys going? I've made a couple of designs over a span of a long time and no matter what i'm always discouraged by people having a lot better design sense, or just design.
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>pic not related
To be honest it is human to react that way. There always gonna be a better and a worse designer than you. You feel discouraged by the better one. Think that you'll probably discourage the worse one too.

Keep it on and perfect your own way and your own style.

Enough said. I'm hungry.
Currently in my second year of a three year course in Sweden in Graphic Design and I find myself finding "better" designer all the time.
The only advice I can give that has helped me grow as both and artistic designer and proffessional designer is that you can only letar from the ones you see as "better" that yourself is only to learn from them.

"What did they do that I liked? And How do I do that?"
"How did they think when making this?"
"What is created digitally? What programs did they use? Do I know them well enough to reproduce this?"

Don't be afraid to "copy" someone elses idea, since no work is the same, you can't really steal something if you only take an inspiration from the design idea, I see it only as an source of inspiration to get a project and only to get a better Idea of how to creat it.

Great designers are scarce, so learn from the best and most creative of them. See what they do differently from your own creative process and see what could make your works as you like it.
There is no shame in looking inte what others designers do really well and apply that school of though into your own design.

But as always - practice makes perfect.
Just keep producing designs as often as you can. Even if it's just a "better idea" for something thats already been Done - create it anyway. Any kind of design work Will always improve your sense of design and especially your own kind of style.

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I need some help in After Effects. I want to have a cursive handwritten effect to run across the video. I know how to do it with a solid background, but I can't figure out how to do it with a moving picture. Almost as if it's a reverse erasing effect. Any help would be GREAT
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draw cursive with pen tool.
apply stroke effect to path.
animate stroke to draw.
use layer as alpha matte with "moving picture"

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inb4 they're all shit.png
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Sup /gd/, please help me decide on an icon pack for libraries.

>inb4 they're al shit underage ban

When THIS was common I had the dark gray minimalistic slick look that everybody's got now.

I will make the icon colour match the faggy turqoise of the theme obviously.

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1 and 3 are the same btw, but the design icon is not the intended design icon

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Hey guys I've never been on this page before but I tried /wsr/ and got no results but I really need an artists or graphic designers help. I am doing a school project which is a fashion line but I've kind of been slacking on it and dont really care about it so I need one of your guys help. This specific request is for a logo with a transparent background that I will embroider onto a cap. The embroidery will be 2 cm by 2 cm but I need a high res logo with a white or transparent background which is just a bowl of ramen soup. I want nothing else in it just a bowl of ramen and possibly the words "vifon" or "BY: Antoni Gruhn" (name of the line) on it. Whoever does this I can send some money over to their paypal or whatever you want. Pictured is a packet of ramen and I would like the logo to be drawn from the perspective the bowl of soup is pictured on there, ignore everything else on it except the bowl. God bless /wsr/
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shit forgot to take out the last part... god bless /gd
>I am doing a school project which is a fashion line but I've kind of been slacking on it and dont really care about it so I need one of your guys help.

if you dont care enough, why should i care?

> I can send some money over to their paypal or whatever you want


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Hi Guys, im looning for a special font. (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lindstromdesign/elfin/)

the problem is i can't afford the 25$. is there a way to get the font for free or is there a font that looks almost the same? couldnt find a similar font on the common free font pages.
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>Elvish Font
>First five results
Seriously OP, did you even try?
every other font i found looks like shit compered to this one.

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I know I have seen this before and can't find it someone pointed to a direction of a graphics board that had what they call contests for people to get cash compensation for logos etc.

Does anyone know where I can make some extra coin doing some work or contests like this?

Thanks. Currently unemployed and need to supplement my income with my Adobe skills and see where it takes me.

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I know my dad showed me this before as i means to make money. I have the sight saved some where i'll try to find it!
Thanks. Appreciate it.
Are the most trusted, there are a few others my dad is gonna send over in a Google Docs. So, i'll bring them here when i get it.

I need help
I need picture with a guy with girls on unicorn on idk carpet? and motorbike and stuff
It doesn't needs to be carpet and motor bike just some cool stuff
You know what i mean
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>You know what I mean

Honestly, not at all.
OP here
Well you know something crazy
The guy with girls on unicorn and then that unicorn is on sword and sword is riding carpet and stuff you saw that , i saw that but i cant find it

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I whant to make a logo for my ts3 clan,any ideas or inspirations?
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File: machine56_lgtypography.jpg (118KB, 600x849px)Image search: [Google]
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how is it called? gaming team?
The name of my clan is GTE and yes is a gaming team.
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try Brainstorming
or follow tutorials

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Based Verm.jpg
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Which presidential candidate has the best looking website?

Look at the functionality of the site and how appealing the site looks overall, but don't base your judgment on the information provided.

I personally liked the websites of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Bernie Sanders. It's funny because they are the three candidates I support the most for president.
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w w w dot fu2016 dot com

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Anyone got a link to the whole set?

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Free icons/svg general thread?
File: _SodaFish-Vector-Icons.jpg (342KB, 1700x1966px)Image search: [Google]
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i only have one 'Outline Web Icons Collection' you can find it on google

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I'm a graphic designer and recently started a space themed etsy store. Please feel free to comment / critique / or suggest ideas for future designs.
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i fucking love space.

Hey, is this the board where webdesigners hang out?

One question : why are you retards always using white backgrounds with light grey fonts?

Don't you mind about turning a whole generation of kids blind before they even hit majority ?
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Because it is the way, OP. The WAY…
no this is patrick
Sorry to tell you OP, but your parents and the illuminati have lied to you. Sitting 1ft away from the TV will not make you blind no matter how hard you try.

>Your palm with get hairy though

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So me and some friends are making a steam group for rocket league to gather up the people who are nice to play with, so as to avoid the general toxic community.

To that effect we named our group "bob", don't ask.

After many ideas and concepts this is the closest we have come to something of a logo (pic related, still very wip)
First to explain to those who don't see it, it spells out bob.
But this is the problem, that the actual name isn't that super clear in the logo, but we really love the idea but can't really think up how this could be clearer.

So I come to you /gd/, give me some inspiration on how to proceed
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another more detailed example, again a wip
It's a little cartoony to be honest. If it's for shots and giggles it's not really a problem, but, if you want to be taken serioisly, you should look into using a more geometrical aproach. Let the colors be the "fun" factor and the shapes look deliberate and planned. Like they are actually a symbol. Right now your work looks more like an illustration.
co-sign this

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