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Please let me know what best suits a collage to edit, software?
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You need Collage Developer Pro 2015, my man.

File: Perpetua Titling Roman.jpg (7KB, 444x127px)Image search: [Google]
Perpetua Titling Roman.jpg
7KB, 444x127px
Looking for Perpetua Titling Roman font. Anyone?
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File: Blue_SDMN_.png (941KB, 1000x987px)Image search: [Google]
941KB, 1000x987px
Hello guys, any idea what the font is here?
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SIDEMEN! :P it's not a font! designer can be found here @Strxtz
Is is handtype? I thought that it is a font, not a handtype xD
Pen tooled in Illustrator. quite simple to do just play with the curves when you get the width of font you like.

File: 4U logo.png (435KB, 1000x500px)Image search: [Google]
4U logo.png
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What have you made just to shitpost or fuck around with recently?

pic related
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File: The Incredible Dr Pol.png (646KB, 750x1125px)Image search: [Google]
The Incredible Dr Pol.png
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not recent but whatever

File: meh.png (47KB, 183x183px)Image search: [Google]
47KB, 183x183px
Could you guys help me make this logo look a little more professional? It's for a club my friend made. Sorry if its a little small, I'm posting from my phone and this is the only picture I have of it.
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Info pls

If not, add lense flair and glossy Metal effect
>posting from phone
>not img.jpg

Hey guys, I hate to ask this but, I need your help asap!
I can't find normal torrents for Adobe CC, since everything has like 15 SE and like 3 LE
and it's 16gigs, I don't have any money for buying that crap, c-can you guys please leave me some good websites I can find adobe cc to download it from (700kb/s download speed on torrent, ye shitty internet i know)
thanks guise!
And there it is, my artwork, I was drunk+high that time. :D
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download normal adobe cc then painter crack later

File: image.jpg (113KB, 1002x1777px)Image search: [Google]
113KB, 1002x1777px
Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to go but I figured it'd be a nice start. If there any way you could add color back to this photo?
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you are correct, its not

File: 1448268720413.png (910KB, 1082x1082px)Image search: [Google]
910KB, 1082x1082px
im new to this pixel art stuff and i think this is the place does anone have some books that is good for learning pixel art
pic unrelated
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there's a book thread on /ic/ that might be more usefull than /gd/.you could also paste this on google (archived /ic/ threads related to pixel art):

site:https://warosu.org/ic/ pixel art
Pixel art you go there dude:
You need nothing else

File: image.png (469KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
469KB, 1024x768px
There is no power nor peace of what anything that is peaceful. Theres nothing of a fragment of such "thing" you would call feeling of pain and agony. Just death and silence of "beings of such living"
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I guess this counts as art?
That's deep, dude. Really beautiful piece. I saved it on my non-portable computer hard-drive.

File: image.jpg (104KB, 637x832px)Image search: [Google]
104KB, 637x832px
Can you guys please photoshop a simba in my hands?Thanks !
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File: Santas Slayer small.jpg (1MB, 1079x1192px)Image search: [Google]
Santas Slayer small.jpg
1MB, 1079x1192px
Merry holidays !
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File: gd xmas.jpg (112KB, 570x380px)Image search: [Google]
gd xmas.jpg
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Merry christmas /gd/

File: 2.jpg (28KB, 650x380px)Image search: [Google]
28KB, 650x380px
I have a work consisting in valorizing a book collection, these books are with drawing made by cutting the pages with laser, the holes create an illustration.

I have to create a communication support helping to promote these books. This communication support is about the book collection and gives a lot of information about it.

It has to be either a paper support (print) or a "virtual" one, like a powerpoint or a swf.

I'm going with a print support. But I have several doubt and questions about the "format".
It can be a folding flyer, a booklet, or a brochure.

I thought about making a booklet, because I think that flyers are easily threw in the garbage, you pay less attention to them.

I think that the booklet may give more value to the communication support, the person holding the booklet can take more time to read it (or even quickly peek into it), i would focus more on the page layout, the fonts used,...

I could make some pages "larger" and foldable, to hide some text (details, observation,...), the user would have to unfold the page to read the text. Or I could put a picture on the double page and the doule page would be the larger and foldable one.

I have given texts to put into this support, those texts are mandatory and I can't change them at all (those texts are the description of the book collection, the plot of the differents books and stuff like that. It's quite long )

The booklet would make it easier to put all the text in it.

What do you think ? If I want to create a more valuable communication support, is it a good idea to go with a booklet rather than a folding flyer ?

I'm obviously more convinced by the idea of the booklet, but I would like to have opinions from here.
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something i forgot to say

Since the book collection is about laser cutting, I could do the same thing with this work, cutting a little pattern, or the text of the cover to remind of the "theme" of this collection.

File: THUMB__ue38.jpg (296KB, 1125x703px)Image search: [Google]
296KB, 1125x703px
Can someone tell me the type of artwork this is ? or how the process of it goes about. I am experienced with Photoshop , but this is new to me ?

Picture : Related(the one im asking about)
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looks like it's essentially a collage
nigga that just a shrunk temple and some leaves
Photoshop Compositing

File: IMG-20151225-WA0002.jpg (211KB, 898x1600px)Image search: [Google]
211KB, 898x1600px
I cant make something funny out of it.. help me :D
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But OP, it's already funny.
File: IMG2015.jpg (115KB, 898x1600px)Image search: [Google]
115KB, 898x1600px

File: label.jpg (665KB, 2000x2444px)Image search: [Google]
665KB, 2000x2444px
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File: Benuldys.png (1MB, 717x538px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 717x538px

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