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File: Nowe Logo-05.jpg (45KB, 283x283px)Image search: [Google]
Nowe Logo-05.jpg
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Memetastic! 1+ Interwebs for you good Sir. Its like you are a time traveler from the 2000s/last decade.

On a contructive note, I think from a technical standpoint the video is okay, even though the pixelated background with the smooth fonts and vector graphics kinda triggers me. Maybe you should have stayed with a pixaleted font to give the whole thing some definitive direction and not just mix it all up.

Next time you might want to spend your time on something less maymay'esque, you could have also made fun of 2000s meme/internetculture in some original way instead of just trying to copy.
twas okay

File: discover_sketch_gumroad_cover.png (785KB, 2500x2000px)Image search: [Google]
785KB, 2500x2000px
Discover Sketch App (E-Book) - A Step by Step Guide to using Sketch 3
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unless you are going to follow up with a dl link and a bunch of other useful shit,
I never understood why people need to use a tutorial guide for Sketch or PS. It is so damn easy and intuitive to use. Waste of money. Learning by doing.

File: image.jpg (932KB, 1650x1650px)Image search: [Google]
932KB, 1650x1650px
I love art like this. Where would someone go to make this type of work and outline how one would begin to learn to make stuff like this.
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Is this even considered vector art?
Ye definitely not vector, its more like a collage
It isn't because it's not vector

What do you think about these?
Plans on majoring/ career in graphic design.
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all flat and boring, is this what graphic design has become?

make something original, the only reason why I remotely like any of them is because I know where each picture refers to, if you didn't have that connection with certain members of the audience it's all garbage!

give up!
I'm kidding don't give up, always tell yourself that' you're bad so you have room for improvement. If you're content with what you produce you will never create good stuff.

It's bad too be honest but your layout is good, and the color choice for the drill one is great, besides the type.
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What'd you make this in

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Can you do better?
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File: 317iwc3x.jpg (153KB, 1404x900px)Image search: [Google]
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File: benis.png (30KB, 1404x900px)Image search: [Google]
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>Little S for sperm

File: team destiny na1.jpg (190KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
team destiny na1.jpg
190KB, 800x800px
Can anyone rate my teams logo, we play counter strike, i made it using strictly photoshop and i have no idea how to use Ai, i was wondering if it was possible to create 2d logos using strictly photoshop or should i learn how to use Ai
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Pretty good.

Making logos is strongly discouraged as you can only export to a specific max size. You should just trace your existing logo in so as your first project. It shouldn't be too hard since it"s a symmetrical shield.

Not too shabby, I suggest either 1. removing the drop shadow completely, or 2. adjusting the drop shadow spread to 100, so it doesn't have that cheap blended shadow look.
A bit too generic desu. Add some texture or objects to it.

File: Logotest.png (476KB, 1280x524px)Image search: [Google]
476KB, 1280x524px
I'm trying to find a logo to go on the back of my business card. I'm a musician, not a graphic designer, so I'm just going through some copy paste-level stuff before I go to somebody who actually knows what they're doing.

I'm a bass player, so I figured the simplest and most understandable symbol to use is the bass clef. I wanted to find a way to spice it up a little without taking away its emphasis, and I stumbled upon the far right image. I figured it would be nice if I used my own fingerprint (the police will do it for a fee), configured a circle out of it, and put the bass clef in the middle. Kind of looks like some sort of seal or stamp, And I figure it would go good on the back of a business card.

And suggestions? Bogus idea? I thought about using my name, but my initials are AA which is all too common, and I figured adding text would be overkill since it's going to be on the other side of the card anyways. Thanks guys.
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I like you idea. Few things:
>Don't use a real finger print
>I think you would want to make the finger print less apparent, so grey it out or use thinner lines.
>Make the bass clef black so it is more apparent
>I wouldn't worry about your initials. Your bass clef and title on the card will be enough context for the logo.
>And the logo should be small on the front, and big on the back (or leave the back blank to save money, which is fine too; lots of writing space).

I just recently had somebody give me one of these. They're cool, but I'd like to have some regular cards as well. Musicians tend to lose a lot of picks.

How can I achieve something like this? I have tried duotone but it aint the same.
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Draw, vectorize, add effects. Whats da prublem bruh
How can I achieve only 2 tones? My images are on 2 colors but several tones

Don't think this is drawn, looks more like a photo to me..

But anyways- find photo/take photo you wanna use, livetrace in B&W/posterize in PS or whatever to achieve similar look, clean up, done

File: picturee.jpg (997KB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
997KB, 3264x2448px
Last thread (>>221765) reached the image limit.

Starting with OC
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2MB, 900x1600px
File: guy3.jpg (5MB, 2795x4209px)Image search: [Google]
5MB, 2795x4209px

File: navy telefon.jpg (76KB, 600x1000px)Image search: [Google]
navy telefon.jpg
76KB, 600x1000px
What do you guys think about those?
We made it together with a friend, do you like them?


More pics below
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File: navy telefon 2.jpg (76KB, 600x1000px)Image search: [Google]
navy telefon 2.jpg
76KB, 600x1000px
File: navy mug.jpg (20KB, 646x400px)Image search: [Google]
navy mug.jpg
20KB, 646x400px
btw this is navy seals copypasta
File: navy travel mug.jpg (13KB, 326x400px)Image search: [Google]
navy travel mug.jpg
13KB, 326x400px
Travel mug

File: 1449495945674.jpg (212KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
212KB, 1080x1920px

NEED A LOGO WITH : Teez on it !

× can someone make one and upload it ?
× But no 3D pls
× Album cover : Shindy - FBGM
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×Like the album cover : Shindy - FBGM
fuck you.
gimme free shit

Will someone please make it look like my cousins in a ghetto neighborhood surrounded by mean lookin' thugs?
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no fuck off and read the sticky you piece of shit
Go to /r/ we are graphic designs not photofags
File: 1450384724447.jpg (817KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
817KB, 1920x1080px

What are these types of logos called and how are they made?
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I don't know the exact name but they're made using text over a clipped image
more detailed explanation, simplest way is to add text in Photoshop then place image on top in layers and then alt click in between the layers and you're done
Thanks! I've seen a gimp tutorial on YouTube , but I have no idea on how to use gimp or PS for that matter and its my first time ever posting here on /GD/.

File: grquhcq781xs3gcjwgel.jpg (167KB, 1985x993px)Image search: [Google]
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does /gd/ approve of this?
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File: Untitled (1).png (76KB, 895x600px)Image search: [Google]
Untitled (1).png
76KB, 895x600px
Overall design?

Mission accomplished?
>yes, indeed

they wanted to have a clearly unique visual mostly in order to being set apart from Australia's flag (foreigns/tourists can't tell the difference)
It's shit. It looks like a fucking sport logo or something.

File: 1401036103506s.jpg (3KB, 125x90px)Image search: [Google]
3KB, 125x90px
Ok /gd/ I have never EVER been on this board before, but I really need your advice. Pls hear me out!
Today I talked to a family friend who owns a big company in my country. They make fabric textures, flooring, interior design, and decorations for special occasions, those kinds of things. Because he recently lost a lot of employees from a recent recession, he is offering me a job in whatever I can make myself useful in. But that's not the only reason. Thing is, for some reason my parents told him, that I'm good at drawing and graphical stuff. I mean yeah, I can draw... a little... but he thinks that I can come up with some real fancy shit. But I don't know squat about interior design! I am literally pic related.
What am I supposed to do? The pay is kind of sweet, the workplace is right next to where I live. Can some of you /gd/ people give some advice? I would really appreciate it.
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You either bullshit your way through it and put ALLOT of work into home-studying graphic design, typography, color theory and all that fun stuff just to come up with something passable.

Or you take the asshole route and pull every design you need from mock-ups, templates, pinterest and Behance and pray to sweet lordie Jesus that it doesnt come to bite you in the ass in time.

Or you take the short route and tell the guy your parents were wrong and that you know jack shit about /gd/, but that you can still help in packaging/shelving.
OP here
I'm gonna try and learn as much as I can, and if I can't manage I guess I can be contempt with shelving/packaging. I'm gonna start searching for some literature and vids for home-study. But if you want to give me some heads up on specific names and titles, I'd appreciate it very much. Thx /gd/.

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