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Use this thread for font shares and requests.
Please search the previous threads before requesting a font.

Try Googling: FONTNAME site:4chanarchive.net
Try 4ch.be/gd/

Previous threads: http://pastebin.com/KgjKKaKd
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Monotype's 'Foundation Collection' is currently on sale. A lotta typefaces for 90% off... Doesn't include their full families, but you basically get regular and bold. Still, a pretty good price for these.
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What font is this. Whatthefont.com failed to identify.

Also requesting pic related
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Requesting the sexy mc sex font: Erotica

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pepe sad.jpg
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>mfw no twitter and facebook account :(

Hook a brother up, please. :)
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should be this

also any way i can get a mockup i need for a school roject without paying or it? it's so hard to find good skateboards mockup ad i found one but it's 15$. anyone knows where to look for it free?
yeah thank you darling, like i haven't already searched the entire internet for a good free one

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>given the same spotlight and coverage as the new logo and logotype
>barely seen anywhere
>didn't use them as the identity of the voice engine
>didn't use them as the refresh animation across all apps
>didn't use them anywhere in the web version at all
>didn't use them in Chrome in any way

Why did they even bother with the dots?
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They are the identity of the voice engine
Not nearly as much as Siri and Cortana are.

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What does /gd/ think about Materialize?

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"Material design" is like a crude version of the original flat shit. I wonder want went wrong.
its not bad, i use parts of it on my current project. I specially like the form elements.
what ghastly horrible shadows everywhere. Are we back in 2010?

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gd noob here trying to learn my chops..

can we talk about how to get this Vignelli style transparency that I see a lot on poster styles lately?

adjusting opacity is proving unsatisfactory.. is it a layer style kinda deal?

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pic related
just separate the color channels

it's fucking easy in photoshop but how the fuck you get this in indesign or illustrator I've no clue
hmm yea i've only been experimenting in Ai.

i'll give that a try in Ps.. can u elaborate a bit though?

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How do I create a similar effect as shown?
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>>>/p/ would probably be more helpful
Yeah, they are too snarky and wont care. I'm sure one of us here knows enough about editing a photo or using photoshop to recreate a similar effect.
File: 17379026111_385df075b3_h.jpg (772KB, 1600x1124px)Image search: [Google]
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The photographer's flickr:


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Hemphill Desgins.jpg
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Hey guys i started my graphic design channel not too long ago and was wondering if you could all check it out? t would be appreciated :)
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Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7zm95kffpSuadfuZq_dhDA
Nicee, dude... Just genius. A lot to work desu.
File: 600px-CMB_Timeline300_no_WMAP.jpg (61KB, 600x390px)Image search: [Google]
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The bait has ascended mankind's knowledge of the theory of the universe.

File: 14519028745101812733280.jpg (2MB, 4128x3096px)Image search: [Google]
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Amazing art!
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The sad thing is someone is actually proud of that
I always laugh when people sign their bad art.
Who is proud of this, And why?

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Hello, guys. I need help, please read.

A job simply fell onto my lap from the sky. It's a well-paid one, too, and not a single person has even asked about my competence or capabilities. Which is good.

The job is to make a bunch of vector illustrations for a book about nature and stuff for higher education. The previous book from this author sold very well. It's the biggest book publishing company in my country. That's all I'll say about that.

So now I've made all of the ones they requested in Illustrator, and they turned out pretty neat. But, this being the first time I ever even used Illustrator or made anything to be printed, I did not know about View -> Proof Colors. I thought all I had to do was use CMYK and it'd be close enough.

Some of the color proofing setups look almost identical, but others just look like poop. I have one day left to finish all of this, so what do I do? Do I just assume that whatever they use to print color in books like that is capable of a huge range of color? Are the printers/presses likely to be worse or better than high end desktop printers when it comes to this? I mean, it's going to be mass-produced, so...

I literally have no idea.

I probably have like 50 bucks for anyone with experience who can help me out in a significant way.

Pic related, an almost finished WIP, with and without "Proof Colors" enabled.
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just put on color proof, and go through everything re-picking colors til it looks right. save this as a separate copy. ask your employer about what printing process they are using. if it's basic cmyk, then you already fixed it best you can on short notice. if it can handle more varied color you may be able to use original/

You may have to pull an all nighter. Put on your favorite youtube series, get some coffee, remember to ask about printing next time and get to work.
>You may have to pull an all nighter. Put on your favorite youtube series, get some coffee, remember to ask about printing next time and get to work.

What he meant to say was, think of the paycheck if it's as big of a gig as you say it is.
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Well, it's about 4000 dollars, that's a lot to me.

But considering photos printed in books are pretty accurate, is Illustrator lying to me? Here's a picture comparing what I want some lumps of coal to look like in print after adjusting colors for the most appropriate color proofing settings. When color proofing is turned off, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine the difference will be that big. Will it?

Also, does the sharp, bright edge between dark and light colors mean I need to trap? Or can I just lazily add some common color?

File: 2015-12-29 13_25_22-Meil.jpg (300KB, 1279x733px)Image search: [Google]
2015-12-29 13_25_22-Meil.jpg
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hi, I'm fuckin panicing, I need to present a christmas card (can b an new years card but who the fuck gives or makes those??) but I have fucking nothing. It needs to b artsy so no stock photo + text will work.. and it can b a little adult humor, but not just dicks surrounded by dicks. you can see I'm fucking panicing cuz I write here for it.. plz anon & fags halp !
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>Stop being a fuck boy
>Enjoy your failure
Pick one OP.
thanks anon!

hello,can anyone help me please, I got a new job and they asked me to do some dancer clothing pattern but virtually so they can print it on actual cloth afterwards, but I have no idea what program I should use. I'm not experienced in fashion design or whatsoever. Here's what I have to recreate, some people told me ps, illustrator and some even suggested paint but honestly, I need more advice or help. thankya.
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This should make it easier for you:

Use Illustrator if you're design will be areas of solid color (no gradients, textures, etc.)

Use Photoshop for everything else.
Just make sure to work at a min. resolution of 300 and on a large scale. It can always be scaled down when printed, but enlarging a Photoshop image will most likely result in a blurry mess.
yeah my plan is, design it so i can print it on a human size scale. then photoshop it is. ill give it a try since ive never professionally used it, thank you tho!
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Use MS paint and calculator

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How does something like this happen to a major brand like Persil? Am I wrong in thinking it should be avoided? It looks off and it doesn't seem to serve a purpose, at least in this context. I know I'd never have the guts to propose something like it.
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It's not a big deal and I doubt a wipes company cares about their kerning.
File: PHP_Logo.png (12KB, 722x350px)Image search: [Google]
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tfw you can't help but look for kerning everywhere.
It's done for Eastern Europe. Nobody cares about quality there.

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Hey /gd/

I have the project to digitalize the typeface used in the opening of "une femme est une femme" by Jean-Luc Godard in 1960. I know that some of you are sort of type geeks so any help would be useful! thanks a lot
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For the moment I have just the uppercase
File: franchement.png (177KB, 808x373px)Image search: [Google]
177KB, 808x373px
and here is the original
Check the stroke on the letter M and N.
The line thickness isn't linear

File: sample structure logo.png (25KB, 1152x648px)Image search: [Google]
sample structure logo.png
25KB, 1152x648px
So I want to working on Black metal/Death metal log designs. I have Like the shape I want but my hands are not to steady to do design things like this how can i go about doing it any help would be appreciated.
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Please excuse my awful ms paint work i don't have the programs on this computer
Inkscape and Gimp are free.
my problem is free hand with the mouse or pencil work

how do I trim this grey shadow area so that it does not extend outside the circle layer?

i fucking suck at photoshop
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that's illustrator or indesign
Could be in imported object in Photoshop as well.
its photoshop

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