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Hello GD, I need help with ideas. So this guy needs a some album art for his upcoming Trap track "Shards" and I don't know what to do :(
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Shards of glass?
Not OP, but that'd be too cliche.

Need more details.
What "Genre"?
What mood?
What feeling?

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Hey gd.
We are two hp fans who have been thinking about starting a small Lord Voldemort pornmagazine. Nothing big just around 20 pages per two months. We just need a proper artist to draw all the pics. Im thinking some hot Voldy-Bellatrix scenes or maybe some Voldy-Narcissa bondage to start with. All optional profit would go directly to the artist. We could take care of drawing all the nasty details if you wanna preserve your innosence. If you drop email and an example of your drawing style and we might hit you up ^^
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first of all, wrong board. second of all, if all you're offering is the profits you MIGHT make, you're out of your goddamn mind
I will definitely buy it... please post about it if you start publication
File: Screenshot_2016-01-03-05-15-18.png (195KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
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I will be more interested in TOM RIDDLE part of vlord
(Image is just too funny not related to post tho)

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simplified reaction images thread
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>396 B

Whoa there with your massive images. Some of us have a bandwidth cap y'know.
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Dr. Bennet Omalu.jpg
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hey gd i recently watched a movie called concussion with will smith in it.
was a great movie based of a scientist named Dr. Bennet Omalu and one of his quotes really stood out to me in the movie. this inspired me to make a quote wallpaper what do you guys think?
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Hopefully constrictive criticism: Cutting people or shapes out with feathering like that looks a bit dated. There also might be a font that's easier to read and reflects the mood of the quote more appropriately

What do you guys think about freelancing some web design , i'm familiar with photoshop and have some good experience with it , is it easy to make a few extra dollars from working in this field ( sites like elance ..)
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>i'm familiar with photoshop
are you familiar with designing websites?
honestly no.
but have a long experience with Photoshop , so its kinda yes. , plus i have a few courses about web desgin

good morning folks, I 'm looking for someone with knowledge of Photoshop , you can get in a royal throne , thank you very much for your time!
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go to wsr.jpg
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how did u trim around the chair so good

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A little context for non-Britbongs: BBC Three was a TV channel dedicated to the young adult demographic, which in practice meant shitty shows about selfish 20 y/o leeches and re-runs of Family Guy all night. It is now no longer a real TV channel but is being relaunched as an online-only offering, with a new logo to go with it.
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fixed it for them, free of charge
i hate it so much

File: Ae-Pixel-Sorter-Tool.jpg (44KB, 720x392px)Image search: [Google]
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hey guys
any1 into after effects and glitch art?
which techniques have u tried to create nice glitches in AE?
there are a few effects like turbulent displace or wave warp and so on. also i put the outcome through audacity which worked quite good aswell.
I recently discovered this plug-in for AE. pixel sorter. its pretty nice but costs 40$. any1 got some working torrent for it?
anyways share your work
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$40 isn't a lot, and you'll find it feels good to buy things that help your craft

if anyone is good with graphic design, there's a pretty solid symbol that we can use. the only thing is that this one is more of a marker drawing than an actual computerized image, if someone wants to make this look more professional and symmetrical
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That's an alright symbol.

Drop me an email at [email protected] and I can make a nice, sharp and symmetrical vector version for a small fee.
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i have make foto realistik version image

File: knot_border.jpg (71KB, 69x108px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the correct way to use a page border? Why would you use one? Won't a graphic border just distract from the content?
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That... is not the image I meant to post. I've never even seen that blurry ant image.

File: BannerGFX.jpg (503KB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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Ok, so i would say i am an intermediate graphic designer and I made this banner earlier. What do you think? How could I make it better?
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I meant to say Banner not Baner :)
really clean/not that much goin on. Its p good, just not my style senpai
make milky carton larger

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images (4).jpg
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Can someone replace the bar of words with the words Trouble Gang and also add the letters M.S.O.D on the side going vertical. Thank you in advance.
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Need it to be able too fit in a facebook profile pic
Stop being a lazy bastard and do it yourself.
You can do it in Paint if you want.
Otherwise, fuck off to
>>>/wsr/ or >>>/r/
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I'm making an Android Live Wallpaper that plays tetris using an AI. This is my first attempt at the PlayStore icon which is the first thing people see when browsing for apps.

What do you think? Any tips on improving it?

I'm a programmer/logics guy at heart and I'm mostly clueless when it comes to nice graphics and design.
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Can i get a link to it?
It's not yet published at this point. I still have to make a shit load of graphics, add 'in game purchases' and adds.
>In app purchases
Fuck off EA, you don't get to pull that shit again.

File: fb compr.jpg (267KB, 1381x949px)Image search: [Google]
fb compr.jpg
267KB, 1381x949px
Made this yesterday, what do you think?
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File: tumblr_nel51rYUFN1rszvb3o1_250.png (196KB, 241x344px)Image search: [Google]
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This is the original
>awful cropping
>dot on elbow
>overbearing noise
>gradients everywhere
>black/white contrast but no colour contrast
>literally tumblr
I think it's terrible.
I'm gonna use this for bbc shitposting bait in the future, thanks.

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Hey guys can anyone give me any of these fonts from this web site? (link: legacyofdefeat . squarespace . com / )[Delete spaces between letters]
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OP Here: i can share some of my links:
- altfoundry . com/free-fonts/
- fondfont . com/
- 1001fonts . com/
Thanks :)
Buy them and support the creator, you cheap fuck. They are $10 each.

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