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Post some trash design " OC " .
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I really admire your perseverance at GD, despite how shitty, pointless and useless your works are.
That cross between donkey kong and sonic, and dat boi makind the meme movement, made me reply. thanks for your work.
I'm also drunk, and life feels now lighter and better in amny ways. thanks to whoever invented beer.

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If you are a UI/UX designer with no coding skills, then you have to state here your salary, years of experience, and the city you work in. It is mandatory.
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74k€ /year (tax deducted), 6 years exp. in Helsinki, Finland
minkälaisia töitä tullu tehtyä
>74k€ /year
You're kidding me.

Hello !
I'm really bad at drawing and unable to use programs like PhotoShop.
But I really want to create a fursona who will be my avatar.

In fact I would like to start streaming on twitch but I need and avatar and stuff like banners ... but I'm really bad at design and stuff like that :(

The photo is an exemple for my fursona , it isn't my work and wasn't designed for me so I can't use it as an avatar that describes me :/

Is anyone free to give me a hand ? Thank you a lot !
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there is no fetish stuff in here ^^ I just like the design ^^ but thanks for the advice :)
yiff in hell, furfag

Hey dudes, wondering if anyone can come up with a 2d quick sketch of a scruffy and out there looking backpacker, looking a bit lost and drawn out, black and white would be awesome, basic is better, if its a awesome design I 100% promise you I will make you a sick t shirt out of it and send you one, if i can also make one for myself :D cheers lads. would be fucking mint if someone could do this. cheeeeeeeeeeeeerssss
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Genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, fuck off and harm yourself.
Last chance. Tell me what it's really for and how you intend to use it and I might make something.

what style is this called/how do I achieve this effect in photoshop?
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you want it to be a vector so use Illustrator
underrated post

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>he doesn't use .tiff
Explain yourself.
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>mp3 collection @128kbps
explain yourself
Not /gd/.
which is better for print tiff, pdf or eps?

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Is there a PS plugin to make shit like that faster?
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...or some other generator.
It takes too much time in PS.
I'd make a very simple grid in indesign using the white spacing as the lowest unit, create and resize rectangles so they fill up the grid and have the spacing in between them and then place pictures in the rectangles, so they are allready cropped like they should be

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Can somone please make this tattoo into a picture iv'e tried but my GD skills arent good enough { white backround, Black symbols }
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I get the pax christi, but why lambda omega?
More of a /gd thread.. but as a pro gd, I'd say learn the very simple skills to make this or hire someone for $100-$200 to do it for you.. /b ain't your bitch

Lambda Omega (ΛΩ) was a national collegiate sorority operating in the United States from October 31, 1915 until 1933.

OP's pic related looks like a male and obviously wasnt around in 1933

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Hey you made it, you found the roster poll! If you're interested in our representation in the cup here's the place to give out those hot opinions.

If you don't know what this thread is for it's kind of a long story, it might be quicker just to watch a match and get the general idea of it www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UC1j6BcXZ8

Some things to remember before taking the poll:

1. Kerning looks like a demon (and he is) but there's also a smaller more true to life Kerning that runs around with him that's not visible in his portrait. He's also frequently the ball in /gd/ matches.
2. "Graphic Design Is My Passion" is pictured in a goalkeeper's outfit in his portrait, but he is no longer one.
3. We can only replace "Untitled-1.[format]" players with other "Untitled-1.[format]" players, so don't suggest sacking them unless there's a new player in that style you want to push.
4. This poll is open ended and allows edits after submission. Feel free to come back and change things if you feel differently later.

And now the poll itself, it's only 8 questions long so don't be afraid of that thin scroll bar. Additionally only the first questions is required, so don't be afraid to leave blanks if you don't feel properly opinionated. Even just knowing that people cared enough to open the poll is important.


(forgive the length 4chan hates shortened links)

As for what to do with THIS thread, this is the place to suggest new player ideas if you have any.

If you got some ideas that you think aren't well represented in our team right now, drop em here and we can mull em over together.
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Also if you need a refresher on who's actually on the team right now and don't want to look for it in the poll I recently brought https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//gd/_Roster up to date for just that reason
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Incidentally there will be a /gd/ invitational match vs. /g/ at 16:00 UTC (Noon EST) tommorrow for the golden spoon cup.

As the name suggests this is a competition people try to lose, and /gd/ is doing pretty well (which is to say, intentionally badly).

Provided thing don't go really poorly (which is to say, unintentionally really well) there should be more games on Sunday.

7-0 GD loses (wins)

Knockouts start tomorrow at 17:00 UTC, pray for mojo. More divegrass for quite a while today either way.

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How does one go about designing something similar? I have been staring at this artwork trying to work out how it is done for ages now... any help?
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photoshop wind + liquify? clearly some kind of pixel sorting going on
It's pixel sorting
Look up scripts and plugins
very cool

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Greetings /gd/ could one of kind anon explain me how to achieve this effect pls
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*one of you kind anons
google pixel sorting tutorials, there's at least 3 different ways of doing it.
i cant find anything op

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jzwe0xq8gbcy (1).png
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What is a good video editor for windows? Have gopro footage that needs editing/cutting.
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Adobe Premiere Pro
Sony Vegas
Camtasia if it's something simple

Thanks. I think Adobe might be the one!
Adobe is a nice powerful tool. Takes awhile to learn but worth it for more precise looking footage. I started out with Sony and then built on to adobe if that seems to help

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Making a shitty pepper border for a Mexican themed printout
File: walking dead meme carl.jpg (52KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
walking dead meme carl.jpg
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Making memes.
me_irl will upvote anything

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anyone know this font or at least a font similar to it?
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not a font
Looks hand-drawn, but you could use something like agent orange and draw the dripping
File: shlopfont.png (44KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
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its not a font, if you want something just like that youd have to draw it yourself

if you just care about finding a font with a dripping effect you could use "shlop"

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What is the most efficient way to make big posters? I hate working in BIG PSB files where it takes forever to get things done. I have this huge raster graphic at 300 dpi at the size of 72 x 96 inches which comes to 7.68 gb. It's very slow when I start using ps tools to the point it lags.

What is your method in doing this?

image not related.
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when you save drop a completely white flat layer on top so it doesn't generate a huge ass lossless preview image. photoshop does that. dunno.

That's good to know, but doesn't solve my problem.

Thank you anon.
>What is your method in doing this?
Get more RAM?
Go vectorial if the artwok lets you (like the ones that say california on your pic)
If it was video you could just make proxies but I don't know of anything similar for huge rasters

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