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Can any of you faggots who are located in the midwest/Lawrence, Kansas make a quality shirt with this logo on it? Probably not but oh well. Looking for a friend.
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printful, paom, literally millions of digital print sites out there
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What is your net income as a Graphic Designer?
Money after taxes, food, rent, car expenses.. Otherwise, money to spend on hobbies?

-Graphic design student w/ expensive hobby.
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whats that expensive hobby, if I may ask?
this is 4chan, obviously he collects rare limited edition anime body pillows

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What is the simplest way to reduce this image to two colors (red and black) in Photoshop? Between the quality of the actual source artwork and my scanner, I get a bunch of different shades of black & red and i'm not exactly sure how to finagle color range to work it out.

also, does this board have a "general stupid questions" thread? I'm not seeing anything but I never use this board and was hesitant to start a new thread.
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nvm, ended up getting the right search terms on Google and played around with indexed color in mode.
If you're turning this into a tee I will 100% buy.
Got a throw away email you can post? I'm definitely making one for myself but more than that depends on whether there's some more interest. William is pretty anal about bootlegs (understandably so) so the only way to really "advertise" them is on a small board I go to.

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What are some good color palettes that can catch an eye but are not to hard on the eye?
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Have you tried looking into pastel colors?
http://www.seigensha.com/books/978-4-86152-247-5 is amazing for this, unfortunately I don't believe there's a PDF.

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How do I tell my family to stop complaining that I'm not calling them every week.

I live alone, and yes I enjoy it, but I love my family and I'm not a bit antisocial, I just hate making small talk and making calls for no reason whatsoever. But my parents, especially my mother, have been pestering me about the fact that I'm not calling them enough that I've become distant with my little brothers...etc.
Am I really that abnormal for wanting to just be left to my own devices?
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star trek call.gif
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Call them every week or agree on a schedule with less frequent calls. These expectations of communication are normal. They are compulsively worried for your well being, like most parents.
Tell them to fuck off and gift them a dog

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What do you think?
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ask /fa/ but for me im on the fence about it- i feel like it may work better on a white tee and some nit picky things but i cant pin point what exactly
This is really tight anon, good stuff.

Couple of small things:
- The skin marks on the knees being mirrored irks me.

- Experiment with the typeface used for the copy below 'House' it doesn't look right to me repeating, but take it or leave it.

- The kerning on 'Little' at the top is super tight to the point where it touches, 'House' doesn't.

- The woman isn't centred to the T and kind of throws the design off for me, especially with the bottom of the bull skull looking like it should sit directly centred to the foot of the T.

Also I'm personally not a fan of 'Doing Text With Every First Letter Capitalised' but each to their own.

Hope some of this helps, and good job.
Looks really fucking good, but maybe rethink the font. Just my two cents.

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comic sans.png
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Exactly what is wrong with Comic Sans?
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i think is just too over used
Extremely poor weighting and kerning, COMBINED with being the default choice of "I don't know how to or want to be friendly so I'll pick the 'friendly' option from a dropdown and then proceed on my smarmy-ass way" office dinosaurs and management.

Good things used by good people are loved by everyone except hipsters.

Good things used by bad people is honestly most design, there isn't a genius in your town making your grocery flyers but he does remember a "these are fuckups" checklist from college and that's good enough to sell you hotdogs.

Bad things used by good people is the entire history of restricted art, from engraving to B&W photography to vaporwave.

Comic Sans is a bad thing used by bad people.
I mean have you just LOOKED at it ?! It's a font designed for the world's biggest firm of its time, installed on millions of computers. And it looks significantly uglier and inconsistent than the most basic handwriting. The average person can draw better letters with their fingers.

Obv there's plenty of bad fonts, but the fact that this one is on everybody's computer makes it stick out.

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who is that frog.png
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Should you deliver the client the .psd and the finished image in .png, or just the .png?

What is the usual thing to do?
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it depends of the design.
if its a logo usually; favicon, high res transparent png, small png, jpg, b&w, pdf, eps, svg, ai or psd, and sometimes an app icon and mockups.
Thanks broski.

What if it is not a logo? They client already provided the logo and you had to make an image with it? Like a profile picture, or a banner, or a presentation card, or something along those lines?
then look for the banner size and provide it with a couple of sizes and include the psd as well (once it's approved). I most of the times send different versions with small changes for example one with a dark background and one with a white one or different photos or even fonts, just don't send more than 3 options,

by presentation card you mean business card? that's usually a cmyk pdf with a 3mm bleed (search on yt for tutorials there's a couple of things you'll need to do like the dpi,size and artboards etc)

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I made this custom wallpaper for myself and my GF wants one where instead of sauce it says Saucette. I will be posting the original logo in addition to the layers of the wallpaper what I'm looking for is just the logo with a transparent background. If someone can get on gimp and make the edges smoother that would be great for both logos.
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File: Untitled 2.png (2MB, 2560x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Untitled 2.png
2MB, 2560x1080px
File: Sauce.png (10KB, 713x506px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: rubixtest.png (149KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Most letters are connected but I erased part of it try and use it on one of those font detection websites.
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No idea, but Photoshop found some similar ones. Might wanna try messing with these if you cannot find the exact one.

Also there is no need to bump a thread on /gd/, its gonna stay here for at least a couple of days anyway even without bumping.
How do I use that photoshop feature? Also I ended up finding it, it's called Breeze Personal Use
Photoshop Match Font


File: FONT (1).png (2MB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
FONT (1).png
2MB, 1500x1500px
Can someone please tell me a font similar to this?
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please pt.2
droid sans/noto sans

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>10+ year career
>regularly freelance at top agencies
>win awards
>make a lot more money than typical
>still feel like an imposter

does it ever end /gd/
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>literally an imposter since everything I make is "directly inspired" by someone else's far better creation
>don't feel the syndrome
You have Impostor syndrome.

It doesn't.

File: magic_chalk_blur-t.png (31KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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any suggestions for shitty tuxpaint-like drawing software for loosening up with design?
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use MS Paint?
ahah I think i actually know what you're talking about.
I use paintbrush on my mac. It has a very weird, clunky type tool which can really make you feel differently about layout design.
Printshop, any version

can someone help me identify this font please?
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File: 1502384240355.jpg (51KB, 751x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's a few close ones on what the font but none are perfect
yeah, i checked there first and didn't come up with anything. thanks for the recommendation.
I have a question: where to download the Hoefler text font? I don't wanna pay 300$ for it and don't own a mac. Just gonna use it for a personal text.

I need some honest feedback on this poster I made for the upcoming semester. I'm nowhere near professional, just looking to make some weed money between my STEM classes.

Last time I posted this I was criticized for using conflicting fonts (Caviar Dreams and Bebas Neue, if anyone's curious). I've read a guide and chosen a new body font.

Let me have it, /gd/
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theres nothing fundamentally wrong with it. i really dont like that serifed font you have but maybe its just me. maybe lose the rounded corners on the outermost box.

its not a necessary change but dont be afraid to play with how large and where the fonts are in your solid colored boxes. flip through an issue of Wired magazine and notice how they can abuse that sort of thing to a neat effect.






c o n t r a s t


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>coming to a dystopian 7/11 window near you
keep it simple, use a grid, let things breath

use whatever style you want, just follow basic principles

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