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Hi, i am making a new series of travel posters for Mass Effect...i need your advice - which of those fonts fits best on that poster? If none, what do you recommend? Also - any feedback on the art itself? But my main question is about the fonts, would appreciate some advice
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Tried multiple variations for a while and i like this one, what do you think ? Still open tot suggestions
that s sucks
looks really good, you should use that one

What do you think about this?
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It's shit.

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get wunkolo pixsort

hi wunkolo
working on some cool new plugin?

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I'm decently shit at hand-drawing. I'm fairly creative and I really want to make pretty things. Primarily game art/UI. I want to purchase the $20/month student plan from Adobe and use Illustrator to make cool art. I have a cracked photoshop but I'd scrap it. So all that in mind, is there any place I could get started learning good design principles, the ins and outs of the software? I don't want to make this a full time thing but a hobby. Maybe a consistent one if I can stick with it
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>what is youtube

Not going to spoonfeed you but these are good places to start with UX/UI. The last two are from GDC so it's more specific to videogames.
Anyone got good torrents for PS and AI for Mac?
some new versions?

Internet is full of fake pages that seem to promote some crap instead of real thing.

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let me make a texture chad
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epic amazing ironic design there. Please post most ironic funny designs :)
literally kys

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My friend is a rapper that is trying to build a brand and wants a logo that is cohesive with his name. His last name is Chambers and all I can think of is a chamber of a gun and that seems too basic to me. Can you guys give me ideas please?

Pic unrelated
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Album Name: A Perfect Keikl
honestly wtf are you doing? trying to build a brand by crowdsourcing ideas / ip? how lazy and uninspired can you be. Chambers? and you can only think of a gun chamber. wow fuck. just quit before you go into some serious debt failing to launch a shitty brand.
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>mfw reading this shit

Hello all! I am in the business of online marketing and due to that fact i'm trying to learn knew strategies in Photoshop (i've only ever had a basic knowledge). I do a lot of work for local home improvement businesses so high quality before and after pics are a must. I've learned that taking exterior pictures of homes on light overcast days is by far the best way to get the correct lighting. I'm just curious if any of you know about any good tutorials for editing cloudy skies into sunny backdrops and achieving the correct color adjustment so it looks natural. Just like this picture.Marketing is my field of expertise so if any of you need any advice on advertising/promoting social media posts with success feel free to ask.
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here's the original unedited pic
another example
File: 0804151230d.jpg (5MB, 4160x3120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lets get like a youtuber banner and logos
thread where we rate each other
>ill go first
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Criticize my social media portfolio

Lighting and CC don't work with the images you're using

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what are some of the courses for graphic design you took in college that like, really helped you out?
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I'm about to take an introductory class this semester
Advanced Typography, Philosophy of Design, Motion Graphics, and Book Arts lol
Honestly, my Interaction Design courses were probably the most valuable in that they really solidified exactly what kind of work I wanted to do after I graduated.

Specifically my Interaction Design II class, which is a bit of a misnomer because it was basically a crash course in futureproofing your skillset. There were like 8 students total, the instructor worked at Alphabet for a brief time, and we did a ton of shit on emerging technologies; designing for VR, autonomous cars and how to think about things like conversational UI and designing complete product experiences, etc. We also did a whole unit on business models, got to check out a local startup incubator, and even got a private workshop with Richard Banfield.

It was such a breath of fresh air because a lot of my 1st and 2nd year classes had us doing glorified high school art project shit.

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