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FONT (1).png
2MB, 1500x1500px
Can someone please tell me a font similar to this?
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please pt.2
droid sans/noto sans

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>10+ year career
>regularly freelance at top agencies
>win awards
>make a lot more money than typical
>still feel like an imposter

does it ever end /gd/
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>literally an imposter since everything I make is "directly inspired" by someone else's far better creation
>don't feel the syndrome
You have Impostor syndrome.

It doesn't.

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any suggestions for shitty tuxpaint-like drawing software for loosening up with design?
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use MS Paint?
ahah I think i actually know what you're talking about.
I use paintbrush on my mac. It has a very weird, clunky type tool which can really make you feel differently about layout design.
Printshop, any version

can someone help me identify this font please?
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There's a few close ones on what the font but none are perfect
yeah, i checked there first and didn't come up with anything. thanks for the recommendation.
I have a question: where to download the Hoefler text font? I don't wanna pay 300$ for it and don't own a mac. Just gonna use it for a personal text.

I need some honest feedback on this poster I made for the upcoming semester. I'm nowhere near professional, just looking to make some weed money between my STEM classes.

Last time I posted this I was criticized for using conflicting fonts (Caviar Dreams and Bebas Neue, if anyone's curious). I've read a guide and chosen a new body font.

Let me have it, /gd/
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theres nothing fundamentally wrong with it. i really dont like that serifed font you have but maybe its just me. maybe lose the rounded corners on the outermost box.

its not a necessary change but dont be afraid to play with how large and where the fonts are in your solid colored boxes. flip through an issue of Wired magazine and notice how they can abuse that sort of thing to a neat effect.






c o n t r a s t


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>coming to a dystopian 7/11 window near you
keep it simple, use a grid, let things breath

use whatever style you want, just follow basic principles

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Post some trash design " OC " .
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I really admire your perseverance at GD, despite how shitty, pointless and useless your works are.
That cross between donkey kong and sonic, and dat boi makind the meme movement, made me reply. thanks for your work.
I'm also drunk, and life feels now lighter and better in amny ways. thanks to whoever invented beer.

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If you are a UI/UX designer with no coding skills, then you have to state here your salary, years of experience, and the city you work in. It is mandatory.
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74k€ /year (tax deducted), 6 years exp. in Helsinki, Finland
minkälaisia töitä tullu tehtyä
>74k€ /year
You're kidding me.

Hello !
I'm really bad at drawing and unable to use programs like PhotoShop.
But I really want to create a fursona who will be my avatar.

In fact I would like to start streaming on twitch but I need and avatar and stuff like banners ... but I'm really bad at design and stuff like that :(

The photo is an exemple for my fursona , it isn't my work and wasn't designed for me so I can't use it as an avatar that describes me :/

Is anyone free to give me a hand ? Thank you a lot !
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there is no fetish stuff in here ^^ I just like the design ^^ but thanks for the advice :)
yiff in hell, furfag

Hey dudes, wondering if anyone can come up with a 2d quick sketch of a scruffy and out there looking backpacker, looking a bit lost and drawn out, black and white would be awesome, basic is better, if its a awesome design I 100% promise you I will make you a sick t shirt out of it and send you one, if i can also make one for myself :D cheers lads. would be fucking mint if someone could do this. cheeeeeeeeeeeeerssss
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Genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, fuck off and harm yourself.
Last chance. Tell me what it's really for and how you intend to use it and I might make something.

what style is this called/how do I achieve this effect in photoshop?
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you want it to be a vector so use Illustrator
underrated post

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