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You ready?

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Neat. I like it. Not crazy about the font, but I don't have a great eye for that kinda stuff.
background pixelated at 4K, pls fix
Whats this whats that link what im not ready cos i funno what ur talking about

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trump tweet v2.jpg
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How quickly can you shop an image?

1 internet to whoever can do a better job than I did. Providing the source material in the coming posts.
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fat fuck.jpg
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2MB, 3000x1987px

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How did rave promoters and designers make these?
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i don't know if this is the right board to ask for this but i really need a white background removed for the attached image

thanks in advance
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File: literally it took 15 seconds.png (497KB, 709x1100px)Image search: [Google]
literally it took 15 seconds.png
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it's not the right board, but whatever
File: ok guess it's more than 15.png (491KB, 709x1100px)Image search: [Google]
ok guess it's more than 15.png
491KB, 709x1100px

I'm pretty drunk but this one should be ok

Thank you! They will do just fine!

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Hello /gd/

I want to vent some things here about the industry...

First, i'm 23 yo and recently i finished my career in communications and i'm specialized in production and post production. By my own i learned through the years about graphic design and also learned the softwares that this industry uses the most (After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel, Flash). So i can say i'm a very prepared guy even for my age.

6 months before finishing my career i was hired as a producer, editor and animator on the best advertising agency of the city (i'm from México, sadly), i started off with $6000 pesos per month (the equivalent to 300 dollars i think, i know, it's shit) even though i already had 2 years of experience.

Then, recently one of my best friends who is a graphic designer got hired because i recommended him to the art director, everything was going well until i found out his salary, he earns $9000 pesos per month (it's still shit but for a guy like me that would be nice), problem is, HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE, AT ALL.

I'm super mad at the agency for that, everyone here literally knows how much i work (even at home) and then a new guy comes here and they give him simple tasks and give him quite more money than they do to me and my colleges.

I'm not even mad at him, good for him, i'm mad at the fucking agency.

tl;dr: My agency pays more to a newbie with no experience than to a 2 years old experienced producer.

Is there something i'm missing? Why are they paying more to a newbie?

What should i do? Prepare a good reel and gtfo to a better city or country?
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shameful self bump
Learn to negotiate.

But how? I really don't know how to negotiate and i doubt they would be happy if i tell them that i know the salary of another employee.

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How would you go about recreating this effect?
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There's a software called processing which kind of lets you run code on images.
It's pretty popular for data-moshing and pixel-sorting.
Lots of people make scripts for it and upload them for anyone to play with.
Just google "processing ascii generator" or something like that
That doesn't look like an ASCII image, it's dithering.>>316981
i think paint.net has some plugins that can gen this effect. monochrome, bright/contrast adjust, then the 8/16 bit dither effect

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w h a t c a n i d o t o m a k e t h i s b e t t e r
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File: IMG_6469.jpg (230KB, 724x905px)Image search: [Google]
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Delete it.
File: G62RgsA-01.png (385KB, 2654x2154px)Image search: [Google]
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reduce opacity on the triangle, add some more layering/masking to it give it some texture/patterns

Just downloaded illustrator and came up with this from scratch, how did I do?
File: IMG_6453.jpg (60KB, 891x960px)Image search: [Google]
60KB, 891x960px
It's been done a metric fuck ton of times. Why not experiment and create something original?

File: sample.jpg (1MB, 2067x3000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2067x3000px
Is Roboto + Alegreya a good combination of free fonts for a magazine.
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>free fonts
>for a magazine
don't be fucking greedy, get yourself some nice typeface
Yeah, I am a poorfag. It's not something professional.
>or maybe try putting article body in lighter gray color
I've always been thinking of this. What's better for body text, pure black or a dark grey? What's the difference besides ink saving?

File: triangles.png (243KB, 723x768px)Image search: [Google]
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I was curious /gd/, how many of you actually care about the colour space that you work with? What do you think about gamma-incorrect blending in a vast majority of applications, including many compositing applications used by artists such as yourselves?

And if you do muck around with colour spaces, what do they mean to you?

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I get pretty annoyed with the CMYK color space (or gamut ?) for how limited it is and how many of what I consider "beautiful" colors are excluded by it. Never had much problems with Adobe RGB, so I don't really think about it
Honestly, unless I'm designing for print I don't really worry about it. I don't do video or super high-profile stuff and 99.9% of normal people don't have their displays calibrated properly anyway.

Maybe I should start considering these things, though. How important is this shit when your work is only output digitally anyway?
where i can learn about it?

File: gimp-logo-1.png (306KB, 1700x800px)Image search: [Google]
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What does GIMP need to become a serious contender in the industry?
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being usable
a modern interface
a better logo/brand message
File: heyheyheyheyhey.jpg (90KB, 975x389px)Image search: [Google]
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It's already usable.

I think the interface is alright with the new themes in 2.9.

There is no better brand than "Green is my pepper"
File: 1495248444170.jpg (265KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
265KB, 1280x1024px
>CMYK support
>32 bpp support
>layer styles
>adjustment layers
>smart filters
>clipping masks
>edit rotated text
>select multiple layers
>better integration with Inkscape, Scribus and Blender

File: logoidea.png (14KB, 475x474px)Image search: [Google]
14KB, 475x474px
This is a logo for a plumbing/cleaning/waste dealing company. Any tips or ideas?
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Too much small details for a logo I think. You should try to make it more simple, with less objects.
File: 1502538831841.png (21KB, 475x474px)Image search: [Google]
21KB, 475x474px
made the head bigger and image simpler
maybe try better colors, the grey is flat and willdissappear
File: manthos2.png (17KB, 504x356px)Image search: [Google]
17KB, 504x356px
So I tried two different designs, removing the bulky hexagon from the spray bottle. You think it's still too detailed?

File: 555.png (64KB, 1042x723px)Image search: [Google]
64KB, 1042x723px
Hi amazing anons of /gd/ - is there any way to make my path like the one on the right, without having to remove the whole path and do that specific part with the rounded pen tool?

I tried now everything and I can't even get the usual lines to appear where you drag the path to be rounded shape
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maybe add a circle stretch it and rotate it then use the pathfinder tools to subtract the shape
That sounds really hacky, is there no other way, especially because my path isn't filled?
This. Just draw the path the way you want it as part of another shape, mirror it, and subtract them from your shape
If its quick, easy, and works, there isn't a problem. Keep it simple, stupid.

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2MB, 2220x3140px
Could someone tell me exactly color balance and hue saturation works.

I'm scanning something, and it's coming out extremely yellowish for some reason, and I can't seem to fix it no matter how I mess with the hue saturation.

Top is a digital version of the image that's been on the internet.
Bottom is the version I scanned.

Is there any possible way to make the bottom one look like the top color wise? Because my scan is more crisp and clear that the digital version, but the colors are all off.

Here's the PSD.
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Edit the color balance a bit. tone down the warm tones, or up the cooler colors a bit.
Don't ejaculate on your comics until after you scan them.
I'm either doing it wrong, or it's just not possible to fix.
Because getting the skin tone to match on the bottom image makes everything else in the image look drastically different.

The rest of the colors are not that far off, it's just the skin that looks awful because it's so yellow.

Maybe I'll just have to make a mask around the skin areas and selectively edit those parts.

I was just hoping there would be a way that took less effort.

File: IMG-20170801-WA0032.jpg (247KB, 1280x800px)Image search: [Google]
247KB, 1280x800px
I make these in my free time and plan to make stickers to earn some extra cash
Are they shit? Are they good? How to improve?
Can I get a freelance job doing these?
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Are these really vectors?
Not bad OP
The style looks good, senpai but the subjects? I can see people buying the pug sticker because it's familiar and cute. The other ones? I don't know.
Very awesome, keep going on. Illustration is hard. The magic ball seems very much how it's supposed to be. Tip to improve - try to continue drawing of the graphic in this particular case of the magic ball with hands. Make arms, torso, etc, continue the drawing.

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How do you create a good memorable yearbook that isn't cheesy or too simple?
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>isn't cheesy
Good luck with that. Your best is to get inspiration from like, "family-friendly" brands like Target and Ikea: Big splashes of flat color, bold but minimalist type. Dynamic layout, lots of breathing room, very few ornaments.
see this kind of shit (courtesy of Urban Outfitters) ? Do that.
File: urban+outfitters+sale+shoes.jpg (90KB, 947x500px)Image search: [Google]
90KB, 947x500px
this is if you want it to be high-effort

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