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The only underwear you should be wearing
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>wearing anything but technical underwear
whoever managed to shill cotton as the number one underwear material was worse than hitler
i used to wear that

until this random 19 year old i was fucking mentioned it, rubbed the brand then ran her tongue across the banding

i now wear some solid grey
Honest question, would your boner be killed if you pulled down a girl's jeans and she wasn't wearing Calvin Klein, but like VS or Aerie?

Looking for who makes this shirt also general W2C thread.
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if u ar not a girl u look like a weabo with this
>attaching a negative stigma to weeaboo in 2017
anime shirts are literally the next big thing
This would actually be kind of a dope shirt if she weren't a cat girl. That's too much.

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Just got invited to my first real party in a while by an actual human, It'll be a normie party, with the exception of some hipsters, which means a high chance of grils.

Any Ideas on what I should wear?

>>posts with pics could help the most

In the mean time ill dump some inspo I can find
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black jeans
not running shoes

plain tee + a coat/windbreaker if its chilly
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Summer hit and I forgot I don't really own any chestpieces. I probably have 1-2 t-shirts that I truly feel comfortable wearing.

Help me /fa/

What would be the best way to go about getting an entire setup of quality tees that will last me through summer?
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what the fuck is a chestpiece
probably kevlar

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Can you wear ripped jeans when you are 40 years old and Gunter Tompson tier balding?
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Honestly anyone wearing ripped jeans at any age looks like a fag try hard desu. Unless it's like an ass rip or crotch rip that's natural
no. and lose some weight too
You can, but you can't wear white socks.

Stop doing that.

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At the goodwill previously picked up AF1 mids with box for the low

Came back 1 month later and found these Balenciagas lol
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Heel tab looks sus

I know balenciagas arena highs are heavy and leather is crinkly but these feel like Stan smiths/a step below CPs
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Not even sure if they're legit
cop anyway and spray paint them or change the laces to red or something wild. quality looks alright anyway, not going to find decent shoes with cupsoles for the low regardless.

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What shampoo does /fa/ use? Do we really need stuff that contains a number of chemicals? Are herbal shampoos like those made from nettle worth trying?
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>Do we really need stuff that contains a number of chemicals?

What do you think the herbal shampoos are made out of, if not chemicals?
probably means harsher chemicals like sulfates and silicone and whatnot
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>he doesnt nopoo

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What is the most /fa/ way for a guy to style his nails?


Pic unrelated
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Also I am a white male (male)

General nail inspo welcome
painted nails are lovely. i want mine painted cherry red. for length i say short. most people will think you're unkempt if you have long nails, i would keep them in check
NGL I wish black nails on dudes was as mainstream as earrings

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Can someone explain this romper shit to me? Why is it a big deal all of a sudden?
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It's not. Some company making them is doing a shit ton of advertising in order to make it a meme
Actually, it's one of the few "unisex" attires that are actually unisex.

Some clothes masculinize women while other feminize men, this isn't.

Plebs are mad that this was made for Fratboys and Dudebros instead of those shitty hipsters and twigs.
if you look like that why not just wear shorts and a shirt..

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This probably seems pretty autistic but I have these air force 1s that I copped to wear as beaters, and I've been trying to get the soles to turn yellow, like in the pic above. So far they just got kind of dirty/scuffed but nothing has happened to them in terms of midsole color. What causes yellowing on shoes and how do I get that look?
>inb4 just wearing them
I already have been wearing them for a while and I don't want to wait like 8 years for my shitty nikes to look nice
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try bleach or another oxidizer
i got my af1's in 2012 from a thrift store, they were made in '08 and just started getting that nice quality to it in the last year or so.
I've tried putting them out in sunlight, in my window, this that and the other thing to speed up the process years ago like 2013 but honestly the best way to get them yellow is to give them time. this quality also looks more yellow in indoor lighting than outdoor lighting.
Sorry to burst your bubble!
>I want the "lived in" look without having to wait or do the living

Just be patient OP. 10 years goes by pretty fast.

Ssense sale now on

Are you copping anything? I can't find much personally

Sales general.
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Considering pair of rick Torrence jeans for $360, probably a bit too expensive though. Need some new black denim that's loose around the thigh and tapered around the calves ffs
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what i intend to cop
probably wont end up getting all of it though
some other stuff from other stores i want too
hopefully the stella mcartney stuff goes on sale
was hoping for some meme sneaks like ozweegos or whatever, but this "sale" is garbage.

you will never go back in time and cop ozweegos again for $100

Can we have a thread for effay videos/films?
I'm planning to shoot a video for fun and I'm looking for some inspiration.
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I had some stuff saved from a really long while ago, but maybe you guys have newer material.

tom ford's doc/interview
Runway Beat
Paradise Kiss
Dior and I
Bill Cunningham doc
The Secret World of Haute Couture, BBC
The Day Before docu-series
Signe Chanel
Notebook on Cities and Clothes (Yohji Yamamoto directed by Wim Wenders)
The September
BBC Three's The Secret of the Superbrands
Arashi Mannequin 5

really digging this, it's part of a series of short films YSL has produced recently

their production value is pretty spot on

Thoughts? Currently it's my natural dark brown but I think it's boring. I have pale skin and brown eyes for reference. I want to keep the roots darker. Good or bad idea? Pic related
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Post face
post a pic
Bleaching will fuck your hair up. Maybe consider black it would create a nice contrast with ur skin

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File: black1.jpg (2MB, 3648x2144px)Image search: [Google]
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File: White2.jpg (3MB, 2736x3648px)Image search: [Google]
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stop making new waywt threads and then posting two of your fits just so you can get validation/(you)s from 4chan jesus

LAST THREAD >>12461338

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
I like the freshness and citrus of CK One, it'll be good for summer. Though the artificial aspect to it is the only thing stopping me getting a bottle...
Right now it smells like a toned down 212, with no violet

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