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>raw denim
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my friend has the best fades

he looks comfy desu

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I like to wear black braces, jeans (light-washed or black) cuffed, and black 10i Doc Martens. It feels light and the fit is good. My main concern is that is this just too close to appropriating skinhead-culture?
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Like, I don't mind getting associated with them, but skinheads aren't really a big group in Finland. The people that do comment me on my outift usually tell me that I look like a gay farmer, and that's about it. And no, I don't have a buzzcut.
>appropriating skinhead-culture

So braces, cuffed jeans and Docs are too close? Aight, thanks for the reply.

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I'm looking for Grimes, but for guys. Where would I look?
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how do i pick up a girl like this
at a grimes concert
is there a less trashy way to do so?

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Is Vineyard Vines /fa/?
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Stop looking for approval from /fa/ autists and wear whatever the fuck you like.
That's the exact problem. I am high functioning autistic and don't understand /fa/ at all so it's easier if I get opinions like this.

Tumblr thread?

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>night photography - concert posters
>nature - architecture - black and white
>art - music - typography - design
>illustrations - sci-fi - dystopia
>glow - urban - aesthetics - aviation
>fashion - history - automotive
>reblogs and original content
>some nsfw
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i will follow back if I like your stuff

post cool dad hats, beanies, snap backs, etc.
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Just go with the original basebal caps.

Those retarded hats that have been hijacked by blacks and other pretentious faggots are ruined and so are trucker hats.
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Last thread XXX like the Romans

Pic related, cop or drop?
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how is cos quality?
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Looking for pleb $ colored sneakers (not white black etc). Probably will switch to white laces like the originals
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Is y-3 good quality?

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Post boots and stuff.

I'm looking at these four boots (from left to right, top to bottom: wolverine 1000 mile courtland, thursday captain, red wing iron ranger 8086, red wing iron ranger 8114)

thoughts? will the shiny finish on the thursdays wear down nicely? are red wings played out as fuck?
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I have the iron rangers rough and tough and they're my favorite pair of shoes.
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what is the consensus on timberland boots.
Is it just a meme? Can I even wear them without looking like a NY fuckboi?
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classic timbs are meme tier but timberland has some ok designs

>Searches catalog
>No general for boys whomst are of the fuck

Post your dumb questions and autist shit here.

I'll start, what's some nice tops or sweater colours I can wear on khaki chinos. Would a tan hoodie be too much? Also white shoes would be best matched? Haven't got much variety so not much to mix
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Whats the best way to get these stains out without destroying it. This is from the 70s I think
How do converse 70s fit? I take a 7.5 UK in vans (sk8 hi) and usually wear thick socks and they fit nice. What size should I get for 70s low?
I like my eyes' shape, what can I do to make them stand out without looking too much like a glitterboy? A veeery discrete eyeliner and an eyelash curler?

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Do unattractive people who date other unattractive people actually find each other attractive or are they just settling?
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bill gates being pied.gif
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bump because i'd also like to know
good question
i was literally just watching this
pretty much yes

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fave fit thread?
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the one with the urine soaked converse
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What was her best hair style?
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the one between her legs, if you know what I mean ;)
The long ginger hair when she didn't look like a dyke

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Pic related are the B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4's.

>inb4 beats
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Master & Dynamic MH40
headphones in public make me uncomfortable. earbuds are the way to go.

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Is there any point in being /fa/ if you have shit hair genetics?
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Show me one man that is /fa/ that doesn't have 9/10+ face genetics with shit hair
Being fashionable is great damage control if you're balding.

Part of the reason its seen as so bad is because so many balding guys give up and go straight to walmart polos, dad jeans and autism sneakers because they think there is no reason to care anymore.

Not all bald guys have the face of Jason Statham though

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Is there anything less effay than owning an android smartphone?
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americucks still using SMS like it's 2005
fucking kill yourself this whole fucking board is retarded what the fuck is wrong with you people why the fuck should everything be 'effay' you bunch of fucking faggots.

btw i have an iphone
I'm too old to be seen with an iphone

I'm not a teen on instagram, I'm not a girl in middle school (my high school friends have kids in middle school today)

so it would be a serious pitfall in professional image to be holding any apple product

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