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here's an idea for a fun thread


ill start

would you rather wear fake black yeezys 350 or a pair of very beat up mono black chuck high tops with holes in them?
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Chucks for sure, 350s are ugly enough already when they're not fakes
Beat up mono black chuck hi tops are great
i'd look like less of a broke nigga

Guys my fat cock ripped a hole in the crotch of my favorite pair of red wine colored 507 Levis. I just found out they discontinued the style and I have no idea where to get a new pair. Does anyone know where I could cop some? Because I can't wear my favorite pants I am slowly dipping into a depression that may become inescapable.

Actually though I need help finding these things, they were pretty much the only thing remotely fashionable that I owned. (Pic kind of related. Same color but not the same style)
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Get a black pair of the same kind and use small amounts of bleach to gradually fade the pants until you obtain your desired color.
That's not going to get that color lol

Just patch it
thanks man, I owe it to ya

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Is your country /fa/?

>at this point i dont even know
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Could be worse I guess
guy in left unironically looks great. middle looks like a stereotypical insecure /fit/, and right is like the polar opposite of left - authentically indian but in an uncool way
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Bruce Lee.jpg
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Yeah, I know

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What are some effay clothes for girls who are not skelly or insanely t h i c c?

I'm in between (average) with an ass. I'm in the process of losing a bit more weight but I don't want to be too skelly. Is there any fashionable pieces I can wear? Or should I just continue to lose weight before I buy effay clothes?
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dress like how tripsk did. kind of sexy, show off your waist or legs. don't be too slutty and wear things with interesting shapes
pics of yourself? that girl in your OP has ridiculous hips and ass, doesnt even look natural she probably got surgery or botox
lol you're actually retarded

Really want a black sports themed "dad hat" to wear with random athleisure outfits. Which of these are the most /fa? Will post a ton I was considering. Also, post any/all sports gear you want to cop.
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I'm a tradie so I wear hard hats all do so a haircut with min effort would be a treat

Thanks /fa/

Looking for something with a kinda of off to the side look

Pic is me with gel which I think is alright but requires gel. And yes that shirt is baggy
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Here's an unflattering pic of me too
You're only gonna get replies saying you're fat.

Good luck.

Also buzz it.
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Here's wet hair slick back for my shit hair line

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ZZZKKK (62).jpg
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>rains a lot
>it's hot even while it's raining

how the fuck am I supposed to dress in a place like this
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Hello, Houston friend. How do you do?
Leave texas
lol I wish
amazonian rainforest

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Do you think Rick has ever assaulted anyone pointing at him, laughing or taking pictures of him?

What would you do if you're in fullricc and someone starts making fun of you?
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ignore them? bullies are insecure
I'm guilty of having made fun of someone for the way he dressed (he's the biggest tool / wannabee edgy artist in this fucking city) but I wouldn't laugh at someone wearing Rick. Just shake my head and pity him.
No, he isn't aggressive like that and is anything but insecure

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i wanna get something that looks very similar to these
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then get them
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How should I change my style?
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It's funny how homosexuality in just 30 years ceased to be considered as an illness and imposed as official dogma all over the Occident, in novels, series, movies. This shit is not normal, it's deviation!
for a look like this, i would wear shorter shorts (maybe cutoffs if you wanna stick to denim) and a t-shirt instead of a button-down. maybe don't wear two-pocket button downs
forgot something.

those shoes are pretty inoffensive but you'll probably want to wear some longer socks; you could do black or white.

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My wife's son summer collection
Don't you never talk to me or my son ever never again
kanye is 5'8"
really makes me do a big think

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4chan TV.jpg
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What is the most effay television to watch/game on? I'm going to say it's the pic related, an old CRT TV,
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2007 is over, televisions aren't /fa/ but laptops and smartphones are so use that.
Go to the CRT thread on /vr/ you drooling nigger.
Projector bro

/fa/ humor thread
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File: chrome_2017-05-22_04-15-40.png (232KB, 1094x765px)Image search: [Google]
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What style of glasses are 'in' for 2017?
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I'm also so interested!!
Semi round shape Oliver peoples ala American psycho are overplayed to the ground!!!
very interested... are we still doing the big ray bans style? getting new glasses soon
whichever style suits your face best

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Will lunarcore ever make a comeback? Or is it better to move on to other things?
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I always kinda liked this desu
Well im just gonna bump this for now...
I hope so, but the pic in OP is definitely not lunarcore so idk why you attached it

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