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so im a trap but i know very little about fashion or female clothes.

what sort of things do you like to see girls wearing that arent too attention drawing but not normie trend bullshit that all girls wear?

and other things besides clothes like hairstyles and things.

and what sort of things do you not like?

also if there are any femanons in here you help would be especially appreciated.

also what brands and shops (in england) are best for girls cloths?
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trap != emo
you look way too tall to trap succesfully

how tall are u?
5'5 lol

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Which style do you wish would come back? For me its normcore.

I was just getting into it and then ploop it went away
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>wearing things that are in style with normies

Wear whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want.
Wear it you dingus
anyone got recc's for light washed jeans like those

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Hey, I'd rock it.
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MAGA mockup thead?

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last thread dead
talk shit post f(your living space)it

my living room
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coffee table detail
File: 7XCFk3If.jpg (121KB, 1024x742px)Image search: [Google]
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lil music area detail
looks pretty gross desu
learn to clean up, anon. You're a grown ass man.

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can a drug rug ever be effay?

hi caleb.
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only if it's a solid earth or neutral tone
Wew lad
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actually, that does sound better than what I was picturing.

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What can poor old bald people do to look good?
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Trim hair often/wear clean clothes?
Hang out around art schools.
Have you attempted to maybe wear a possible wig or toupee option perhaps?

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Looking to get fashionable, anyone know how to get rid of that greyness around your mouth (whatever it's called)?
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Facial hair?
Nope, Its more noticeable after showering and gradually dissapeers after that, but it's still slightly visible even after shaving conpletely.
you mean shadow?

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What does /fa/ think of vineyard Vines?
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>white people
fuck off racist
>t. Someone who calls blacks subhuman

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Why do you wear cargo shorts?

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Cause fuck ton of pockets
they go great with my Trench coat
File: SP-UTK-PR-32_wm.jpg (145KB, 1338x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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They're comfy and I like big pockets. Bullshit article

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so forget whether or not he is effay, do you admire the creativity of lil peep's fashion choices, or do you think he's just trash?
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>b-but he dresses like shit ironically so that means he's /fa/ r-right?....
>le epic white memerappers who pretend to be black

Go back to twitter faggot
is he even pretending to be black though

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>my usual barbershop was too crowded
>went to a afro barbershop
>short on the sides and longer on the top
>"i got you senpai"

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You couldn't have waited?

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I started dressing kinda like this. Am I autistic?
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no but it can look autistic, I don't like the color of his belt or watch or his shoes. I also don't like his shirt with the 2 pockets and things that hold the sleeves up
File: IMG_9401.jpg (160KB, 750x938px)Image search: [Google]
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Does mine look ok? The sleeves are short and I'm not wearing a belt.
You don't look anything like the op

Post absolutely anything and everything 70's fashion related- your fits, grails, inspo, advice, questions etc.

BONUS POINTS if your post is 70's South American related.

Commencing inspo dump~~
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File: 70s-Mens-FashioN-Trends.jpg (53KB, 480x620px)Image search: [Google]
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What does /fa/ think about the red suit + white tie combo? I want your fully honest opinions.

I'm thinking about wearing this to my brother's wedding.
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don't do that. just go black tux with black bowtie.
in most situations this looks completely tryhard, out of place, autistic, and cringy OP. since you are going to a wedding, there are only a few situations where this could fit.

A) you are both extremely eccentric and outgoing, which makes the suit and actually play-in to your persona

B) you are syncronizing with the other men at the wedding who are also wearing white suits

C) you are black and the wedding is somewhere hot

also, because it is a wedding, your suit should never be any more flashy than the groom's. if your brother's suit is black, then you should wear a damn black suit too

Fully honest opinion? Your a retard

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How tf do you pronounce "huarache"
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throw them in the bin
don't say "huarachéy" sound disgusting same as the shoes

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