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What's /fa/'s consensus on suspenders? I think they look pretty badass if you're older and/or muscular.
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most people don't wear them. I actually don't know what to think other than that's it's vintage-wear, kinda. wear them or don't, it doesn't matter.
You will never wear them as well as the Dutch hunchbacked dandy journalist Jort, a man who only wears bespoke Italian suits and only fucks 20-year old hot chicks.
i have a pair of suspender that i would like to wear to finish my skinhead aesthetic but the pull my pants wayyy to much up against my crotch and makes the pantline looks wavy and strange.

how do i fix this?

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how do I make myself look pretty as a guy? I just want to have one day where I look hella attractive for no reason
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first you have to be attractive
Any other way?

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i'm looking for summer women inspo. i live in a hot and humid area and i can't stand the heat. i want to find a style which is fresh and classy at the same time, can /fa/ help?
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Any good places to buy skinny jeans that look good but aren't $100?
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Is this shopped?
Check out Cheap Monday.

They've been my go to for a while now, plus they're not overly expensive (Not sure how much in $ because britbong).
No shit

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Post 60s NASA core

The golden age of engineering fashion
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i have very few thoughts on this
need to see the back first
Pretty nice, but can I see it
f r o m
t h e
b a c k ?

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>you will never be paid $100k to walk for a minute
>you will never hang out with another super model on a huge yacht off Cannes
>you will never look this good
Why live
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they're all miserable what's the point
>you will never have to suck a dick to further your career

>you will never be paid $100k to walk for a minute
yeah but then no one gets paid that much for the shit
even in the 80s/90s when supermodels were phenomena they didn't get that much
I'd imagine something like victorias secret is the only event models get something even close to that sum

I was reading about a $12,000 hair follicle transplant procedure in S. Korea - I later read that Asian hair transplants very well due to its properties that often make up (specifically East Asian) Asian hair.

Will I be able to achieve K-tier goodness if I shave my thick (especially so for a white male) and get this follicle transplant surgery (the removal of current follicles and what quintessentially is seeding).

Essentially, can a white person get God tier East Asian hair through expensive procedure?
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why would u want to
literally every asian ive met complains about how they hate having asian hair so i dont get this thread
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I'm a card carrying Platinum member of Nippon Kaigi. I regularly donate to Pan Asianism causes and Korean ethno-nationalist organizations.

I regularly visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

To summarize it, East Asians are a genetic benevolence bestowed onto us subhumans.

To want to mirror your social superiors has been a feature since time in memorial (heck lobsters have a social hierarchy reflecting similar behavior).

I will never claim to have the blood of God's descendants, but to want to look like one?

That's besides the point, ignore my desires - let's explore the possibilities.

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I fucking hate this shit and for the past few years every 8-35 year old has this hairstyle. Literally barbers don't even know how to cut hair differently and automatically assume you want "le fuckboy faggot" look.

Holy shit kill this trend right fucking now. Fucking look like lawnmower set your mug on the head Guile looking motherfuckers.
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>Literally barbers don't even know how to cut hair differently and automatically assume you want "le fuckboy faggot" look.

unless you're under 16, you should've already had a regular barber before this trend hit who isn't a fucking retard
It's a style dude, idk. As soon as normies like something there will be a bunch of people complaining about it on 4chan. It'll happen to the next popular hairstyle too.
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Any good haircut will be tapered, but you just shouldn't get extreme with it.

Pic related is the basic haircut that every white man for the last 2 centuries uses as their baseline.

Just get something moderate and conservative to avoid attracting chicks that are into extreme shit.

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Is this legit? Please help. I know /fa/ is not keen on streetwear but i would appreciate it
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Even more
it looks like shit. i was 12 when i wanted clothes just for the branding. you dont belong here

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Think Uniqlo, or business casual with an Asian flair (this does not mean just mandarin collars).
I'm getting to the age where I'd like to start carrying myself a bit more seriously, and while I do have the ubiquitous OBCDs, dessert boots, etc. I'd like to have a more full closet that is versatile for casual/street and one where it looks like I wear suit jackets and jeans, or khakis and a nice sweater, stuff like that. But not boring mfa stuff, things that have a little flair.
Is that a fair request for a dump? I'll try to post what I have in my spare time at work.
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I'm legitimately considering buying and wearing this just for lols

Dubs decide if I should or not
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do it
>being this insecure
kill self pls
buy the hat u little bitch

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What are some good 'cheap' sneakers (and colors) to wear with brown joggers?

I'm thinking about a navy blue/all black Nike Mid Runner 2, or a Reebok classic in the same colors. I don't have money for a NB 446, so it would have to be something cheaper than that.

I'm also not sure about how well Navy blue or All black looks with brown pants, I've never tried that.
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anything with a gum sole my nigga
lol tripp

black shoes with gums are pre dece cause yah
>my nigga

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Who wears wallets in their rear pocket? It doesn't look good to have a bulge in your ass, nor is it comfortable to sit with it. Having it in the front, however, is comfortable at all times and looks fine.
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i hate having things in my pockets so i always carry a backpack
It looks better in the rear than the front, otherwise it looks like you're carrying bricks. I carry my phone and wallet in my two back pockets.
fuckin this

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Is this shirt too baggy/large for this outfit? I am a bit worried because expect to grow quite a bit especially around the chest (some belly too sadly can't avoid it). Should I go a size lower or is this acceptable? And please go easy on me I am usually wear the "the virgin walk" outfit.
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Sorry about the spelling. This is what I get for phoneposting.
> reverse image search because not sure if bait
> no results
that's way too baggy

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