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are uniform schools naturally effay?
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If everyone is wearing the same mandated outfits, does that not defeat the purpose of fashion?
Have you never seen most UK schools? Uniforms are shit.
Emu meatballs ? crazy

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keds champion.jpg
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So I'm looking for new white shoes for this summer. Any ideas? I generally prefer plimsolls and sneakers but I'm also open to other ideas. I currently own a pair of standard white Keds but I've had them for so long I'm kind of bored of them although I do like them.

Pic related for what I have now
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take a gander in the catalog and you won't be disappointed. make it a habit
CPS anything else is shit tir
Ultraboost triple whites

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>went to model audition
>got told to remove my moles
>didnt even notice i have like a few small moles on my face

How do I remove them??
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How didn't you notice them? You look at your face everyday for years and didn't see them?

Not OP, but moles that you're had for your entire life are easy to miss simply because they've always been there, so you don't think about them.
lightly tap them with a kitchen knife
Sensing danger, moles instead move to more concealed parts of the body.

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What messenger baglet do you guys carry your EFC in?
Backpacks are not /fa/


>Water bottle
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are these really better than backpacks?
backpacks are much better than this
backpacks are big and ugly and uneffay especially if you're just carrying like 4 things around

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What the holy shit happened to Kanye? is he on anti-psychotics? Wtf is that huge gut?

Also, why is he blatantly wearing Shia's iconic cap?

This is just sad as fuck.
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He's bulking, retard
That's not how one bulks. He looks very unhealthy. Looks like he is wearing a colostomy bag. Bulking doesn't look like this.
And wearing Shia's hat is just cuck as fuck.
>That's not how one bulks.
Uh, yeah it is. You try and put on as much mass as possible. He's a pretty big guy, for you.

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What core is this?
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rick owens core
neanderthal core
Whoa kemosabe-core

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Fruits Issue 1_Page_08.jpg
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Found first 50 issues scans of Japanese street fashion magazine FRUiTS, that I downloaded ages ago. Looks like they're from 1997 - 2001. Could post a bunch, if there's interest.
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Fruits Issue 2_Page_05.jpg
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File: Fruits Issue 3_Page_08.jpg (273KB, 1464x1024px)Image search: [Google]
Fruits Issue 3_Page_08.jpg
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File: Fruits Issue 4_Page_05.jpg (462KB, 1830x1280px)Image search: [Google]
Fruits Issue 4_Page_05.jpg
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Explain fashion to me please

Why does this jacket cost $7,645? What is so special about it to justify the cost?
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>first-world labor
>attention to quality
>name/designer/exclusivity (this is a big one)
I don't care where my clothes were manufactured
Materials? You mean cotton or linen?
Quality? It's a fucking jacket
Design? It has 2 sleeves, and a zipper
Brand name? I grew out of brand names in my teens
>It matters to some people, can also be representative of the QC you can expect
>There's more to it than just "it's leather" or "it's cotton"
And if you don't understand why the last three matter, then I send my condolences. You're better off on /g/.

Suit general.
Tips, brands, and recommendations welcome!

Men's warehouse had some great entry level smart fabric suits. I like their looser fit, with room to breath and move.

The stretch in the fabric makes them much more comfortable.

>pic related nice fit
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all you need to know is, make sure the materials are there, get everything tailored, and if you're going to wear a watch it can't be a shitty 20 dollar watch or it has to look like its not a shitty 20 dollar watch, also your shoes need to be good or your suit falls apart.
brooks brothers

what else is good

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Post your username/link and (optional) an excerpt of your feed
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Started my adventure with instagram today.
I've uploaded some of my drawings for a test, if I make some quality photography it's going to be there too.

I'll probably follow you back if I find your account interesting.
occasional poster

Your drawings suck

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Any ball caps, shoes, jerseys
that you sport on occasion.
Or all the time.
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cue a million retarded hockey jerseys
File: tarasenko .jpg (69KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
tarasenko .jpg
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i wear this one quite a bit, the winter classic is really nice

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What should I wear on these?
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white high socks, blue jeans cuffed

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Whats the next meme shoe and trends?
So far I can't see any trends for 2017
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the reeboks everyone keeps memeing.

i see classics on every girl
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forgot to post pic. pic is from the restock thread thing.

File: IMG_20170529_025340.jpg (42KB, 346x617px)Image search: [Google]
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Cute male clothes
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File: 0gpld1hacpzy.jpg (359KB, 2696x1628px)Image search: [Google]
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Looking for some stuff thats a bit cute but not uber fucking gay
choker and panties should do
big tattoo on your back that reads "I LOVE COCKS" is probably still subtle enough
Wouldnt that work better as a tramp stamp?

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is bmx /fa/?
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the bicycle?
the bicycles, the culture, etc.
cycling gives you wide hips

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