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>tfw you liked adidas before it was cool and now all the normies are ruining it for you
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It's been cool since the nineteen seventies, and possibly earlier.
Adidas is one of those brands that will always be relevant, its just that its at its peak now, just hang in there and in some years it won't be the most common thing around, but still effay
You are the biggest plen I have ever saw

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>fashion in 2017
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>caring about what some disgusting degenerate tranny is up to
>in 2017
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Chanel has been making boomeranged for years u idiot

>jeffree star

no. keep that crap on youtube.

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What does it mean to be effay?
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Wearing clothes with optimal color schemes and proportion while doing so in a confident manner
frank ocean is cute. CUTE
posts like these are so conflicting

when people compliment ugly subhumans on their looks it reaffirms me on how much better looking and superior i am.
at the same time it also makes me feel sick because society has declined so much due to liberalism that people are actually attracted to subhumans now

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how do i into /fa/ when i live in hot and humid place (30-37c, 70-90%)
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You just don't be /fa/ sometimes. Shorts and Tee
but i need to hide behind clothes to look decent
you're clearly a pleb.
you can be fa with shorts and a tee

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Can your refute a single thing this man says?

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i cant

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Post inspo, ask questions, discuss, call people nigger etc.

How to achieve this? More so, keep it so clean and great looking like his? I have locs but not to that length or extent. + How to make unloc'd hair into locs that actually look good.
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How do I treat my razorburn rash? I'm miserable.
I've tried using hydrocortisone and witch hazel but it hasn't gone done unless I shave again
use a fucking electric shaver.
Yeah I fell for the straight razor meme too. Don't use a razor on your face, but if you do, you sure as hell don't shave against the grain.

Us curly boys will just have to deal with hairy faces or exfoliate every 3 hours so we don't get ingrown hairs.

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Eternal Seiko SNK809 edition
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casio meme squad reporting in and shit
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I want to buy a black leather strap for my Timex Weekender. Do I buy a NATO strap or a regular
two piece bracelet?

pic related

gold looks cool. Is the led always shitty on these watches or did I happen to get a really shitty one? I can barely see a thing in the dark with this

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Do you wear any clothes ironically, /fa/?
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I am so fucking hard right now. This would be by far the most I've spent on a bag in my life, but...


Daily commute in NYC, occasional on-plane and/or weekend bag (along with something else ofc).

This would be replacing a beyond beat to hell Tumi synthetic.
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It's expensive. But you'll never need to replace it.
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Friendly reminder that leather briefcases and messenger bags are the fedoras of the bag world.
Are seriously implying that above 30 year olds wearing backpacks is okay ? Backpack is for kids and athletes and soldiers

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Just inherited a big ass gold chain kinda like this one. How can i pull this off (not literally) ?
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Be black or be a guido.
If the person you inherited it from was important to you and you insist on wearing it, you could always tuck it in. Maybe get a watch that matches?

Or be black.
Just wear it lmfao. I suggest taking it to a jewelry guy and shortening it to 20-22 inches. Anything else looks 80's hip hop artist tier

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my gf just sent me this fit
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i need to know, is this fit legit?
dump her immediately op
...ok thanks

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So /fa/ has put me on the nopoo bandwagon, and then it put me on the hairspray bandwagon, but the problem is you can't fucking do both.
I've been using moisture resistant hairspray and it doesn't come out with just water, you need shampoo.
Has anyone else been faced with this dilemma? What did y'all do, it seems I'm hooked on two bandwagons and have to abandon one of them.
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>no poo
this meme is old, and bad!!!
No poo is a horrible meme
idk fampais, the testimonies seemed solid
in fact it worked fine for me up until i needed hairspray

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cop or not?
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Do not.
Cop and post pics here
why? What's wrong with it?

What is the best colour for a backpack? Black is too bland for me but I don't want something so flashy I need to color coordinate multiple backpacks.

Are navy backpacks good?

Also backpack thread nigga, post your packs.
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What is the best North face backpack in terms of style and utility /fa/? Currently deciding with the surge and borealis
after selling bags

i recommend looking at 1680D thread polyester
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This is the backpack I'm currently using, wipes clean easy and has good storage on the inside.

The color isn't necessarily something I worry about as long as it doesn't clash too much with my outfit.

I have a couple matching warm-ups and shoes from working with the football and basketball teams so I can always tie in something if I really wanted to.

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I've been dressing streetwear since I was a teen. I'm going to be 38 in a few days and felt that some of my looks are a bit childish.

How can I still dress street while getting older?

Pic very related, jah_eel my inspiration for older sneakerheads still killing the game after 30.
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so you've been dressing streetwear til now? til you're 37? jesus bro...post fits though i'm curious
You can't.
>dressing in streetwear since a teen
Dude, just because you're almost 40 and wear Hurley and quicksilver doesn't mean you dress in streetwear

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