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hey /fa/

im a 31 year old photographer in need of a hat.

i like to have the sun behind my subjects so they don't squint...but then i'm baking all day.

i'm not trying to advance my wrinkles.

in a nutshell im fit & handsome. when working, i usually wear joes jeans, cat boots & a nice solid color button up shirt.

from my research; tilley hats are the way to go. i feel like they're 1 step away from being a fedora. YOU DECIDE
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how can you be so insecure at 31. you're letting a website subculture decide whether or not a hat is desirable for you. grow the fuck up
WELL, lesbo. I figured this was the place to see if there's some good alternatives.

I'm also a professional model. My face has been published worldwide. On a few occasions. I've got all the validation one needs.

As some know, you feel better in the right attire. And I don't care how cool I am, I won't be wearing a fedora.

ps suck a dick ya prick bastard

Is it possible ?

How do I into curly hair. What hair products, do I buy hair curler, etc
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anime is not real life
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>mfw face when

But no I didn't mean this anime in particular. I just have really straight hair and want to curl it
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images (1).jpg
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What goes well with 'Natural White' Chuck Taylors?
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a noose
a noose
a noothe

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So I have a massive interview today. I feel like this fit is obviously good enough for an interview as a VR programmer, but god damn theres something about this picture that has me second guessing myself.

Is it just my smug face or my hair or is it the clothes? I'm nervous as shit about nailing this interview so be brutal /fa/ - constructively brutal if possible though.
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Good luck anon.
Thank you friend! But do you see what I'm seeing or am I just letting my nerves get to me?
chads reee

Im going to Spain for a few weeks in July and i live somewhere where its cold most of the time so i don't really have summer cloths. what should i wear to not look like a tourist?
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dont wear socks and sandals with cargo pants or any of that shit thats what the tourists wear
also wear sunscreen for christs sake you all end up looking like shrimp

t. spaniard
barcelona fag here, it's starting to get so hot, i just wear shorts & t-shirts and keep it basic, summer is the least /fa/ season after all
Please dear god, get tailored shorts (or chino shorts at least). DON'T get shorts with that abomination of a silhouette

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Opinions on Comme des Garçons?

Latest trend or Fashion must have?
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you're retarded, comme des garçons has nothing to do with comme des garçons play.
File: f32.jpg (34KB, 584x388px)Image search: [Google]
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yes, one of the most successful labels that has been around since the 70s is a trend

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How many of you want to join me in rocking crop shirts this summer?
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Male romper is the new cream of the crop
Ive already been doing it man
I'd rock those two guys instead desu. No homo.

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I asked in the last thread but didn't get much help. My gf wants thigh highs for whatever reason and wants me to find some, recc some fits etc so I need to know where I can get some decent quality ones. Some inspo would also help.
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Gf wants thigh highs & you complain about it for some reason
tell her shes a weeb and thigh highs are for 14 year old tumblr girls. your gf dresses like shit and youre just standing by letting it happen. way to get pussywhipped
No complaints really, it's just random that she decided she wants some and I have to find them.

Is it faggy to just get one ear pierced? don't mind getting both of them done but don't know if there is a general agenda about it
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Have one ear pierced, thrice and your straight. People who dont look back while reversing are faggy
File: 1494823822215.jpg (78KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Some say the left ear is the gay one, some say the right, many say both or any is gay. Be yourself, if you want an earring get an earring, or two or whatever.
both looks 100x better whether you're a fag or not

File: IMG_7408.jpg (937KB, 1000x1333px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm channeling this aesthetic and I need some new shoes.. preferably summer appropriate sneakers since all I currently own are black boots and one pair of black derbies

I'm desperate for flexibility in my rotation. What fits the bill?
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File: 1494125810297.png (729KB, 1280x800px)Image search: [Google]
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dat steve buscemi ghostworld aesthetic
if you were really "channeling this aesthetic" you'd already know
this reply is so snarky it makes me want to die

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76KB, 1051x1583px
Hitler youth is played the fuck out. Post some curly hair inspo
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images (6).jpg
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File: images (4).jpg (18KB, 384x384px)Image search: [Google]
images (4).jpg
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Why can't Americans dress?
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why can't Europeans not fuck themselves over?
Why can't Europe stay white?
Why can't Europeans dress?

File: 1457749406671.png (500KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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Now that every normie and his mom has had some form of a HY for 5 straight years, what haircut is the next big thing?
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>Now that every normie and his mom has had some form of a HY for 5 straight years

where the fuck do you live? genuine question

File: IMG_6244.jpg (187KB, 750x1025px)Image search: [Google]
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Why can't women handle simple fashion? She fucked up every decade
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Because women's brains stop developing after the age of 13, they're children. This is why they're follwers, incapable of getting basic things right, and needing someone to make decisions
Who is this and why does she look like she lived through every decade she demonstrated?
She did 80s right though

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my vans are falling apart after 1 year. what can I replace them with that have the same general look/style but hold up better? I would do chucks but I'm a girl and they make my feet look really big
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Acne Adrianas or Common Projects, if you want a shoe that holds up you're gonna have to spend a bit more money than 40 bucks. I have heard Greats brand makes really good quality shoes for fairly cheap.
supergas are pretty okay, but the more you spend the better
Just buy another pair of vans - comfy and relatively cheap, best skate shoe if you skate. Style 112 are best, comes in variety of colors.

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