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Are ray ban really that good or just hyped like this? I want to buy my first normal sunglasses but dont know if i should go for RB or buy something cheaper. Are there any cheaper and better quality brand ? can you something recomended?
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Ray Ban is "handmade in Italy" and what not. That's part of the price. They're quality but you could probably do better for the price. Don't have any reqs, google is your friend.
Ray Bans are owned by Luxottica, the Italian glasses company that has a monopoly on most glasses brands in the world. That's why they're so expensive, because Luxottica inflates the price to hell and back and makes you pay for the name.

They're no better or worse than any other glasses brand out there, but not worth the price Lux forces you to pay for the name.
Honestly raybans are some of the cheapest shades. If you want good lenses get Maui jim. I used to manage a sunglass hut. Maybe check out revo or oakley Holbrooks but they are both ugly companies.

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Am I the only who thinks this? White people who sun tan are on the same level as black people who bleach their skin

There's nothing that turns me off a girl faster
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Agreed I've literally never dated a girl who wasnt pale skinned

Idont even care what race they are as long as their skin is pale
idk man i just kinda let ppl enjoy things
are you fucking retarded?

When will teens start dressing respectably again?
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i like dis how do i dress like dis
I dunno be in the 1950s?
This style is so boring and stupid just like street wear. This is shit.

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get on it before it sells out again

next meme big shoe
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next big meme shoe *
>he paid $80
>he didnt get them for $30
>he bought the nasty white colorway not the chalk

chalk has never been on sale for $30

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Hey, /fa/, don't usually post here (since I'm straight), but you guys kinda seem like you know what youre talking about so i wanted to ask a quick question:
Prom is coming up and I've watched a lot of style tips videos since my father doesn't even know how to tie a tie. I think i did a pretty good job heeding their advice. That being said, should i shoot myself in the head if i show up at prom with an eldredge tie knot?
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No, it's fine. Some people might just ask you what style of tying it is, but that's all.
Don't do it you autist. There's a standard for a reason

Fuck outta here
Stop overthinking everything, you bitter bastard.

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it's superior quality though.png
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i seriously dont get it op
Those are sicc though

Can a suit vest look ok in sitting position, i use a wheelchair and many clothes look shit, i was thinking of buying a suit vest.

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Full rick
Learn to walk you fucking leech
I appreciate the tips from this board, thanks everyone.

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Why is art so expensive?
I'm trying to buy some effay wall art for my new place and it's crazy how over priced it is. Like I'm on artsy right now and everyone is bidding like 5 thousand dollars for a simple painting. It's ludicrous.
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It's so that the budding artist can get rich quick and the buyer feels a sense of status. Doesn't matter what the paining looks like.
The point is so that if someone asks how much it is you have something to flaunt
>waah why cant art just be commodified and consumerized already so I can buy $5 kitsch souless piece of trash mass-manufactures in a sweatshop in cambodia :(((((
kill yourselves
you know there are websites where you can order recreated art for $100-$1000, depending on the piece

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OK, so I need some patrician, original black sneakers.

No cringy streetwear please, nothing teen or meme tier.

Does such a thing even exist?
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shit bro are those the new ozweegos in triple black? they look insane
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Autistic dweeb tier
git sum cp derbys

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What is the best ozweego colourway? I'd personally have to go with either 4,10 or 12
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3 is goat
where are the all white and black ones? anyways either 3,5 or 8

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Can your squad cross them /fa/?
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rofl, they don't even have any face tattoos. those fags would get rolled in any urban city
People still wear those dumb checkered vans?
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What are some /fa/ face tats? I was thinking of getting the Leviathan moon on my cheek, but that seems autistic.

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Any designers on /fa/?

My family business is in clothing manufacturing, and lately I've been thinking of starting a little project on my own, sourcing a few designers and give them some parameters to create a small line of sweaters for the coming winter.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this kind of thing? Also, as fans (and consumers) of fashion, how attractive is it really when you see this kind of product (i.e., good quality yarn, cutting, style, for a medium-low price)? Not so interesting? Or buy?
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Basically a company that places most of the creative control in the hands of designers but obviously using materials we can source cheaply so we can afford to take a chance on newer voices.

Anyway anons let me know what you think, all viewpoints welcome
dunno but someday i would like to make a line of black avant-garde/futuristic minimalist clothing because i cant find anything like it and thats how i would want to dress
Just anecdotically, the average consumer doesn't notice things such as good quality material and nice cuts. But your market won't be the average consumer since you won't even reach them, they'll keep buying HM and asos.

>Also, as fans (and consumers) of fashion, how attractive is it really when you see this kind of product (i.e., good quality yarn, cutting, style, for a medium-low price)? Not so interesting? Or buy?
It's a buy of course. Better quality over bad quality, money is less important. A lot of people think that way. Otherwise brands like APC wouldn't exist because they wouldn't survive.

I'd do well designing sweaters (or anything else too). If you need someone you can contact me at funky9982 at gmail dot com

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ITT: Future avant garde trends
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From the thumbnail I thought the trend was going to be having leaves in your house.
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Utility above all
i like this

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which two tone rolex for almost everyday wear? from shorts south beach, shopping to suited up
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btw im 31 years old/photographer
>> suited up

Left duh

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Why doesn't Adidas have any effay shoes for under 100€?
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because theyre capitalists
Sambas, dragons, busenitz aren't these all under 100? Get some vans if you wanna be a broke boi
The ones you posted look great. What are you on about?

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