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Why isn't "mermaid" a fashion yet? Like cult party kei look, but with ocean shit. That sounds lit as fuck, I want it so bad.
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It is. It's called sea punk though.
Nah man, that's some vapor wave bullshit
newfags fucking hell

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sad-pepe-640x480 (1).jpg
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I want a Burberry trenchcoat but I don't want to look like a school shooter around campus
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School shooters can't afford Burberry, you're good
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deus ex.png
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The school shooter meme only applies to things like cheap leather and canvas dusters or trenches. Burberry coats are for 80s Yuppies, Chinese exchange students, and old dudes who were yuppies back in the 80s.
The I have a trench coat and several thousand dollars worth of firearms and ammunition

People think I'm crazy in this liberal shit hole.

Truth is I just really like venison

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Need inspo that has a more of a professional look but not looking like a cringey frat boy that's straight out of college. Basically something that's like Bai's outfits minus all the rick owens type of shit. pic related
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That Asian fag will most definitely not pass as professional.

The problem with idiots like you is you think anyone in a suit is professional looking. That's far from the case

Bai looks like a poor liberal living in a paper Ikea apt with some faggot liberal clothes

Also he eats dog meat

Not the type of person I want to do business with.

What do I tell my barber when I want him to shape up my beard like how those hispanic people do? Y'know, the shaved mustache and neckbeard and the shaped up hair on the cheeks and shit
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you dont unless your gay
You mean a fade? You'll either look like a Leb or a jockstrap cowboy if you do.
I'm gay then

Ozweegos are too meme at this point.

I was thinking of coping the black AM95s. Recommend something better, more interesting?

Budget is unlimited.
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raf asics
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Everyone is now aware of fakes available, so 95 Air Max are out


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dubs decide what i write on these
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Big Boy

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Sup /fa/.

How gay is it to wear rings as a man?
I'm thinking about getting one like this.
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if you look hard it'll work real well

if you look faggy then you'll just look more like a powerbottom

Lmaooo what shithole do you people live in? Just fucking buy a ring if you want one!!! It's that simple!

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red wing harvester
>red wing harvester
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anyone know the exact model of this arcteryx jacket? is it veilance or mainline?

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Why did this even become a thing?
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Western sydney lebo core
nice sweater
The "M" is for Mark.

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Hello, im looking for a specific sort of underwear but I cant seem to find a name for it. What are these types of panties/swimsuit called? The ones that go in a bow/arc over the bottom but aren't too g-stringy.
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Adding more photos for reference
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File: pant2.jpg (107KB, 782x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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elusive pOS shirt.png
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hey /fa/, apologize if this is frowned upon

looking for a similar type of shirt - ideally with a cream option, somewhere that isn't overpriced etsy.

if anyone knows the name of this type of shirt to look for myself, please let me know

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it's a tunic brah
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simple file search

i feel that, but all that leads to is overpriced shite mate, i realize im in /fa/ but there may be some traditional name

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She likes to wear these damn ruffled blouses in summer and they look fucking silly on her. She looks like a big blocky baby. Could /fa/ suggest something sexier/edgier, but not slutty? Which threads should I look into?
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one similar to the right one but without any stupid boob and arm ruffles
Thank you anon!
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summer is hot senpai
u just gotta deal with it

if i could go out in just my undies all day i would senpai

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Buy/Sell/Trade General X Grailed General Discussion - collaboration edition
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Screenshot (138).png
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15% off for /fa/ including on the guidi boots
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Screenshot (137).png
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shit wrong one
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Screenshot (139).png
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second one

anybody got any airmax inspo? i want to buy a pair but i have no idea what to wear them with, as far as i can tell the only people who wear them are cav empt models and chavs

it's either this or AF1's but i feel like they're pretty meme'd out
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nigger 2.jpg
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what the fug

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