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Let's have a belt thread. Personally, I'm looking for the highest quality heavy-duty black belt I can find. So far I haven't been able to find anything particularly great.

Just general inspo pictures would be cool though, and brands or stores, also.
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Cant go wrong with a cordovan belt.
It will probably outlive your great grandkids.
lol, no it won't.
That actually looks pretty chintzy, and the buckle's nothing to write home about.

Thanks though anyway, anon.

whats the name of these?
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Nike Airmax of some sort
airmax 95

to be specific

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Childhood is idolizing Jordans...

Adulthood is realizing Saint Laurent makes more sense.
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I prefer rafs
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gain way plens
Maturity is realizing the slp shoes have fuck all to do with johdands and that they are garbage

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Which online stores sell a variety of baby doll/smock dresses? Lots of the ones I want are out of stock and I have no idea when or if they will restock.
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Olive clothing is great but the dress I want is out of stock. How long does it take to restock? Any other clothing stores like olive clothing? I love their muted colors.
Oops forgot the img
I already got a few asos smock dresses but I want a few more

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/fa/ aliexpress finds thread!
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decent bait
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Is there anything actually good on this site price wise?

Let's take a look through the decades at some style.

We will start with one you guys all know.

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Next the beastie boys. Looking pretty relevant.

Now to television. A show that's popular once again. But back in the day your dad was probably her king off to ladies on twin peaks.

Feel free to add things lads.

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Rick Owens Milk High.jpg
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initiating ~white shoe folder dump
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KVA Multi Lace.jpg
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File: V Avenue Shoe Repair.jpg (58KB, 519x712px)Image search: [Google]
V Avenue Shoe Repair.jpg
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What do you call this style?
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even Kira Yoshikage's 『 K I L L E R Q U E E N 』 couldn't blow her up.

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Where were you when you found out that r/mf's fits (not mfa) were actually good?
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The shoes and tote bag are out of place
File: SlF6gyz_d.jpg (97KB, 640x853px)Image search: [Google]
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cringe thread
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I'm drunk right now and sad. I want to look cool but I know it wouldn't change anything. I am so scared of intimacy because I don't think I can care fr another person. Well maybe this should be on /r9k/. Maybe I should start taking xanax, kind of a pussy though
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I know that novel experiences make like worth living. Expanding yourself and feeling new things. But I just jerk off and stay at home. I think about killing myself a lot. I don't have any will power to do the things I want to do
I don't have much advice about how to fix your mundane life besides the obvious fact that no one is going to make you get up off your ass and stop doing nothing but jerk off but definitely stay away from Xanax.
Why's that? I have pretty bad anxiety.

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how do i prevent this? i don't want to sit down anymore because i feel like when i stand up i look like this
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Buy better-fitting jeans? It looks like the length of your pants is greater than the length of your legs. Have you measured your inseam before?
Indeed. Just go to every single fucking store in the mall and try on pants. Narrow down to the best fitting choices and then find out the dimensions/fit.

ALWAYS buy one pair to see if the fit holds up after getting washed.

What do I ask for to get Cooper's haircut at a barber? Will be getting some pomade.
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File: dale-cooper.jpg (21KB, 467x311px)Image search: [Google]
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Last pic
Show the picture. It's easiest that way, and easier for the barber too

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Why can't fashion be more inclusive?
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god that looks terrible with or without the fat lards
god no.

i hate the skeletons, but that is worse. much worse
I like my women with some junk in the trunk

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Which stores do I need to go to look like this?
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>you'll never be a chad
J. Crew
J Crew
Brooks Brothers
LL Bean

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