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Is wearing a belt necessary everytime you wear pants?
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if ur waist at all smaller than ur hips or if your'e tucking anything in, yes.
no, but it does look better at times

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>dress nicely everyday (picrelated)
>wealthy, and drive a nice car. (Bmw convertible)
>have a tag Heuer watch.
>shower everyday groom ect ect

still a kissless handholdless virgin at 22 years old.

Explain /fa/
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What is: personality?
Final answer.
Women are tasteless pigs who don't understand a real man when they see one (such as yourself). Feel free to get them to notice you by any means necessary, violence is encouraged.
Hi, Elliot.

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Square toed shoes can look good
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only works if your other pieces are square-shaped as well

for an example without the overcoat it would look silly in that fit
That's the most retarded fucking logic ever.
Stop posting anytime.
I think it could work with a turtle neck

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20 years old, has my time come?
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It's normal for your hair to get just a tiny bit thinner at the end of puberty. I wouldn't worry about it. Visit an actual doctor if you're really worried.
All humans have this

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wth are these.jpg
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what the hell are these sunglasses? if you say wayfarers, i'm a beat you. raybans themselves have at least 10 different models of wayfarers right now, but this looks like none of them

can anyone help me id this EXACT model?

if you just respond wayfarer i'm going to be so livid.
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I think they are wayfarers anon, definitely
look like wayfarers to me, anon
not really sure I think they're raybans though

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goth thread? goth thread
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reminder that you will never be goth unless you paint your nails black and listen to awful music
done, and noone likes my taste in music so is g&g m8

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>What is Mori Kei?
Here's a helpful link --> http://dearmisskellie.blogspot.com/2013/10/guide-to-mori-kei-forest-girl-style.html

Post Mori Kei fashion
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That's just dress up for idiot cosplay attention whores.
This is not /cgl/
>tfw no mori gf

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Why aren't you using minoxidil?
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Coz I dont need beard. I have a jawline.
does it work on eyebrows? I mean, do you need to use it forever if you want to conserve those thick eyebrows or can I stop using it once i reach my goal?
t. anon unable to grow beard

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Going through a period where I literally like none of my shoes except af1 lows.. y3, raf, slp, moonrocks (meme i use only for comfort)

However what I need are some new jeans, I sold a bunch of my slp d02's because I wanted a more relaxed fit with a w31 but they look retardedly skinny especially because I only wear af1's which are kinda bulky in comparison and because my waist I think is like a 29/30 but the rest of my legs need like a 31-32

Basically I like stacks and need some jeans which have something called crotch room but still stack nicely - not too concerned about price point

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feet in pic look retarded because its a snapchat pic, btw when I say only af1's, I mean to college - I wear derbys for more formal occasions
We have the same shoes nigga, SLP SL/37's. Shame ur wearing them in some memebeast fit.
I'm in this same spot

File: crop-tops-men.jpg (71KB, 750x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's make crop tops a thing this summer
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Let's not
Don't be shy
File: 1495554929420.jpg (69KB, 480x520px)Image search: [Google]
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Don't be a fag

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Space frontier-core thread?
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w2c covenant hat or one similar
The pants and the jacket all look like military surplus with custom patches added on, does anyone have better screens of the footwear or the different types of headgear?
File: 311097983594_1_0_1.jpg (22KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
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Some of the hats look like those 80s painter's hat with the neck flap, while others look closer to some military cold wear that could wrap around to protect the neck.

File: rsz_img_20170519_213921.jpg (62KB, 646x687px)Image search: [Google]
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old thread nearly reached cap

do i look /effay/?
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excuse the dead eyes
File: arewethereyet.jpg (633KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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kurt cobain/10
when're you blowing your head off?

File: ADIDAS-BQ-ARMY-WHITE-GUM-3.jpg (123KB, 700x468px)Image search: [Google]
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why not just get the regular surplus ones
I talked to a casino bartender in Berlin once. He was fresh out of the army, says that GATs are apparently manufactured by Puma but can't have any branding cuz government stuff.

Idk idk, just get the 'Gielas
I have the black margiela ones desu.

File: C_famGBXkAAP6Xa.jpg (67KB, 749x744px)Image search: [Google]
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today is the day i get skinny so i can be fashionable. i never dressed nice but i feel like i have a good sense of fashion because my characters in my drawings do. i come here and steal SLIM fits
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File: isseymiyakefw17.jpg (2MB, 2136x3201px)Image search: [Google]
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good luck
I'd love to look like this, but then again i wouldn't. I wouldn't trust that handsome cuck with my life or my finances, it's too much for a good career
Agree, but I still believe that looking like that can only have more advantages than disadvantages overall.

Handsome look has to be accompanied by above-average intellect otherwise you will just be fucked over all the time.

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those are converse low tops
>*teleports behind you*
File: 1-oPWwGuGlKTYbH_CV-jY-vA.jpg (74KB, 731x578px)Image search: [Google]
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someone ID this?

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