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she has my vote
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which ep was this
fuck off pervert
I want degenerates to leave

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>What is Urban Techwear
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality using textiles and construction techniques to protect the user from their environment.

>Guide to Urban Techwear *Under Construction*
New Update! Please help expand this guide by participating:


Let's discuss some Techwear, post inspo, and have a civil time. :^)
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So is summer techwear a drapey top, track pants, and running shoes or what

Now is the time to decide

Summer tech can be a little difficult because you're trying to incorporate technical fabrics in a hot climate.

It's definitely a bit of a blind spot for the style. I suppose in rain jackets can still work or windbreakers in windy areas.

But I'd love to hear more discussion on how people can approach the style when they are trying to keep the amount of clothing they're wearing minimal.
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Don't wrap your head around it too much, it's really simple, think functional and practical. Take any fit, any form of inspiration and tie it together with some functionality.

Some great materials for tops the summer is linen, merino, and something I've been looking into lately, hemp. Which also make great pants.

Bottoms, it can be anything, shorts or tradional as long as its practical. Polyester and cotton Twill are my favorite or you can find some patented technologies such as Uniqlo's Dry-Ex or Coolmax.

Go crazy, get creative.

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Facial aesthetics general
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fix your skin please

but you have nice eyebrows for an asian person.
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It looks like acne cus my caneras so bad but its just a red face

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What would you buy if you had 1500€ to spend RIGHT NOW?
High quality basics?
An extravagant piece?
Clown shoes?
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a wife
A watch, a few new dress shirts/ties, and a few pairs of nice jeans.
File: viberg_cabourn_ss12_1.jpg (99KB, 800x533px)Image search: [Google]
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viberg boots, rest would be mid-high quality basics

I really can't decide..
Also, anyone who has bought from Redbubble before?
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dude, no
left one
idk if this is bait but dude these suck sorry

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>53 years old
>still can't grow a beard

I'm 27 myself and I want to know when the hell I'll ever be able to do it.
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beards overrated
This. Anything past a few mm of fuzz is cringe-tier.

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how do i look effay in a very hot and very humid environment without dressing like a boat fag/ frat douche/ single father who doesn't give a fuck
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champion shorts
Bump. What do you mean by boat fag?
high end athleisure
Champion JP, Reigning Champ / Wings + Horns, Tracksmith

or hiking shit
Gramicci hiking pants / shorts (their Japanese site is ridiculous), Patagucci, REI, Go Slow Caravan, Snow Peak, etc

gore-tex breaths well but you'll look pretty autismo in it if you go full gore-tex, but it's a decent outerwear option

general idea: wear natural fabrics (tech fabrics aren't gonna survive more than a handful of washes and I think it looks bad, personally), elastic in pants when possible for comfort and function, and go a little outside the box
comfortable and good looking is a pretty good goal. if I can think of another look I'll post it

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can we get a new CREAM thread?

got the middle ones for free when reebok fucked my order up and refunded me
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Need sum cream inspo
Sell em. Reebok meme is over.
After reebok x palace, reebok x gosha all the "alternative" sports wear 90's era revival,reebok became the new stan smith.Too late anon.
Nah I think they're nice shoes regardless if they're a meme or not

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long short.jpg
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long vs short hair for musicians

why do musicians go through long hair phases?
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because they didn't cut their hair
cutting your hair is a hassle
that could be said for anyone

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Casual jackets thread. Recently copped this, having trouble finding outfits to wear with it, what color palette. Would love some suggestions or inspo pics with similar colored jackets.
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Dark colored slacks or loos dark jeans with half dark/white shoes.
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nice jacket op

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new hair general last one three hun

post all hair related questions here thank u
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I just need to know what do with mine, pic related
File: IMG_1038.jpg (173KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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I need some inspo on what to do with my hair. Its hella curly usually but i judt got out of the shower in this pic
Any of you guys have any luck with at home chemical hair straightening? Looking at the reviews for products on Amazon and they all seem pretty bad

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is kidcore going to be the next big trend?
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File: 980x (1).jpg (135KB, 600x851px)Image search: [Google]
980x (1).jpg
135KB, 600x851px

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New bread
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drkshdw, drkshdw, rick
when will rickfags realize all their fits look identical

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Let's see them.
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File: alfa_romeo_brera_au-spec_9.jpg (65KB, 350x263px)Image search: [Google]
65KB, 350x263px

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no offense but why are you wearing makeup
I'm not mate
Well Im not Mate

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