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Where does one even buy new, comfy denim jeans in west Europe? I feel as if the only brand that does it well is Levi's but their jeans start at 100 euro.

Any other suggestions, not too expensive?
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Nudie from Italy
They're comfy because the denim has elastane or something
french here, go in any thirft shops and find levis for 3-10 euros. end

Thrift shops always has retarded sizes on the jeans.. I always see like 35/35 like I'm some sort of giant or something.

if you have EVER or STILL (gross) wore/wear a white shirt with black pants you LITERALLY know nothing about fashion and you are a disgrace. leave this board and do NOT return.
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there are people that know more about fashion than you could ever learn in 10 lifetimes that wear white shirts with black pants
> you LITERALLY know nothing about fashion
It's hilarious reading you getting so mad on the Internet over this. You're such a fucking loser lol

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Why does runway fashion look so stupid?
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nice generalizations
Ignoramus here.
So the idea with the runway stuff is that it's not actually meant to be worn by people, it's an exhibition of caricatures of what the designer intends to put out in a season?

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How can I get this jacket for less than $270 and in something smaller than XL?
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Weeaboo faggot
Thats actually a pretty cool jacket, and thats saying a lot considering I dislike most of the edgy, contrarian fashion on this board.

Dont know where you could possibly find what youre looking for, though.

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so /fa/, I have a kind of unique problem. I have a fucked up leg which needs a legbrace. The only pants I can wear comfortably with a the legbrace are baggy jeans.

How do I put together an outfit that utilizes baggy jeans but isn't skater faggotry?

Pic related it's my legbrace.
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pic is minimum bagginess roughly required to fit over legbrace.
get rid of these shoes
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here u go friend

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>What is techwear?
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality that enables breathability, water-resistance, comfort, etc. through the use of textiles and construction techniques. When you mention clothes a wide array of different designs will come to mind and it goes the same with techwear although the fashion community likes to lump technical clothing into this one look. This idea that it's a futuristic military style, but that's just not the case. Conroy Nachtigall a former designer of Arc'teryx Veilance explains creating technical clothing as:"It's not thinking about zippers is not thinking about seem tapes, not thinking about ... all these little elements. Those are all part of the end goal"

>Guide to Urban Techwear *Under Construction*
Help expand our new guide to Urban Techwear. Edit anything you see fit that will add value to the page. There's now a brand list to add to and reference:

>Talk about Techwear on Discord

>Y-3 Sport A/W '16 Campaign
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posting some fits and inspo from discord
You're about 4 years too late bud. Go back to /a/ if you want to pretend you are an anime
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>B-But cargo pants are autistic
>N-Nobody got l-laid in cargo pants since 'Nam
Fa on suicide watch
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here's your (You)
Whoa he's been photographed standing near a girl! Absolute legend, I'm gonna start wearing cargo shorts everyday now
Chad can wear and do whatever he wants and still get laid

Youre not Chad
Im not Chad

fuck off

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Are bolo ties effay?
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I reckon they're just waiting for someone make a few with broadly appealing pieces rather than specifically western-themed ones.
Nope, not until my favorite rapper wears one.
No and neither are you

>he isn't /fa/ and /fit/

>he rather looks like this and wears Rick Owens
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Rick Owens doesn't even look like that.
But im fit fa and wear rick
Rick Owens is shit for wannabes

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This is with.
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This is without. 1/2
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What kind of nike are those?
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id stick mine in her air rift if you know what i mean
her penis

Is hairline lowering the most effay cosmetic surgery procedure?
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rhinoplasty is
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no because it's impossible to do without giant scars right at your hair line. your picture looks like a 3d render

I have a theory about fashion trends:

trends don't end because people get tired of them, they end because people don't want to be associated with the ugly/poor/annoying people that inevitably end up latching onto those trends, and "ruin" them for the people who initially got into them.

It's not even about not feeling special anymore: there are several out-of-style trends that would make you special if you tried reviving them right now, but since those trends are still associated with people we find ridiculous, we don't try to revive them because their memory is still vivid in our minds.

For instance: frosted tip hair. It doesn't look any dumber than shit like the manbun that was all the rage a few years ago, but nobody will try to bring it back until we all forget about Guy Fiery.
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>implying guy fieri isn't based and effay

A manbun looks like: I don't really give a fuck (though we all know it's not true)

Spiked hair looks tryhard.

Again, that doesn't really say anything about the person. It's just how it appears.
>manbun doesn't look tryhard

Are you being serious

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What is his endgame?
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probably pawn promotion to get his opponent to either resign or eventually be support-mated in a corner by his king and queen.

usually how these things go.
to trick the whole world
sandwiches and passports

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Who /curly/ here? Discuss hairstyles for curly hair itt. Hardmode: no buzzcut
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Grow it to shoulder lenght and get it layered, shit's cash
Curly hair fucking sucks. I never know what the fuck to do with it
Depends on how tight your curls are? If they're tighter and less wavy, grow your hair above temple line to 6 inches or so and get a mid tier fade. Fucking sexy

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