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What are some effay public activities? I spend most of my time at home drawing and watching movies. I don't really have friends because I'm not interested in doing the things that my old friends like doing (stuff like clubbing), but I'm not in school and I work from home, so I don't know any ways to make new friends who might actually be into the things that I'm into. So, what are some things I can go out and do by myself and maybe meet people?
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Kind yourself, virgin
I'm not interested in doing the things that my old friends like doing (stuff like clubbing)
church or politics
Pubs or find a hobby that's social. Poker nights or some shit

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is he what anon
you know

weird proportions
horribly fitting clothes
gigantic nose

absolutely not

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my gf bought me a NIN beanie since I love Trent so much, but I've never worn a beanie. So send some love with beanie inspo pics
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just fucking wear it
how do you wear a beanie without it ruining your hair?

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What brand of skinny jeans don't wear out after a month? Tired of buying so many pairs because of tears around the groin area. Not bothered about brand rep as I prefer tops for that
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crotch blowouts are unavoidable with skinny jeans. the only way to avoid it is to have a crotch gusset sewn in, but good luck finding skinny jeans with that feature.

i switched to black nylon tech pants that have a crotch gusset and 4-way stretch instead of black skinny jeans. same 5 pocket look, same fit, nobody notices they aren't cotton, and i've used the same pair for over 3 years doing literal rock climbing and bouldering and shit.

for indigo, i go with stuff that's made better than mall tier (n&f/unbranded, japan blue, etc) but cheap enough that i won't miss them when the crotch blows out.
just ordered the second pair of black cheap mondays after my original ones got their first tear

they were my most worn pants for the last 4 years
I prefer CM too. Which model?

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How can we fix Danny Brown and make him look good? I like his music but geesh, is he even trying? Feel free to fix another artists.
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He's perfect the way he is.

Also references Rick in Pneumonia off of his new album.
>Put a brick on ya in some Rick Owens ยท Flow sick, nigga, call it pneumonia. I'm on ya.
He looks pretty good nowadays honestly


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If such a thing as /fa/ police existed, what in your opinion would be an arrestable offence?

Easy and obvious:
Socks and sandals
Cargo shorts
Weeb shit

For me, fat fucks wearing sportwear is a life sentence.
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Wearing more than two items of matching color
Missed one, black leather trenchcoats. They cant look good. They just cant.
>taking fashion advice from internet nerds
>autistic "rules" to follow which would have you dressing like reddit
>desert boots

10-15 returning to station with suspect in custody

>was a neet since 2014
>got plenty of sleep
>Start working 18th may of this year
>cant give up my neet ways most of the time
>sleep around 4-6 hours most of the time while taking 1-2 naps in the evening
>have these under my eyes
So yeah thats it, I used to have a very little patch of these weird bumps under my eyes,but since i started working and fucking with my sleep i've got a lot more. Before i started working people told me i looked 15 at most (im 21) but now they say i look 20-22. So my question is, will getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night make these go away or get smaller? I dont care too much about the eyebags but I cant stand these little bumps.
>pic related
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I have been drinking water only since 2014, dont smoke, and bike like 3km almost everyday. Any foods,vitamins,creams or the like that can help with this?
>left eye
I will keep bumping until i know what the fuck are those. I searched everywhere but all i get is random rashes and eczema shit
Bump post

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Is there a way to support your favorite sports team while being /fa/? Most fan apparel looks like it's designed for fat redneck dads with beer bellies.
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You support them by buying tickets and merch. Do you think the act of wearing their jersey in public helps them in some way?
too much logic for the average man
Peter Millar for colleges.

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can we get good Europe based online shops thread? I always see brands/stores from US, where shipping prices are killing me.
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there's another thread like this up already, why are you such a cuck?
Were in Europe do you live exactly?
Shipping can be just as expensive within europe if you live in the wrong countries.

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After more than 20 years at the brand, she will be stepping down in place of Francesco Risso
I think I'm gonna cry lads
One of the few truly creative designers in fashion today is gone forever
Just when her menswear was starting to become mental aswell
Will be a shame to lose the powerhouse behind this artsy, quirky, one of a kind brand
Please feel free to share your favourite shows, moments, opinions or anything else you feel relevant about this wonderful woman and amazing her brand
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nobody gives a shit theyd rather buy things from uniqlo
will post some nice things
contribute or keep to yourself thanks familia
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_MAR0241 (1).jpg
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What shoes are those? I can see they're vans but not sure which model
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Why is this faggot wearing these when he doesn't skate
That lip is supposed to protect it :(
Also try style 112 blackout you poser
Who cares, they look good as fuck

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Sup /fa/?
I'm trying to find a hooded cloak-style jacket like this, but I want a zipper or at least buttons.

It's kinda pissing me off that none of them have buttons.
Any suggestions on the cheaper end of the spectrum? Nothing over like 50 USD please
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kill yourself
this would be a mistake
i was a gypsy in the desert I wear what I please faggots

thx for the bumps

Is this fashion?
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Technically, yes.
"my daddy will sue" white boi shit
Is it self expression?

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Get the Thinspo thread going
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happy halloween
>tfw used to be 105 pounds am now 134

so does Adderall actually work

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