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Anon, what did you get for halloween?

>I got water tatoos.

>Something eyes....

Any ideas for topless costumes?
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Geisha and dragon
Anon, I hope youre not going full retarded....
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I like the look of this, is this quality worth? What about itchiness?

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2008 hasn't come back round yet homie
Can't say anything about the brand, but in general it's NOT a meme.
It's just outdoor equipment, merino makes for the best year-round baselayer, the thermoregulation is godly.
If you're in town, it's a waste, unless you're a nomad and travel light, then full wool is the only way.

only time one should be wearing a v-neck sweater is if they are wearing a button up with a tie.

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Alright fellow Leafs,

I'm moving to Toronto next week. Who's giving me the /fa/ lowdown?
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okay here we go. everyone dresses like shit. toronto fucking sucks and you will hate it. if you would like to automatically hate it, visit Kensington market. I guarantee you will want a direct flight back to where ever you came from. the best dressed people are actually found in the rich neighborhoods like forest hill or the Kingsway although they are all cunts. I personally like the hood the best now. I spend most of my time in scarbourough because it has less annoying white people and yummy yummy food. high fashion bullshit is found on bloor around yonge. the best places to shop are value village. any used clothing store that isn't based on donations is bullshit and charges out the ass. the Patagonia store has a decent sales section. Korea town on bloor by Bathurst has the most effay Asians. what else would you like to know ?
this, toronto is garbage
Why's it so bad? Considering moving there from London on and every time I party in Toronto it seems leagues ahead of the curve of where I live now. My only gripe is the fact that it's brown town and ultra liberal.

My grade's school farewell is in a few months and I want to wear a suit similar to this. Lucky me though, because my homophobic family thinks this is "gay" and refuse to let me wear/buy/have this tailored. On an unrelated note my mom is so homophobic that after seeing this suit she pretty much refused to let me go abroad to study in fears that I might "become gay" there. FML.
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dont forget to sage
bretman rock is such a fucking faggot on all planes

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Really faggy
not a fan. It's like a horrible crossbreed between the undercut and the mullet.
I don't understand why haircuts that are long on the top and almost bald on the sides are fashionable. It's disgusting.

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Why do designers always wear black?
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because it's low effort and you still kinda look decent.

they are fucking designers, they don't give a fuck, probably sick of clothes and fashion anyway.
they express their personality through their art and don't want to distract from that message by wearing flashy stuff.

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Let's be fucking real. Laurance was the clear fucking winner this week. And Erin being in the bottom and Dex catching shade from the judges? Pure fucking manufactured drama from the producers. Roberi was TRASH. Brik was TRASH. Mahjing was TRASH. Cornelius was TRASH. Not to mention the two TRASH looks that were actually in the bottom two. WHY the fuck do we watch this every week. WHY the fuck have I been watching for ten years. There's always some behind the scenes decision making that favors drama over design. Season after season. Yet we soldier on. Because what else are we going to watch. Also, WHY the fuck isn't there a project runway thread here every week. Also I'd fuck Jenny, but I'd marry Laurance. Fuck I can't believe the amount of pure TRASH on the runway this week.
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Also, mahjing is CLEARLY gay despite his marriage.

Also, are we watching this Project Runway: Fashion Startup Shark Tank ripoff?

And what ever happened to that other shark tank ripoff hosted by Jessica Simpson and someone with an accent where department stores bid on clothes. It was dumb because Macy's always bought complete trash that you knew wouldn't sell and you felt bad because you could just see their stock price dropping but it was also kinda dope that you could buy the fits the minute the show ended.
It's not a laughing matter I've had a bottle of cab and it's 2:54 AM

Haha actually you're right it's all a joke life's a joke I'm goin to bed

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can i get some recommendations for some comfy hoodies

i know thrasher is played out but i like it
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Thrasher isn't played out, just misappropriated by idiots to look "cool" e.g. the same fuckboys who wear Slayer shirts but don't listen to Slayer
i bought some hoodies from hard yakka years ago
longest lasting articles of clothing that are undamaged to this day

i love work wear that looks good and is comfortable

i was born to be a tradie, but i've betrayed my genes
If you're insisting on wearing skate-associated streetwear hoodies, then go for HUF or Fucking Awesome, their quality is way better than Trasher.

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What is it about Europe that it creates the best fashion designers? Is it the culture?
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Art was also invented there. So yeah you can see the pattern
(not true, btw)
idealism isn't effay lrn 2 diamat
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what time is it?.jpg
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Chex out this book, homie:


This from the whitest anon on the board.

For reals, it's an EXTREMELY fun art book, and make no mkistake about it!

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remember when Whoopi Goldberg wore a Vetements hoodie while she was hosting the view?
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Yeah, I do remember that!
was it oversized on her?
member when Robin Williams was rocking raf velcros and bape and acronym

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>Skinny college athlete
>Can afford Saint Laurent & other designer
>big nose, big ears, weak chin/jaw, curly hair & 5'10''
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At least you have hair ._.
>not white

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I'm losing clumps of hair whenever I shower now

Fuck, I'm only 20. I'm too young to go bald
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Stop showering

Thanks for the advice, Pajeet.
are you growing your hair out?

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Have I found a better jacket than the m65?
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No, you really didn't
Idk man, that collar and that waist is looking pretty sexy
The M43?

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photos (7).jpg
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even if ur a poorfag u can still afford nice things
save up u mongoloid stop buying everything from adidas and uniqlo
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Ha nice one
Now shoo go not be a poorfag, richfag
My trousers are uniqlo u and theyre pretty sick mate
am poorfag that saves up for nice pieces instead of making "good shoe like cp's?" threads
ye they prob are
uniqlos good
not great
but good for what it is
would be nice if they released a turtleneck in that mustardy brown colour

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Why aren't you wearing a /sherpa/?
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becaus eits not even cold yet and they're already overplayed. every mall store has their own rendition.

saw one at h&m, F21, AND pacsun
haha cute.

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