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Former robot trying to make it. Here is me on a normal day- do I pasd as human? What subtype?
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you look like a 45 old lady

Pls don't troll me, I'm not good with sarcasm. Do you mean literally or figurative?

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Libertarians, do you have a special style?
pic unrelated
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Any specific brand names/clothing items?
libertarian socialism is the GOAT ideology. I'm not sure if I've ever even seen an effay libertarian capitalist.

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What are you wearing today? Old one is almost 300
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roast me lmao
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shit pants and lose some weight lmao

basic trash

is she, dare i say it, /ourgirl/?
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I listen to my dad's cd collection once core.
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why do people wear band shirts of bands they don't listen to? I guarentee there is an 80% chance she hasn't listened to led zeppelin.
>tfw complimented 2 times on my burzum shirt

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who has the best grailed items and why is it mine?

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>who has the best grailed items and why is it mine?
Fuck off dav
These are all fake though. You buy them from chingchong store for $50 or less and post them on grailed. But buyers on grailed are pretty retarded, so you do you famalamadingdongpingpong.
Good bait

So I'm in need of some plain tee shirts, and I'm getting paid today.

I'm thinking of buying a few white tees from different brands and seeing how I like them, what brands should I consider? I'll spend a maximum of about $180 across the board.

I usually buy Uniqlo packaged dry tees in Medium (Australia) but they don't hold up very well in white.

Also general basics thread I guess? Please respond
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Okay here's a list I would try:
American Apparel
Fanmail (expensive)
T by Wang (expensive)

These are all popular choices at every price point.
from looking on ebay comfort colours looks like absolute shit
what are the best short-er tees
asket. idk if they only ship to yurop but their tees cost 30€ and are similiar if not better in quality to APC tees or Sunspel tees

would you date one. this hot ass sudanese piece from sudan in one of my classes always flirting with me. but i dont know if i would fuck her because shes literally from sudan and might have HIV or something

would you fuck this tight little piece or nah?
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Yes, but I think I'd only date the lightskin caramel one's. Would not racemix, but dating is fine.
One flattering selfie is hard to go by. Need ass pics.
Pic related is mint but bruvv take it from me, do not fuck a sudo. Specially one straight out from south sudan, sudan is aight but the southern bitches and their whole family will be crazy

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How is the back of a Hitler Youth haircut supposed to look? I couldn't find any pictures on google

Also Hitler Youth General thread I guess
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Jake Gyllenhal's haircut from Prisoners is one of the best hitler youth haircuts in existence.
Thanks, will look into it.

Basically my problem is I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my cowlick. Is the top part of the back supposed to be longer than the sides? Or should it be short so the cowlick isn't an issue? Or what?

Are you cutting your own hair or what, look up some vids


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Post angry /fa/ related feels

>go to the barber
>tell him to not do something
>he does it anyway

I am so mad what the fuck seriously it took me 3 months to grow that shit bastard
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Happened to me just yesterday
>go to barber
>yeah I wanted to try a change of style, something like this
>show picture
>sure thing senpai
>proceeds to fuck my shit up
I guess it is another month of not going out
>not checking reviews and reccs to make sure that the hair stylist/barber is legit before going there

must suck to be retarded ~

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unnamed (1).jpg
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So... /fa/.
How does a fat person dress formally?
This is me in the picture and i look retarded in everything i wear
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then why accept looking retarded instead of making a change?
I run alot, around the 2 days i run for about 30 minutes, on rough terrain. Stairs and bridges, not really rough but you get the drift. I also do boxing and sometimes do a group workout where i lift shit or something
lose some fucking weight and lurk the fuck more before posting here

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le musik face.png
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What music genre is the most effay?

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idm, techno, deep house
>electronic ambiance
Effay music doesn't need vocals/lyrics and are not as tryhard as classical and the likes.
Techno and classical.
Depends which cores you like, tho.

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how does /fa/ habitate

just did this to my bed by putting the spare foldup mattress on a platform of overturned shelf and planks
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I can't stand gooks tbqh. Your docile attitude doesn't fool me. I'm sick of you fucking slanty eyed fuck invading my cozy neighborhood, gtfo my area you fucking gooks!
>dogs pattern on a gook's bedding
I'm white in a gook neighborhood actually

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it would be a 10/10 fit without the dad hat.

its 8/10 with it though.
Rich and famous people can wear whatever they want.
would be awesome with black pants

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When did you realize that /fa/ is garbage?
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When it became clear to me that most people here are just clueless highschoolers.
Just look at the selfie and WAYWT threads. Same people who can't dress for shit receiving the same compliments from the same clueless robots. Only things that 4chan is good for is shitposting
The first time I opened this board, I'm like 2 Times/ week here because sometimes there are neat things.

Are Dr. Martens still fay?


also, effay boots thread
>inb4 military boots thread
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the style of this boot is still hard but a lot of hipsters and mainstreamers wearing it
File: grenson-bootxo3.png (181KB, 470x350px)Image search: [Google]
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when you have no money but considering Dr. Martens or these Grenson boots (double the price)

these Grensons are fucking sexy, worth plundering part of my savings?
File: Originale9124-jpg.png (383KB, 476x477px)Image search: [Google]
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who cares if a lot of people wear it, depends on how you rock it or nah

loving this pair

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