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>tfw love...absolutly LOVE the look of medium/long trench coats but i don't want to look like an edgy autistic school-shooter because of the stereotypes that this poor piece of clothing undeservedly got.

Why is life such a pain?

Do you wear trench coats anons?
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i would love for you to show me a fit where a medium/long trench DOESN'T look edgy/ autistic af
the pic you posted is an example of cringey mfa-tier inspo
>the pic you posted is an example of cringey mfa-tier inspo

Wtf he looks fine you autist.
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hip flask set.jpg
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I don't understand people who carry flasks of alcohol. I see it a lot in clothing pics.

Are they like saying that its a normal thing to need to sip alcohol to get through each day?

or are these just for actual alcoholics?
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When I used to go out drinking at night I would do this. But during the day time is retarded.
They're literal alcoholics. Only time ive used one was back as an underage b& sneaking it into a school event

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What did u cop this weekend?
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holy shit that material looks cheap and nasty af and your shoes are shit
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Its diesel

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What's the best and quickest way to beat off your shoes?
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Get the shoelaces hard and stroke with mild gusto till completion.
honestly the only answer op can expect whith phrasing like that
get somebody else to wear them for a while

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Did they even sell those or were they only for runway?
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can anyone ID these? w2c?

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Going bald. Should I shave it or stick with a buzz cut?
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Eat about 1000 kcal per day until you are thin and then buy a copy of Starting Strength and join a gym.
shave your head
grow the goatee out more

>problem solved
>also it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight

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>tfw come home on sunday happy
>depression kicks in 3 hours later
>like clockwork
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you're not actually depressed and this has nothing to do with fashion
fuck off poc
how about if you're so depressed you talk to someone like a therapist rather than blog about it to your "internet frenndzz". If you actually have problems, it's not going to help if you just post here retard.

>tfw desperately need a new pair of jeans
>was gonna cop a pair of River Island 35eu black skinnies
>suddenly mandatory viewing for a report, hand to spend money on tickets
>tfw either walk around in worn out pants or not eat this week

Who here /StarvingCollegeStudent/
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3MB, 1800x1322px
you could live on rice for a week, if you're that desperate, bro
Id rather walk around in worn out pants than wear anything from River Island m8.
About to say

Cop brown rice, dried beans, and a bunch of broccoli or other green

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My father just gifted me these for my birthday
i know desert boots are usually hated on /fa/ but could these work for a comfy outfit?
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bump because fuck you
I would wear them as you they will work and while they might not be one of the meme effay shoes, they are a present
dude just wear them if you like them, stop worrying about whether it's "effay" or not.

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Can a guy pull these of nicely? I love them but they only sell them to women
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I have some. Moccasins being easiest to pull off. Tall ugg boots okay in snow or cover them with your pants. You cant pull them off in public with shorts on
I know heaps of guys that own them but only really for wear around the house, not in public.
Would probably work with jeans, I like the look of that

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W2C this sweater? Also general prep thread
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File: AlwfUUs.jpg (193KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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go to just about any shop ever and look for a grey sweater with a crew neck...

There's something different about it tho, I can't put my finger on it... idk
File: 1477214258268.jpg (370KB, 1088x1600px)Image search: [Google]
370KB, 1088x1600px
Its the raglan sleeves and that it is perfectly fitted. So go out and find a wool grey sweater that has a perfect fit when worn with a shirt underneath. You will also need to have a perfect ottermode/athletic build

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Are you wearing /fa/ wear all the time or just when going out at events, meeting people etc etc?

At home, i have old, old pieces some of them even since high school (im 31 now) that i still wear and sometimes i go grocery shopping in it and look like a bum.

Do i ditch them completely and buy new shit and just wear it all the time?
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please respond
I just can't justify buying clothes for wearing it solely at home when I have lots of shit I bought when I was in high school. So I wear that shit at home, just like you do.
i haven't left my house in 6 years. i buy all my clothes online and show them off in waywt. i reject modern day living and chose to live my life on the internet. i dont care if you think this is unhealthy. im doing what i want with my life and nobody can stop me

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I can't believe I am asking this but I am.

I live in a rural area and have a farm with livestock, crops, etc. I took a shine to older style clothing because of my grandfather. I also like how it's more convenient to wear suspenders and the like whilst doing work. I also go into the woods a lot so I wear wool trousers/pullovers, etc. I don't like jeans because I hate the way even a pair I forced myself to break in felt compared to my normal attire.

Is this okay? Is this fashionable? I am genuinely curious. I have seen pictures on the Internet with models dressed in plaid (which I also wear) and jeans and they're all thin and scrawny (legitimately look like they can't swing the axe used as a prop they hold) which just isn't how it is when you do manual labour. I think I am asking because I am letting advertisements get to me.
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You probably look like a faggot ogre anyways, so it doesn't matter.

Well, you're honestly not wrong. My frame is dense and I do have to eat a lot due to calories needed for energy.
If you live a "rugged" life, then you'll fit into work/outdoorsy clothing a lot better than some skinny twink trying to look like he works for a living. Don't worry about it OP. I personally find it embarrassing when I see a soft effeminate twinky looking dude decked out in crisp and clean carhartt attire that hasn't seen a minute of labor in it's life

What was /fa/'s most cringe period?
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After 2013
Curently doing pretty good job
early mfa /fa/

What is more effay carpet or hardwood floors
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I can't type I have toothpaste in my mouth
Hardwood by far
Hardwood by far

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