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Reminder that fat people can be effay too
no. no they can't.

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>Talking about musical 'artists'

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U r w e l co m

I wear these in public.
do your worst
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Fucking nice, are yours short tongue?
couldve chosen a better colourway
the fact that you had to post this means youre insecure tho which doesnt really work with these shoes
most people who wear rick are insecure though, especially teenagers

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Sneakers thread, post your top tier sneakers
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Ann D., Ricky and Raf Simons produce best sneakers, not your hypebeast-brand for sneakerhead-retards.
managed to cop these today
>Raf Simons
>best sneakers
great designer in other departments but cmon son

Should I get a bomber jacket? Are they disrespectful to those in the military?
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Just don't get olive ones, same as olive parka (aka basic bitch starter pack).
If you have time to save up / or just lots of dosh, save up for Rick, Our Legacy or Undercover bomber (OL are pretty neutral and nice, UC are more gimmicky but quite unique, tricky ricky is tricky ricky).
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Would it be disrespectful to get a service coat?
I've had an olive parka for a few years now and it's apparent that literally EVERY girl at my uni possesses one.

Was he /fa/ during his last days? His /thinspo/ was amazing
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top kek
nice fit

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Its tech season famo. Lets get comfy with some sportscore basic essentials. Ill start. A$AP Nast always has nice shit man. Love the colors on this one.
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Bumper car

ITT scumbag fashion

post your dirtiest/sexiest/druggiest inspo
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>tfw when the same jaw as Julian
Help me bros
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I'm in the same boat, it's fine, just make sure you're directly facing everyone that can see you at all times
Nope. It's not fine faggot.
>lose 60lbs, because you're most likely overewight
Is this true? Will it get really better if I lose weight? I'm 77kg at 171 cm.

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Dovyou ever have days where you just dress like crap?
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Every day
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I look like complete shit most days since dropping out of Uni and becoming pretty depressed. I can't be bothered to dress nicely most of the time, but it's not like anyone sees me often when I'm in bed or in my room. My usual day to day outfit is just an old hoodie and some sweatpants (or if I'm going out I'll put on jeans). I kinda miss fashion though, so I try to dress nicely and go out at least once a week.
Look at waywt and find your answer

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Me pajeet.jpg
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Can i be effay?
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pajeet on the streets
poo in the sheets
>what happens when you get lazy and use your Fair & Lovely as fap lube instead of on your face.

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this is the most /fa/ band. no question

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She said destroy
every white man should enjoys art should listen to DIJ

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i was wondering if you guys are still into japanese/comfy-core type clothing

i like it because it works well on lanky people like me
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bump, was just looking for some comfy-core inspo
Wtf is a gook?
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asian gook women.jpg
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I don't want to look like a retard and all my friends make fun of me when I pick them out myself.

What headphones do you guys wear in public?
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>wearing headphones in public
Please don't do that my black friend.
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I hate wires and these are also pretty light and low profile
Looking for headphones that are more...glasses friendly. My problem with my current pair is that, if I'm wearing my glasses, I can only wear them a couple minutes before my ears are fucking screaming at me.

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is this a meme brand?

I have a light jacket and a windbreaker from them that I really like, they fit well and are pretty simple in terms of looks but I'm wondering if its a meme to wear such a brand.

help me /fa/.
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It is. Patagonia is the usually preferred in this board.
Nah vintage tnf a-la 90's expo and purple label are pretty good. Rest is meme
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shit, well I guess I'll replace them. Next stop REI

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