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I bought Yeezys. What should I do with them?
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eat them
put them in your wardrobe then activate the email reddit sent you for account activation
Sell them for 5x more and buy some shoes that arent fucking gay

Post some sick nike inspo. These look clunkier than usual but it could just be the trend.
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This is the Uniqlo U Sweat Pullover hoodie. It's unfortunately sold out on the US website. It apparently fits really well and I'm bummed I missed out. I'm looking for something in the same aesthetic in black. I like the fact that it's a pullover with no pockets on the front (has side pockets). Anyone got any recs.
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is this you?

plz no bully
Are you an S or M and how much would you pay for it?

I'd probably need at least $107 USD to make it worth my while to get it to you.

$60 AUD for the item.
$60 AUD for shipping.
$20 AUD for the service.

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Last outfit you wore thread
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Get off my board you fat dyke cunt and go back to whatever shithole you came from
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damn son i got roasted
I don't know why you ever thought this fit would look good.

You look fucking basic kid

Can anyone tell me what kind or brand of sunglasses these are?

Any idea where I could purchase them?

I will blow cock for correct answers.
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They look like old Oakley razors. That's not what they are, but it's a starting point, and it's definitely what the manufacturer of those glasses was ripping off.
Can you still get those old Oakleys?

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Post cute inspo. Doest matter what exactly, clothes, hair, rooms... Just those cute images you've saved
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nigga that's gay
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I plan to stock up on used GATs.

I like the looks and they are very cheap.

Is there a better pair of beater shoes?

I plan to use them for almost everything.
>indoor football
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>he exercises
>he doesn't
i too want to pick up a pair, I just don't know what size to get though. Im about a 9.5 in US sizing and a 42 in EU sizes. any recs?

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grey scarf.jpg
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does anyone know where to get this scarf or what brand it is?

thx for helping me out guys
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quality thread op
wings + horns or rick owens will do.
thanks a lot, but wings + horns unfortunately dont have anymore scarves in their shop, maybe you got some alternatives?

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fa movies, I'll start with the obvious
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swiss army man with CLASSIC paul dano

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>no slavcore
>no schoolshootercore
>no 2nd world shit
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kill yourself
>no slavshit
>posts slavshit
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Is this look considered effay?
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Well it doesn't look terribly good and isn't particularly interesting so no.
is that anthony hopkins?
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Hey /fa/, I lack self-esteem and crave external validation

Gave up browsing here a few years ago after I realized that fashion is more about making your own style rather than constantly living up to others expectations. Realized no matter what I wore someone would roast me.

Who else /giveupcore/ here?
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shut the fuck up
decent fit desu
me too thanks

What is the most /effay/ car besides the Geo Tracker?
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any of these
and it fucking MUST say gulf on it

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Am I the only one who thinks combat/hiking ankle lace up boots look bulky, clumsy, laughable and not agressive at all? What's with their 'agressive' image amongst most subcultures? Oh come on, even plain black oldschool chelsea boots look much more 'evil'. Perhaps people don't realise that in real life humans look at their shoes from a distance of almost two meters, and all you can see from this perspective is a pair of fat black toads on your feet.
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I don't know, maybe you're right, but in my town if you go out with black combat boots and bomber jacket you're like the nazi fascist kid who beat up black and chinese people... I guess you have a point tho, combat boots are pathetic
Ankle lace up boots tend to have an aggressive image, because they are used in combat you fucking retard. They are literally called combat boots. Martens are a bad example, because they're not as practical as your average combat boot, but they look the part and were a staple of the working class in Britain when skins and punks were an emerging subculture, both known for being aggressive hooligans. They were also terrific beaters at that time, because they were made with labor in mind.

Chelseas on the other hand were the boot of choice of the average toff nu-dandy and eventually the more flamboyant rockers adopted them.

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Is it "eff-ay", "fay", or "fuh"?
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Are you daft
And if it was pronounced phonetically it wouldn't be either of those, it would be "fah"

As in "fah"shion

You are daft aren't you
I end up reading it like "fah" anyways cause you know, spanish first language.

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