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I'm looking for a pair of beaters to wear on casual days and with many fits. pic related
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Go the vans, they're comfy as hell, go with pretty much anything (shorts and long pants) and look good (better imo) beaten up
can't go wrong with options 1 or 3, i prefer 3

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Is Don Van Vliet effay?
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Irish leprechaun headass
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Post your favourite picture of a model.

this is 10/10 for me
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I like the circles under her eyes.
rattle rattle
she is sad

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Post pics of yourself as a kid
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I still wonder why poor spics who can't afford avant garde fashion browse this forum.
"im glad its over"
*poor everyone
no one can afford shit here

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I'm 5'9 and 110 Pounds

What style should I go for /fa/?
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First off,go to /fit/ and start cultivating mass and gain some weight skelly
second off,don't fall for those cringy "tec" tactical wear fag shit
btw you are 8/10
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sturm miltec.jpg
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What do you mean of the tactical fag wear?

I have this parka that I wear a lot
Show actual pics plx. i suspect it looks like cheap shit

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What does /fa/ use?
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yashy t3
how different is this from the t4 or t5? thinking about buying one senpai, got any pictures?
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its fatter but atleast it has the brighter lens. I just love how it looks.

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how 2 rock cherry docs without looking like ronald mcdonald?
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you dont
I rocked these for a while. I wore them with taper fit jeans. People loved or hated them. They look better when you use black shoe shine and make them oxblood
skinhead look

How brave is Gosha Rubchinskiy?
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this lol
planning to cop it and use holes to look on the watches through

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No seriously how do you do it.

I decided to try it today and went into two shops but couldn't find anything and I weren't sure if I should try something on because it smelled really bad in there.
Bought a 2,50€ McDonalds cap but thats about it
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where do you live? I'm always coming up with vintage polo and nike
you browse the fucking store and visit a bunch of em jesus how incompetent are you

I have also never heard of anyone but poor shits buying stuff from thrift stores

Yeah but when you are going to dig for gold you don't just randomly do it somewhere, isn't there something specific you look for that indicates you might find gold?

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Who's your favorite designer right now?
Aganovich for me
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I forget his name but the guy who's doing Issey Miyake Men
File: _L7A1182.jpg (75KB, 683x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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I am a welder and its hard to find /fa/ clothes that are suitable for my working environment. Im preaty much required to wear thick denim jeans, leather boots and a durable canvas, denim or leather jacket. Does anybody have any recomendations on how i can wear these sort of clothes and still be fashionable?
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just be /fa/ off the clock
as for how, all the same rules still apply. its up to you to find good pieces though.
Never heard of workwear?
I know the feel OP. There was a point in time where I was working two jobs, one at a fast-food chain and the other at a local body shop. Difficult to find /fa/ fits for either job, let alone afford /fa/ shit for both. The Unbranded Brand sells 21.5oz raw denim, I don't have any of their heavyweight stuff but their normal weight jeans are fantastic for the money. Red Wing work boots are pretty solid, if expensive.

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School Shooter core

Is it effay?
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Very effay
Oh yeah then if it's so effay, how come I never get complimented on my fits?

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You guys know how to fix it?
I'm at 15th day, and promised myself to not shave it for 2 months, the only problem is thw bald spots, they are so annoying...
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Cut it to stubble or clean shaven.
You can't grow a thick beard yet so it will look disgusting and unclean - give it time, most beards grow thicker with age.
Just shave everything or trim at 3mm until the spots started to grow (or not), you're not ready yet for a full beard
I'm 26 and got this shit, mustache doesn't connect, cheeks are sparse

I also don't grow chest or back hair so that's a plus I guess

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Let's get a proper thread about camouflage jackets going. Do you have one or plan on buying one in the future? Are they overplayed like bombers? Unfortunately i haven't been in Europe last autumn and really don't know. Where should i buy one?
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camo came and went this summer.
was thinkingnof getting a camo jacket from zara but everyone says zara quality blows
If you're getting anything camo-related, get coach jackets. Looks shit on anything else.

File: IMG_4103.jpg (92KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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cheaper (<70ish) pullover anorak like this? i love the matte/canvas look of it and the snuggy fit
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h&m has a nice one
just save up and buy it second hand or something.
its carhartt it will last for decades and is a way better investment then zara or h&m
I like this style of jacket too but carhartts is wayyy too boxy and slightly too short because i have a long ass beanpole torso with not the broadest shoulders so if I wear jackets with regular fits I look autistic af. any recommendations?

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