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What is it with women and the infinity stamp?
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It's her tally of how many dicks she intends to suck.

>anchor in the infinity symbol

what did she mean by this?
>it looks like an hourglass
No shit.. So what is the point? To torture yourself with the reminder of the unattainable each time you glance at your hand? I don't get it. It's just retarded to me. Aside from utterly tacky.

It's like a tribal dragon tier or neck shamrock or tramp stamp. WHY people why

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Where can I cop a jacket similar to the one in pic related (Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket) for $100 or less
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Army surplus
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Zara $89.99

best minimalist fits go here
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Scandinavian faux minimalist cuckcore can fuck off
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Just got some Tevas. Want to wear socks with them. Lets post some inspo
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Are serial killers/psychopaths effay? How do I achieve this look when I'm an Asian male with a "cute" face?
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are you the guy with the septum piercing
File: vatechshooter.jpg (35KB, 609x471px)Image search: [Google]
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or that japanese guy that ate a french woman
this guy

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How do I look good in literal poverty?
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thrift store

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Can we get a wallet thread?
Haven't bought a new wallet in over 6 years.

Thinking of getting something cheap, any suggestions?
Hows this one?
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Saddleback is best
idk what that is, explain please

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What are your boots of choice for rainy days? Im looking not to get my feet wet while being effay
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i dont know what this normie obsession with boots is. if you live in a place where you will need boots to keep your feet dry you will have some already. your parents would have got you boots when you were a kid and you would just have boots already when you outgrew them.
i have walked to class in converse with holes in them and not had wet feet when i got to class because i didnt walk through any puddles or anything.
if you live in a place that has non permeable ground, but has adequate drainage, you can go out wearing slippers in anything short of a hurricane.
ill never understand why as soon as theres clouds in the sky, every girl will bust out her rain boots, its totally unnecessary.

that said, just get any pair of footwear and waterproof them. saddle soap or sno seal, or any similar product.

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Will /fa/ ever get on the baggy pants trend or is this board stuck in 2012 forever?
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I be on that dickies 874 lifestyle

I don't have the silhouette to pull it off
this trends so 2014

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hats for winter that cover the ears and are not streetwear.
hardmode: no uschanka
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Hunter's cap / caps with ear flaps, military field caps like the M43.
Fucking chullo. Google the pic yoself.

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anyone /buzzcut/ who has ideas for styles after it grows a little bit? i buzzed my hair like 3 weeks ago and i was just wondering if there any good styles for when it's just a little grown out, like shaving the sides
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I was going to make fun of you but I changed my mind because you're a child.

Yes, you should fade the sides while it is growing back out. I hope you learned your lesson. I got a 1 buzz cut before it was a meme and learned that I am way too germanic looking with resting bitch face to not just look like a nazi.

You probably just found out that you look much worse without hair. Now go yo the barber and fade it and while you're at it get a gym membership.
Keep the side's a 1 with a high fade for at least 3 months, make sure you get your fade redone once every two weeks at most. If I were you I'd dye my hair darker, idk why you buzzed with light hair dude not a good look
stfu neek
>make sure you get your fade redone once every two weeks at most

trim the top or dont touch it at all? not op btw

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Rick Owens? more like Prick Owens because he has a smug face on that picture :D

post more /fa/ jokes
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Rick Owens? More like Rich Owens.
Rick Owens? More like his wife should be killed haha

i dont get this one

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Hey /fa/, I love fur coats. Not the ones with furry hoods or full-on fur making up the entirety of the coat, but a nice peacoat with fur on the collar or going down the buttons. Are these /fa/?


I'm slightly shy about my appearance too but I want to get others opinions, preferably of those I don't know because then it'd be unbiased, if someone wants to see me I'll post a pic of myself in the thread. I just want to look nice.
(I'm a male, by the way.)
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I think they can look good, but you would want to spend more money on it than that to get something nice that would hold up well.
These look too nice for their stated price. I'd expect the aliexpress meme to be in full force here.
Stuff from the first link was cooler

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Where can I buy the best solid color basic tees?

I want to open my closet and have a full rainbow of colors and shades to choose from like pic related. But at the same time I also need a brand that is consistently a good fit.
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don't bother with anything expensive or fast fashion

buy hanes, fruit of the loom, etc. one of those brands that has specifically made them for years.
For a closet full of a rainbow, you could just come out of the closet
I've done that before and honestly I only wore like three of them, man

I was wearing a suit to work today, we had a meeting with a client and it's regularly expected of us.

But I also had a meeting with an older smug guy from a different office similar to ours, and he said I was being "put in a mold" and he can go to the office in jeans and shorts and all his clients know it's fine, but we have to wear suits every day. He basically skirted around calling me a tool.

I've always said "it's just a uniform" and that I have to wear suits for the job, but recently I've started to feel differently about them.
Suits change the way people look and talk to me, and they change the way I feel too. Also I look good in them. I like wearing them.

Should I have told him off, /fa/? I tried to use the "it's just a uniform" excuse but I regret it now. I shouldn't have tried to explain myself, I was doing nothing wrong. If anyone was dressed inappropriately for the setting, it was him.
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If you like them, then stay content in that
Dude let it go...

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