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Meanwhile, on Bizzaro /fa/...
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huck actually posts a good fit
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hey guys I just got back from the mall. My friends wear this normie shit like Rick Owens and it's take embarrassing to be seen in public with them. Anyways I'm going now. Hope you liked my post :)

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>barber just fucked my shit up
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What's the damage, kiddo
my fade looks like shit. he took off too much and didnt blend it
i need to find a new barber
>barber used too much anastasia again and I woke up laughing like an asshole with my pants around my ankles

I need a need hair stylist

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This fucking disgusting thing, especially among overdressed smug manlets. Dressy shoes, no socks. I wish they knew how much i despise them.
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Guarantee you they don't give a fuck. If you really wished it then fucking go up to them and tell them they look stupid.

>you're too much of a limp wristed pussy so you're going to start shit on an anonymous board instead
>Actually doing that would be a petty attempt to shove your opinions into people's face, being even more obnoxious than feminist tumblrinas
>likewise your stupid post is equivalent to a tumblrina whining online.

So shut the fuck up. Unless you have something of value to say about fashion, instead of spurging out with your toxic bullshit about some tiny detail that triggers your autism.

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I really want this hoodie or one that is 99% identical.
No strings.
Funnel/cowl neck.
No pouch.
A bit longer than usual.
Sleves like that whatever the fuck it is.
No brands showings/simple.

Anyone have ID on this, how the fuck can no one know what is, I've searched the net and nobody has ID, is it custom made?
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>Funnel/cowl neck
It's foreskin like
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You will never unsee it.
It can be anus skin for all I care, I want it.

I need a advice /fa/ which one should i get? Tell me in ascendent numbers 1 2 3 4 5 and so on...
Pic 1/3
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Pic 2/3
what's the difference between 3 and 6
that red thing inside the shoe

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What do you call high sneakers like this?
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moon boots
I don't think that's correct.
Bug Hunters

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are there people who ACTUALLY buy this?
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What went through your goddamn mind when you made this thread. Honest to god. Are you on the spectrum?
holy shit that looks comfy
same goes for your response desu

/fa/ is constantly telling people how they should dress and what people will think of you if you dress a certain way... nobody on here is famous enough to wear something like that

Are long undercuts /fa/? I'm considering getting this cut.
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Yes it is effay. But I prefer young leo haircuts
You can style an undercut like young leo.
This. I wanted to get a young Leo since I have the hair for it but I live in a small town and the barber I go to is pretty incompetent at what he does (one time he cut the right part of my hair like 2 inches shorter because he wasn't looking) so I don't want to give him some complicated shit so he fucks it up. I assume just shaving my sides and leaving the top long is hard to fuck up.

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post blundstone inspo

discuss which model looks best

BL500? BL 550?
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What brands are now corny in the black community?
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wateva dis nigga wearin
supreme and bape now that whites made it lame

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pic semi-related
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big bloody dior at the door SUUWOOOOOP yu know how im rollin like da fuckin thunder nigga
thats not terror wave. thats shit wave
w2c pants?

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where to cop or similar related?

this is 700 fucking dollars on the original video game themed site (volante design) and all the other knockoffs are like 50 monies but made of raincoat material and look fat

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also pic related is another epig vidya game jacket but it DOESNT EXIST because the chinese knock off company that sells this gives you a piece of shit instead. and i cant find the original photo they stole it from so this is literally a picture of a NON EXISTING ITEM
5/5 quality bait
how the fuck is this bait you retarded mong

i just want to find this and have been looking for an entire afternoon

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Hey /fa/
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It's okay, just order another one from aliexpress.
what is this website and why is it so cheap?
Sick balisong /b/ro!

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Is Lip effay? Thinking about revolving my wardrobe and style around him.
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Frank is infinitely more effay
That show still drags on? I liked it for the first season-two, then it became meh
I like him, but since he started getting /fit/ his propotions got really fucked up.Now he looks super manlet.

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Worth it?
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w2c and for how much?

Looks comfy as hell.
you couldn't afford it

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