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Old one >>8898845
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I'll start. I'm still desperately looking for Melty Ribbon Chocolate in bitter. I already lost two auctions and one sale, this dress will be the end of me. I'm not going to look at coords anymore until I'm 100% sure this dress is on it's way to me.
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L047, 550px.png
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It's kind of embarrassing... but this.
L047 from Bodyline, what was going to be my first dress before I got cold feet and bought a Momo's Fairytale World OP off of eBay. I've never been able to find it since, save for an overpriced $50+ eBay listing some other seagull sniped about a year ago.
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Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell me why
I would even take the JSK
I want it that way

So, spring it has ended its first edition. What are your thoughts? havent seen many comments in facebook.
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In my opinion it was actually pretty good.
For the first edition it obviously had some problems, for example, didnt had many artists there, or many stuff going on, but they had alot of organization and everyone was really happy there.
Something I liked, is that they had alot of food, and i heard cosplayers from the contest and judges, and volunteers had free pizza which for me was a really good thing.
Was a really soft event, with alot of potential to grow and be a really good event.
Everything was finr but there was a group of volunteers that were quite noisy. I have some problems with lousy voice.
Didn't like the venue at all, specially the place where the maid café was at. Sinister, gross looking and right next to a bathroom. A lot of things, including the stage which was awfully tiny for a competition and dance performances, where full of duck tape. Not a very nice sight if you ask me.
Also, for an event that advertises a BBQ as sort of an after activity mixed with dinner, it ended quite early and I personally was yelled the hell out by a volunteer who wanted the line of people who were leaving the event during a lot of rain to move faster (I believe everyone was quite surprised we were being kicked out so early and with weather you couldnt be out for 5 seconds without getting soaked, plus I was at the end of the line, not much I could do)
I only attended Saturday, so I was quite baffled when I saw such an ironic panel as that "How to make a good con" or whatever considering the only good thing were the panels imo.

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Are you embarassed to cosplay skimpy things? Is there a line that you would not cross or do you just don't care?
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I personally just think its trashy. I've only seen two actually well done skimpy cosplays and its because they were done in a professional and tasteful manner
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there are a lot of factors that play into it desu. you need to look good first of all but i like more "obscure" skimpy cosplays better because at this point some are so overdone and i just can't be bothered to care. but in general desu i think as long as you look really good and your work is spot on then it's nice.

personally i dont mind much doing them as long as my cooch is covered. i don't care if a little ass is hanging out but i could never wear something like satsuki's slutty uniform, for instance.

Post JFashionistas on social media who you admire.

That otome with the inspiring ideas? Post 'em.
That lolita with the on point coord? Post 'em.
The aristocrat you think deserves a little more attention? Post 'em.

Keep the vendettas out, last thread was a shit show. Don't give the janitors an excuse to axe this one too.
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Starting by dumping a few of my inpirstions.

F_Capricious (pic related)
Cute little japanese lolita.

Russian lolita, great content.

Australian otome/classic lolita. Enviable wardrobe.

Seeing as the other thread is becoming bogged down with pointless posts at this time. I am starting this thread for anyone that just wants to talk about Anime North prep or anything linked directly to the con.

RULE 1 - NO talking about Antonio/Jax/Roger/OCC/CHG crap
RULE 2 - What happens at AN stays at AN ;)
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How late can I wait to get a hotel room? I'm not sure if I can go yet so I don't have a room yet. I don't want to make plans too soon and annoy the other person with my flipflopping.
You might get lucky and have someone cancel their room booking last minute and you'll be able to get one. But I don't think there are currently any rooms available
It depends how much walking/traveling you want to do and how much money you have. The far hotels, being the ones you pretty much need a car or that are farther than the shuttle route, will have room. It just is a pain.

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No self post thread? Let's change that.
Post your latest cosplays, coords, photoshoots, ect. Let's see em!
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inb4 uggos
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I'll bite. Finally got some some pictures of this that weren't selfies or hall shots.
I sure as fuck hope so.

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We haven't had a Moon thread in a fair while and the new season of Crystal seems to be hyping up the community a bit more than the last one so lets see some fukus (and try not to agrue too much about the quality of Crystal vs Classic vs Manga, please).

New ones, exceptional reposts, beautiful props: POST THEM!
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Sidenote, does anyone know what happened to Kathrine Zan? She used to sell patterns and accessories and is one of my favorite SM cosplayers but all her social media has been inactive since around late August of last year, if not earlier, and customers haven't gotten their orders.
She's been selling those things for a fairly long time so I don't think it's some scam. I'm worried something bad might have happened?

Anyone know anything about it?
Goodnight, sweet princess.
Woah, how bizarre. Did she have friends in the community? You would think if she had died, someone would make a post somewhere about it.

I've been seeing this pop up a lot lately, so let's get a discussion going. Lolita has rules, of course, it's what separates it from other fashions and helps to keep the distinctive look. Since the Risa shoot (pic related) there has been a lot of talk about whether or not blouses are 100% a necessity, and it's been popping up occasionally down the years anyway in the general discussions about modesty. It'd be nice to gauge the overall opinions on this.

>Have you gone/would you go blouseless in Lolita?
>If yes, have you gone/would you go to a meetup/event without a blouse?
>Have you ever liked a blouseless coord?
>Do think a coord feels incomplete without one?
>Do you think there are any substyles where going blouseless might work better than others?
>Does the cut/style of a jsk make it look better/worse?
>Any other comments?

Picture examples of good/bad examples of no blouse also welcome.
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blouseless is a shitty idea and always takes away from the lolita look, even when a cardigan or shawl is worn. yourself a favor and delete this thread
I think blouseless look can be very cute sometimes, but it doesn't feel like full lolita to me.
What's with the salt? People have opinions, they might be different to yours, get over it.

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Anybody cosplaying Judy Hopps?
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She's definitely going to be one of the big flavor of the year cosplays along with Rey and Kylo Ren
sage for slightly OT but what is with this show? or movie? why is it so popular? The name of it reminds me of a bestiality website and all the eyes of the characters creep me out
Cosplaying Nick to an upcoming con but I think a lot of people are rushing to get Judy cosplays done.

It's popular (I think) because it's not a traditional Disney movie for kids. After everything Frozen being a cash cow forever, it's a breath of fresh air and despite how the characters look, the movie is targeted towards older viewers with their references to the Godfather, Breaking Bad, etc. I was reluctant to watch it at first because "Oh boy another animated movie about talking animals like Finding Nemo or something" but I really fell in love with it because it's not dumbed down for kids like you'd expect.

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Previous thread: >>8957863
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His barrel body is so unflattering in this JSK, he could've probably gone for the OP to hide that. Otherwise, solid effort though shaving his arms might also tidy up the look a bit if he's going to pose like that.
This is the definition of ill-fitting. How does this fellow seriously think its okay when tbe fabric is bunching around the zippers like that?
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All-con is coming up, SXSW is this week, mini-Akon just happened and regular A-kon is in a couple months.
And I'm sure there is a lot going on in between.

What's everyone up to?
Planning anything cool for this con season?
Which events are worth attending this year?
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Texas is great, Arkansan here B-)
San Antonio has a bunch of events coming up >>8906505 plus there's a new Austin con this summer
Houston is pretty dried up honestly there's on Japan Festival April 16-17 and Delta H Con in August
why is san antonio getting so weeb all of sudden?

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Pittsburgh's local anime convention is coming up, and much to my surprise, I'm still going.

The schedule is finally out, and I have to say - for an anime convention, there sure aren't very many anime panels. Good thing we have a bunch of social justice panels, though, right? Right?
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they've never really focused on being just an anime convention. I actually like all the branching out they have this year with fashion stuff, game stuff, escape room, and other non-anime things
the theme they have going this year is great inspiration for my coordinates. it's nice to see variety in a convention, and it's a nice break from the usual midwest cons. this year will be my first year.
This will be my 7th or 8th year going and all I've seen is improvement over the years. I hope you enjoy yourself, it looks like it will be a good year especially for those interested in fashion programming.

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You know the drill
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File: image.jpg (345KB, 1536x1370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's have a new thread since one of the biggest events is coming up soon (Dokomi 2016: 30.april - 1.may in Düsseldorf). Also Japantag isn't so far away (30.may in Düsseldorf).
All other German speaker from our neighbors are welcome too.

>Are you cosplaying/wearing jfash?
>Plans for Dokomi/this year in general?
>What do you think about german cons and other japan related events?
>Ever been to a con abroad?Better/worse?
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21.may, not 30.may*
Today's the last day of Animuc, aka the only con in Bavaria (i didn't go this year)
I'm kinda looking forward to Japanfest in Munich, our comm always holds a meetup there and the scenery is lovely, plus there's always some interesting food stands and other stuff
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>Are you cosplaying/wearing jfash?
Wearing Lolita to both of the events metioned on the OP. My comm's members will mostly attend as well.

>Plans for Dokomi/this year in general?
Going all three days (Tea Party, Saturday and Sunday) hoping to be graced by Misako. Otherwise, I'll mosty go to the AA. I'm playing with the thought of doing an AA table one day myself, so I'll be checking everything out. I'll buy everything I like there, and plan to spend most of my budget on AA. As said, it can't hurt to check out fellow artists and see what they produce, sell and have some reference as well as nice artwork.
Otherwise I'll go to the fashion show, laugh at weeaboos and look what my friends are up to.

>What do you think about german cons and other japan related events?
>Ever been to a con abroad?Better/worse?
Not me, but maybe other Anons?

I've noticed that merch is EXTREMLY overpriced. Last two cons I went to, (official) merchandise like figures, figma or bags/accessories where double and triple the original retail price, which is just laughable. Even if you negotiate them down a bit, it's still cheaper to fly that stuff in from Japan and pay customs than buying it at the convention.
Weirdly plushies seem to be the exception, these are usually reasonably priced.

Whats the difference between East and West coast cosplayers in the US?
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their geographical position on a map
West Coast people don't pay photographers

Honestly I was blown the fuck away when I saw that most cons outside of socal, you pay for photoshoots

There's so many photographers here that unless someone is truly absolutely incredibly talented, it's a hobby job and you don't make money
This still blows me away. Every one over here at East Coast gets their panties in a bunch when people dont want to pay

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