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Slice your hand while trimming polymer clay? Sew your cosplay into your skin? Spill epoxy resin on your dog?

Share your /cgl/ crafting horrors here.
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this one time I got a paper cut
Almost every time I use hot glue, I get a second degree burn.
I've got two good ones!

First one: sewing an all white costume, I sewed through my index finger and broke off the needle in my nail, with the point sticking out the pads of my finger. I was able to remove it with tweezers, but that might be the most painful thing I've ever done.

My cosplay friend, upon hearing the story asked the important question: "Did you get any blood on the fabric?"

Second one: I was using a hot knife to cut through some plastic when the knife slipped and stabbed me in the thumb. It didn't cauterize the wound like you'd think, and the cut ached for days afterward (through the meaty part of my thumb muscle).

I probably should have my sharp objects taken away from me.

Old one died

>do you own any rare brand pieces? If yes which?

>favourite gyaru, doesn't matter if gaijin or Japanese
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To answer my own questions

1. I don't think that I own sth rare

2. I love Harutamu and Himena
What would be considered "rare"?

My fave gyaru are Yun, Mipochi and Ashley
I don't think I own any rare pieces? Are there rare pieces? Maybe in gaijin terms but gyaru stuff is seasonal for a lot of it.

Favorite gyaru is Himena! I sort of like Ririka as well. I also look up to Harutam because she's a badass!

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Ohio's Colossalcon is about 2 months away, who's going? Who are you going as? This'll be my first Colossalcon, how have the last one's been?
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Glad there's a new thread. This will be my first Colossalcon too. Really looking forward to it, only heard good things about it.
I WANT to go but rooms for this year sold out during the con last year. Everyone I know is doing Daishocon instead.
My group got our room during con last year. Super excited to go! This is my favorite con and the best one I go to all year

Post your projects, recent con sightings or findings from tags.

Let's also post some evergreen good ones to remind ourselves and show the new ones that it's not all terrible.

Ill start with a tag dump.
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calgary expo.jpg
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Little over a month left until the expo. Who is going? Are you cosplaying? Excited for the guests?
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Going, cosplaying, and I'm not really a guest person. I mostly go to meet people and browse Artist's Alley and the vendors.
Cosplaying on Friday only. I go for the guests basically so I wear normal clothes on Saturday/Sunday so I can do photo ops and autographs and stuff!
Can anyone recommend what hotel to stay at? I'm leaning towards Hyatt

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How do I know a really like a piece of clothing or a hairstyle or if I really just think the model looks pretty? Anyone else struggle with this?
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You might actually be retarded anon.
It's a well known fact that the more attractive you are the more you can get away with things that people would hate on less fortunate people. If you aren't a 10/10 or at least an 8/10 like most people who model things it can be hard to know if it will suit you.
actually I know this feel. I'm constantly having to remind myself that just because an outfit looks amazing on someone pretty doesn't mean it'll look good on me, so no I don't need that jsk

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So I'm trying to track one of these Rilakkuma Mascot costumes. I tried ordering one online from Amazon. What I received looked terrible and evil(Pic related), had to get a refund.

Any advise?
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use the help thread, newfag
My bad never lurked /clg/ before.
Kek the mouth upside down really got me can we make this a general terrible online shopping experiences thread
>tfw i really like rilakkuma and want to hug you
It's like his retarded brother. Rehlehkehmeh.

Sakura Matsuri General thread.

Saturday, April 30–Sunday, May 1, 2016 | 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Cosplay, Lolita, and everything else related.
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Nobody replied to this? Damn.
Yeah I'm surprised too. I guess everyone is having too much fun to post.
I'm not. My friends invited a retard. I've never had a con or anything go right in my life because they always invite the worst people or some dumb shit happens to me. I have friends that could have gotten us in for free but they didn't go because they hate meeting new people.

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Is it ever acceptable to buy costumes off the rack?

Pic semi related.
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No actually cares, but it's definitely noticeable when someone is wearing Party City cheap spandex Spiderman versus someone who either comissioned or handmade their work well. It might be better to buy off the rack if you don't believe in your skillmanship.

I think most people who buy off the rack aren't planning on entering contests or asking for photos but are just dressing up to have fun and fit in outside of Halloween. Like you wouldn't even be mad if someone spilled beer on your suit, you know?
Nobody cares.

Unless you're going for a competition.
Unfortunately, because we have to share the same convention space as capeshit spergs and /tg/.

>tfw the only couple of anime conventions in your state aren't very Japanese at all

new thread because i love toho

old thread >>8958298
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Don't threads have a bump limit of 300ish?
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image limit is 150 so if you want to keep posting text only feel free to go back to the old one
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File: love sandals set_0.jpg (72KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
love sandals set_0.jpg
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Since the northern hemisphere is getting warmer, and some of us are already experiencing Satan's armpit when walking outdoors, let's discuss sandals!

> Can they ever work?
> Socks or no socks?
> post coords with sandals for discussion - good or shitty, doesn't matter!
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> Can they ever work?
> Socks or no socks?

I don't see any reason why sandals would not work with lolita. I know some people freak out when you don't wear the perfect legwear with your coord.. I wonder if those people wear lolita often, if so they must be so tiring to themselves with all the limits they come up with. I have even worn espadrilles with lolita before.
>I wonder if those people wear lolita often
I was having a discussion about sneakers in lolita and people would keep telling me to get teaparties or other low heeled shoes, because "they're just as comfortable" or just not wear lolita at all.
I honestly think those who are so obsessed about it only wear lolita to events. Even if TP's are a comfortable shoes, it's not something comfortable enough that I would wear them on the daily.

Which field do you think has stagnated worse?

Cosplay photography or cosplay videography?

I ask as it seems that on the photography standpoint popular photographers are just churning out glamor pics. Meanwhile cosplay videos are still stuck in the slowmo, 360 pan formulas.

Which trends annoys you more?
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I think Ackson-style cosplay videos are the most boring thing I've ever seen.

Cosplay photography isn't usually particularly exciting, but the subject matter and the fact that 99% is shot at cons is pretty restricting. Taking it to the next level would require the logistics that professional fashion photography does, and very few of us on the photog or cosplayer sides can afford that.
definitely con videography
style differs between photographers and you'll see various things if you look at other photographers. it makes sense that a singular person uses the same style but refines it over time. if you want different stuff look elsewhere. con videography is the same even between different people. there's no styles, just the one with the music and the spinning. if anything that's why ackson got out of the game because he was just doing the same shit and then others were copying him so it was no longer special. no one has changed it up at all.
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Cosplay photography is getting boring to me but I think its because I see it more. The main issue lies with what the cosplayers want. Popular cosplayers only want glamor shots and regular cosplayers want more photos that show off the costume and make them look good as they want to show the pics off.

As a result you get a lot of boring flat pictures of cosplyers standing in empty space. Sure you get a pose and some neat faces but you get something with little storytelling or emotion. I'm not asking for people to go outside and shoot on location or use studios. I just wish people explored the characters more and get something that shows the character in other ways besides what they look like.

Pic related - a cosplay photo I like

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What music do you associate with Lolita? Anything in particular that you listen to going to/getting ready for meetups?

Share your favourites!

I'll start:
>Malice Mizer
>Kokusyoku Sumire
>Kanon Wakeshima
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I really like 50ties rock'n'roll and blues music and I think it mixes great with lolita. Fluffy petticoat, pearls and a bit of a rebel spirit despite all the cuteness.
I like to listen to Petite Meller when in lolita. It just feels so dreamily appropriate. Backpack and Barbaric a best.
Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and other classical composers/ music.

How long before someone cosplays this? JP or non-JP?
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Are there anymore images of this?
You can't even see most of it and the trim is too complicated for anyone to do it justice without some serious tools and patience.
It reminds me a lot of Saber's trim. Somebody I know did it by machine embroidering the pattern with gold thread and then cutting the fabric away around it, and it worked quite nicely.

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Let's talk about everything related to this board! Board culture, favorite stories/moments, memes, etc.
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Would you ever head down to your local tourist hotspot in costume and have pics taken for tips?
No. Nobody likes those jews.
are you a slut if you wear a slutty cosplay?

[spoiler]yes, you are and so am i[/spoiler]

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