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Post the best mr Yan pictures you'll find
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if I indulge you, will you go away?
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eBay shops you've had good experiences with? terrible experiences? recommended stores?
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Can we make this an eBay general since we don't have one and it's pointless to make two eBay topics?
yup, this can be eBay general!
Anyone else bidding on wigs right now that have had the bids cancelled?

Trying to get some cute natural looking wigs and so far six that I've bid on have had all the bids cancelled and the auction ended within hours of it ending. I think the sellers are doing it because they're not getting high enough bids to suit them but damn it's annoying.

I'm looking for inspiration for photos, can you guys drop some pics that are really pretty with good scenery? I dont want to just hop in front of some buildings and take pictures.
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the Yuki Kaori and CLAMP threads have some of my best location pics that i have saved. kind of tapped out on image dumps for the night but there are some nice ones if you want to hop over.

will search my inspo folders for stuff for this thread soon
Thank you anon!
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Hi gulls, my HL arrived. Last time there was a replica thread there was some discussion about holy lantern replicas and I said I'd do a comparison since I owned one and people were interested in seeing the differences.

Honestly there is such little difference in the replica to the real thing. The fabric is almost identical. The replica has some discolouration on the white because it's old but design wise, it's almost an exact double. I think you would never really know it was different if not for the discolouration.
The only major difference I've noticed is that the white lace is similar but not as good looking. For me, that's the only thing that would really give away it's a fake. The lace on the bottom of the dress is pretty close to the real thing but just a little bit worse., however you wouldn't notice that much. The replica is a tiny bit lighter than the real thing but it's very close (the picture doesn't capture the difference very well). It could also be because it's old though.

The black pattern in the dress is flocky on both, as discussed in the previous thread.

All in all this is a really good fake. I'll upload a close up of both patterns side by side in my next post.
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And here is the pattern (don't mind the colours, they look really light for some reason and I couldn't fix it). They are almost identical. The real thing looks a little bit better but the difference is minimal in my opinion.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed or found this interesting. If you want any other close ups feel free to ask.
I'm not sure if I'm just insanely picky, but you can for sure tell which one is the replica. It has a cheap "feel" to it just from looking at the pictures, and the print itself looks blurred.
So the replica is on the left? Thanks for the comparison.

Arda Wigs dropped their worbla products and is selling a new smooth thermoplastic called thibra. There's not a lot of reviews out yet, but what do you think, seagulls? Will this be the new go-to for armor and props? Will worbla come out with a smoother line to compete?
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only thing that matters to me is the price.
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Doesn't look very smooth to me. What's up with these studios trying to come up with a thermoplastic that's just worbla in a different colour and try to claim it's smoother than the previous product? I'm sorry, but having 2% less texture isn't "smooth", it's still grainy as fuck.
I like how they said they'd take preorders until the 18th but are "sold out". How the fuck do you sell out of preorders. How the hell is Arda the game to beat in terms of American companies and yet they still manage their stock like three collge kids selling out of their apartment.

Bad and good cosplay touhou project !!!
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Wow, that makes me feel a lot better about my half finished remi. That is shit
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Let's talk about meets. Your favorite meets, your worst meets, meet ideas, etc.
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I will never understand how people have picnic meets, but then choose to have them in the dead hot of summer/after a storm and girls will show up in their burando with mud caked shoes and sweating from head to toe.

please more indoor meets, or atleast reschedule meets when it's not satans fucking asshole outside.
I really want to host a meetup at a really great local arcade. It has so many games and even an indoor minigolf course. I'm just worried that people may find an arcade meet childish.
My local comm is planning one for May at a sushi restaurant and i'm terriffied.

It'll be my first meet and I don't own anything brand or all that super super nice really, I think the best item I own is my petticoat haha.

Also im allergic to shellfish (but not regular seafood) but I don't want to tell them because they're all very excited to go to this restaurant.

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Old thread got booted off. I'm looking to get an oil cleanser to remove face makeup (I hate how wipes tug), what do you gulls recommend? I've been looking at
- SHISEIDO Sengansenka Perfect Oil Cleansing Makeup
- Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil
- heard good things about Sulhwasoo Soon-heng Cleansing Oil but I thought Sulhwasoo was for older people?
My skin is:
- combo oily/dry
- sensitive
I use Cetaphil face cleanser but heard oil wash is what you use to remove makeup (and I'm scared of using straight up oil on my face in case I somehow fuck up). Do I have to use the double cleanse method each day even if I'm not wearing makeup? I don't wear it often but wipes/washing face still leaves me with the feeling a bit of makeup is left behind. (Maybe I'm just paranoid.)
But if you guys have any other recommendations I'll appreciate them!
I'm also gonna dump some tuts./basic infograph things, some of them may be posted often but I want to contriboot.
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Skincare images
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I can't believe I just had two. Onto makeup tutorials.

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Carousels on carousels on carousels edition
Old thread on autosage >>8973912

CoF thread >>8977444
Ita thread >>8977735
Online comms >>8952850
Local comms >>8960803
Coord help >>8972319
Draw thread >>8975852
BST thread >>8962104
Taobao >>8973651
Aliexpress >>8968046
Bodyline >>8951549
Mail thread >>8934331
Dream dresses >>8971669
Meetups >>8954831
Price check >>8966108
Meltia (lolita idol group) >>8963049
Dreamy kawaii husbando Yan-senpai >>8976400
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This is really cute cuts but I just don't care for the print so much. If they had done this to Holy Theater then it would have worked better
Can I ask what SS youre using for this? I was planning to buy it directly from AP but this would be my first time attempting to buy new burando.

Do you think the SS youre using is much better than attempting to buy directly?
This is the most excited I've gotten over a print since Whip Collection! AP seems to be slowly reverting back to the style we know and love.

Old One: >>8964149

Old thread autosaging. Starting off with some classic itas.
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favorite shops? new purchase shares? anything you're making?
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What do you think of the new/replacement crescent moon wands from kumacrafts? or their new stuff in general?

I'll be honest, I really dislike the new material they're using. It's a lot more transparent. I ended up gifting away the 2 mini compact necklaces I got from them, because you can barely see any color in real life! It's a shame they'll probably redo all of the old designs with these new materials since they're now making them in-house instead of having a third party make them.
For classic/historical inspired stuff


I'm mostly looking for FFxiv stuff, but might as well make a general non-WoW MMORPG thread.

>FFxiv + FFxi
>Guild Wars 1+2

There's already a Blizzard thread for WoW >>8963732
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>my OP got trips
FFxiv confirmed for best game.

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Old Thread >>8971111
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frumpy kei
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This picture confuses me greatly. Is it two dresses sewn together? Is there a big gaping hole where the zipper is? Is she just so short to the point where she can look like that and still be within the measurements? I'm smallish (88/74) and a lot of Size 2 JetJ still just doesn't fit/sit right.
I'm right there with you, I'm guessing she got two of them sewn together. Props for trying to make it work, I guess.

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Share your feels - happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

Please don't go on off-topic rants and get this deleted like last time.
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>at con
>arrive just in time for lolita tea party
>spot a parking space fifteen feet from the door
>bf tells me "Yo babe, go stand in that space so noone can park there while I go fetch the car."
>do as I'm told, tell him to hurry back
>he leaves
>random redneck pulls up
>tells his buddy "someone parked they fat bitch in this space! eeee heeee-eeeee!"
>they drive off cackling

Really ruined the con for me desu.
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I think I need to see a doctor, one of the reasons being I can never seem to complete projects, even when I still feel really investing in them. The other reasons aren't /cgl/ related, so I'll leave them out. I have these costumes that I've gotten at least partially done, but even though I'm still interested in them I can't seem to finish. I can only ever finish things for other people. I can't focus or think straight anymore though, so I keep on injuring myself when trying to do things. Cut my finger open while being careless the other day, brushed it off and just waited for the blood to stop flowing so it wouldn't get on anything. Instead of working on any of these numerous projects, I'm sitting here drinking whiskey and hating myself. The only time I've been able to be at all productive and felt okay was when a friend gave me some adderall after a long shift at work, even though I've never had any sort of ADD problem and it was way too intense (I played Windwaker for 13 hours straight and got dehydrated to the point I kept licking my lips and didn't go to the bathroom or get up at all during that time). I feel like such a fucking mess. I just want to go out and nerd out in my chinese cartoon costumes. Or get involved in some of the j-fashion comms instead of just lurking all the time. Only positive is that I have been able to keep my body looking good and my skincare routine going in the hopes that I'll actually finish something, though I want to get thinner with some more muscle.
>have hellish week
>work pretty rough, paper + presentation due today, insomnia
>operating on 2.5 hours of sleep today
>work pileup was worth hanging out with lolita friends last weekend
>just ordered a JSK and two blouses I adore as a reward for making it through the day. pic related
>tomorrow, going to shop at Chinatown in the city to buy ingredients for my favorite soup
>having a normie picnic with friends in the park
>getting a nice check soon with which to make a large Taobao order
>aforementioned order includes a dream dress
>this weekend, going to dress up in jfash for a music festival

April was terrible, but it's finally coming to a close and life is looking bright again.

ITT: Lolita idols

Who do you actually aspire to be like? Whose coords do you just die over?

I'll start: Sakurafairy. Holy shit I love how mature she makes the fashion look
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I know she's not a Lolita anymore, but Classic Lolita Fanny Rosie will always be best casual Classic Lolita for me. I love how she wore the fashion daily, how she incorporated Lolita pieces and aesthetics in her daily life, the casual outfits... Basically life goals.

>inb4 hurr dur not Lolita
Yeah some of her outfits might be debatable. But just because it isn't the OTT print stuff we are so used to see doesn't mean it isn't Lolita.
Oh my god yes. She was amazing. Her leaving was a tragedy.
Did she actually leave? I could have sworn I saw recent photos of her wearing it

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