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Didnt really know where to shove this question but

Where are all the gothic lolitas who are into the actual western gothic subculture? Are there any Goths who just happen to be into lolita?
Why do you think there is such a rift between the western / regular goth scene and gothic lolitas?
Any people you know.of who happen to be apart of both worlds/ subcultures?
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I consider myself part of both worlds. Western fashion subcultures often are attached to music subgenres, so that could be why there are many gothic lolitas who don't really care for the western idea of goth.
idk if you put this in the right spot either, hoping it doesnt get deleted. When I wear lolita, I only where black coords and when Im in my 'normie' clothes, I dress western goth. SOmetimes the two intersect a little (adding goth elements to a kuro coord, or making my western goth outfits a little more 'girly' etc) but I don't really think of them as being all that similar, even if the colorscheme is.

I think the rift comes from a difference in attitudes. Lolitas tend to be a little uptight, strict rules followers etc and most western goths Ive met are a lot more lax, almost apathetic about things. They just dont give any fucks, but lolitas seem to give a fuck about everything.

Just my two cents
I'm sure there are still people out there who dabble in both, but as far as I know, most tend to be older Lolitas who got into lolita via Goth music/fashions/sub-culture rather than younger ones who got into it through anime/cons. Older Gothic Lolitas tend to keep to themselves rather than expose themselves frequently on social media, usually as protection from their work life.

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RIP Old Thread >>>8956458

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Are plastic storage cubes heavier than wire cubes? I was going to buy some plastic because they looked lighter but some artists told me that they are actually quite heavy. Should I just stick with wire cubes?
they are definitely heavier than wire, but imo not obnoxious so. it's up to personal preference, really. if you're just after the 'lightest', stick with wire.
I'm sure this has been asked before, but what are some of you guys' experiences with shipping inventory to cons/hotels ahead of time? In particular plush artists. I'm just reaching my limit of what fits into checked baggage.

Hey /cgl/
Me and the bf have a few cosplay ideas picked out and i'd love if I could get a few more
Any couples would work honestly, as long as its girl x guy or guy x guy, but a couple with a height difference would be perfect. Couples where they arent officially a couple is a-ok as long as they'd be cute together in a way and you can see them kissing

also post couples cosplay pics
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AX is only a few months away! What will you be cosplaying?
What are you looking forward to the most?
What are you not looking forward to?
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>looking forward to the most
cosplaying, seeing my LA friends, hopefully seeing some panel guests that weren't able to get a room last year

>not looking forward to
the fact that i still dont have a hotel room. i have no idea where to look for roommates since the AX forums gone and I don't know how reliable looking for some on Facebook or (god forbid) tumblr. My friend who i've always gone with doesn't want to go this year which really sucks
you can try the coscom forums too.
>What are you looking forward to the most?
Feeling alive

>What are you not looking forward to?
The heat
The lines
The standing and waiting
The smells

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I was wondering if anyone liked cute fashion in general or had their own style rather than following a set of rules? My own style in mind is definitely inspired by many jfashions but it's not really anything specific and I don't want people into jfashion to call me a weeb or special snowflake when I really just want to sort of do my own thing, if that makes sense.
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Fashion doesn't always have a category. it's fun to wear general cute/fun clothes without needing to give it a name and a particular aesthetic. Just wear what you like. I feel like that's what makes the western Jfash community so weirdly rigid, we're always trying to fit into a set of rules instead of shooting for an aesthetic instead. I also think that's why a lot of people miss the mark no matter how hard they try, because they're going for particulars and not feeling it out. As long as you're cohesive, your clothes have the right "feeling" to them and you're not wearing cheap low quality shit then do what you like.
>inb4 jillian tries to defend her shitty „„„party kei"""
I often wear clothes that are my own style. I've been doing it since I was allowed to pick out my own clothes, long before I knew anything about J-fashion. J-fashion has influenced me to go for more girly and overly-cute elements in my outfits now though.

Anyway, my point is that yeah, you're not the only one who has their own style.
I'm the same, but there are times when I want to wear a specific style but I'm so afraid of accidentally missing a point or something so I always write/say [insert style]-inspired as a cheap-out

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although I'm not a cosplayer (seriously considering going as coop from Megas XLR for the next ab) one of my favorite chill con activities is watching average folks bewildered reactions to cosplayers, so hows about a normie reaction/story thread
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not my story but a bit of con lore that i picked up somewhere

>some smallish con in the south
>same hotel has a baptist meeting/con that weekend
>little old baptist lady is in an elevator
>DING doors open
>in walks a full on Devilman
>Devilman gets out on the confloor
>is terrified that he may have given the old gal a heart attack
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Is this just cosplay or can lolita join in because I've got one of each. Y'know what sharing anyway.

>in lolita
>approached by middle aged couple
>"you're from Melbourne aren't you?"
>I'm not
>I'm not even Australian
>"n-no I'm from here"
"Oh but you must be we went on holiday there and there were girls dressed just like you!"

>walking past towns shitty art gallery
>bunch of primary school kids outside
>obviously a school trip
>going on my merry way
>when asshole parent volunteer cries out
>"look kids it's Princess Elsa!"
>wearing pic related
>dark hair in a bun
>how even?
>kids get all excited
>they want pictures
>they want to talk to me
>some even start singing 'let it go'
>noped the fuck out of there
>kids start crying because 'why is Princess Elsa leaving?'
>teacher desperately trying to get things back under control while simultaneously regretting every life decision that lead to this point
That teacher.. just what the fuck

Also, a Lolita is fine too

Old thread saging.

Post your progress, recent con sightings, and things you find in tags. Anyone got some good minor character cosplays?
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since when Toriel had blakc nose?
fucking deer people
From around the same time Mettaton has two-toned lips.

Homestuck is the reason why we can't EVER have anything nice

Gothic can be a very wintry substyle, so share coords suitable for spring (in color or in fabric weight). Florals and light-colored releases by gothic brands like Moitie or Boz are underrated!

I love Moitie florals so I am starting with those. I will share blacker but lightweight looks also.
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File: mana03glb-s.jpg (78KB, 400x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1455695315232.jpg (54KB, 438x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post about your first cosplay.

>First time ever cosplaying, decide to do Asuka from 3.33. Specifically her when shr has her jacket and hat.
>Go to small time con to try it out.
>Walking around when somone stops me and asks to take a picture
>Several hours later a girl gives me an un-opened orange gatorade and says
"Anon could I take a pic of you drinking LCL?"
>sure why not
>After taking the picture she smiles and thanks me, then gives me two more then leaves. Pic is a little after the fact.

All in all a nice first time. I had about 7 pics taken out of a crowd of 200 con-attenders. Is this an average amount or do people usually take more/less?
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Better than average. Most first time cosplayers arent even recognized as the character theyre dressed as.
Free non-poisoned gatorade is also bretty gud for a first timer
Really? I didn't expect my cosplay to work so well. That's actually really good to hear.
7 out of 200 seems like a pretty good number
if you were an easily recognizable character from the current popular anime of the season you'd probably get a lot of photos

if the evangelion final movie ever comes out you'll probably get more

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Old thread is autosaging.

Acen is in a month and a half now.
>Are your cosplays ready?
>what are you looking forward too?
>Con stories?
Is it too early to plan a CGL meet up?
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>Are your cosplays ready?

>what are you looking forward too?
Making noobs mad at the game room, chilling with bros.

>Con stories?
None I can think of right now.

>Is it too early to plan a CGL meet up?
Better early than on time or late.
>Are your cosplays ready?
Ha, nope but I'm on schedule.
>what are you looking forward to?
Seeing my best friends for the first time in 10 months and wearing my cosplay.

How is the Magic:TG scene at Acen? Are there drafts? I'm taking my boyfriend this year and he wants to know what it will be like.
I still don't know what I want to cosplay, so that probably means no cosplay. Was going to re-use a cheapo one from another con last year but I lost most of it in the hotel. Stupid money lacking and shit body.

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No mail thread? Mail thread! What do you gulls currently have ordered/ being held hostage by postal systems around the world?

(Old thread >>8896035 is beyond dead)
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So I maaaay have overdone it a bit, but with birthday money, new job and upcoming cons I figure I may as well treat myself. (Really excited to have found that particular liz lisa piece after having searched for it for a couple years now too!)
Everything in pink is due to arrive here in the next day or so, everything in blue is awaiting shipment from FJ and purple is still in the process of being quoted/ordered through Buynosaur
Isabelle! Good taste anon. 10/10
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Mail so far. Only the socks have been shipped yet, sadly. Uniqso cancelled the most important part of my contact lens order and I'm pretty irritated about that.

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Lets talk about tekko and the Pittsburgh Cosplay Scene
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Staffer here......hotdogs....that is all
let's talk about how they're all a bunch of cucklords.
They're a bunch of faggots with half assed costumes and there was some circlejerk over hot dogs. What else is there to say?

Norfolk, VA has a new con run by this sketchy 'family' group appearing to run a bunch of other first-year cons for-profit. Any gulls know about this event or these people? Looks hella shady. Dumping caps from their FB group here.
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Disney cosplayed based on or inspired by Disney merchandise. Dolls, figurines, etc.

I'll start with what I have.
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Couture de Force Rapunzel
Limited Edition Rapunzel doll
Designer Gothel

Do you gulls have any cosplay plans from things that are currently airing? Anime, TV show, cartoon, post it here.

I'm already thinking of plans for a Luluco cosplay...
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I learned my lesson in the past that the series must finish airing first before any real purchases of fabric or wigs are made, since shows can end in extreme disappointment. All reference-gathering and planning during the broadcast time is fine though.

Currently I'm looking at Kiznaiver and Hai-Furi like a hawk to see if they continue their course. Macross Delta would be a candidate, too, if it wasn't in such a licensing purgatory that not even official subs can be made for it.
Glad that you learn your lesson really. People need to realize that series can change drastically halfway throughout the airing. What if the character has a different personality later? What if the character died? What if the series shift direction and went shit? So many possibilites. But well I've seen some people genuinely don't care about the show as they only like the chara design, so yeah.
I don't think a character dying would affect anything

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