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San Japan just announced Innocent World / Yumi Fujiwara. I can't wait. If we had a CGL meet-up on Saturday, who would go?
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Haha the moment I saw the announcement I immediately thought "I bet there's a cgl thread already."
So excited.
I'm waiting on announcements on when things are happening.
>tfw Im moving in august
>tfw im going to fucking miss this god damn.

Why are Asian girls the best cosplayers cgl?
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because asian girls are the sexiest! ^_______^
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Is there a similar fashion for men like ouji, but less gay? I want to surprise my lolita gf and match her coord to my outfit.I just don't like the way ouji looks in general.

Im sorta thinking pirate or something like this bloodborne armor. She mostly wears Gothic so I think a bloodborne inspired outfit would work.

Tell me if I'm off or crazy here
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it's called aristocrat.
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Looks too much like edgy goths.
I'm not too familiar with male fashion, but have you tried looking into aristo?

Or just fuck it and come to a meetup in a Gehrman or Father Gascoigne cosplay

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Is it "frowned up" to cosplay as someone from something you don't read / watch / play?
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*frowned upon
People definitely bit cheaper about it, but who cares. At least check a wiki so you can recognize others from the thing you vosplay, and don't be a duck if people want to talk about it with you.
I'm gonna be honest but I've done it before and I don't really care what people think. My friends want me to match with them, so I go "fuck yeah man"
However I do suggest looking at their wiki page or at least maybe watching some compilation clips with that character on youtube.

If someone tries to ask you about the character, say that you just got into the series recently and are still trying to catch up.

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I'm not here to talk about lolita or what cosplay everyone is doing. I'm here to talk about the spirit of cosplay. Over the years, it has turned into some sort of sport to see how can outdo the others with materials and makeup and now digital glowy leds. That's all well and good, but it has also created a dissonance against cosplayers that just want to cosplay who they like to the best of their ability.

I'm currently brainstorming what cosplays to make for an upcoming convention. I've been going to cons long enough to figure out a few things that is messing up my thinking process

>some people go to cosplay for the social aspect
>some go to cosplay for the social and picture aspect (popularity)
>some go to just be at the con and meet people around them

When you cosplay over the years, I guess you start to develop a popularity aspect where your costumes become limited by what will be most appealing. And then you start thinking which ones will instead let you get in touch with a certain fanbase more, like One Piece or maybe Marvel/ DC costumes. And then you start thinking about the cosplays you just personally like yourself, but then realize that it may be too niche or too old for others to care about it.
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I go because cosplaying is fun and I like to have fun; that and it's some extra motivation when working out to stay in shape for my cosplay.

For me con's and cosplay are just a fun mini-vacation from job/life that is relatively cheap and I usually have a good time.
One time I bought a costume, but then got tons of questions whether I made it myself or not. And it brought me down a bit.
I get that alot I don't care if I made it or not; only the women seem to care I think in the 3 years of cosplaying I have had 1 dude ask me if I made my cosplay

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Post your favourite comic book cosplays below!
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Have some Emma Frost!

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Anyone going? I'm pretty excited - I heard there's going to be some kind of monkey show this time.
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I'll be there both days! Lowkey anxious because I'm doing a group with some other people in a cosplay I've worn before but deeply need to fix up, and work is eating up all my time/energy.

>give me the power oh merciful /cgl/
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I'm going, it's always a fun con and the con heads really care about it too. The carrier last time was so awesome
Con's over; thoughts?

>Fun and laid-back as always
>Michaela Dietz killin it; definitely a high point of the convention
>The last con I attended was 50k+ people, though, so it was a little jarring to finish walking the floor and be like "...oh. that's the end of it"

Anyone see the monkey show?

I want to get into cosplay after few year break but I'm not really interested to make fake boobs or bind. I want some recommendations of characters with small boobs. Hard mode: the character is not a child or teen.

I though Jinx would be almost perfect but then I found out how overcosplayed she is and lost interest.
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Black Rock Shooter please
There have been many big/fat character threads so why not small chest general?

Wanna see some cute animals in cosplay. Do you gulls dress your pets in cosplay? Do you follow people that do? Just have some cool pics of pets in cosplay? Have you and your pet ever done a matching cosplay, or do you want to?

I like Fuzzberta the Guinea Pig, their owner makes some really cute little costumes for them. (pic related) There's also a similiar account on Cure with more detailed cosplays for their Guinea but I can't remember the name.
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I'll post some to get the ball rolling!

Post pictures with best pokemon trainers cosplay
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Unfortunately there really isn't a whole lot of variety when it comes to Pokemon cosplays. It's mostly just Misty and the Eeveelutions
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Post your favorite coords and discuss.
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Here's to hoping this thread doesn't get deleted...
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I really need inspo for jackets, light jackets and sweaters in general. Here is cold af all the time anyway
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Now that the Bokuaca anime is airing can we have a thread?
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Request information on unknown dresses or worn photos of different items. Decided to put the two threads together to not cause board congestion/have them die quickly.

Requesting: Merry Making in the Ghost Town skirt coords. Color doesn't matter, but I'm trying to figure out how to make the skirt look the cutest, since I opted for it over the JSK this week.
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Innocent World Lost Portraits from a Ruined Mansion. I have just purchased this dress, and would love to see some coords for inspiration.
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Looking for worn photos of JeJ's Gelée sur La Rose OP
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Looking for worn photos of Infanta's Snow White skirt. Any colourway is fine...I only seen two mediocre coords.

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>lolita fashion laundry day general
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how do you gulls generally wash your burnado? i spot wash by hand since im too terrified to put things in the washing machine or trust it to a dry cleaning place
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i just washed my first garment after being into lolita for 2 years
i am disgusting
I hand wash mine in the tub with a tiny bit of detergent. I'm terrified of dry cleaners as well, since they starch the shit out of my suits when I explicitly tell them not to and the fibers wear out faster.

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please excuse the cheesy picture edition

old thread is autosaging

>cosplay or lolita (or any other type of jfashion)?
>other hobbies/interests
>fav movies/artists/vidya
>what are you looking/not looking for
>anything about yourself you think is relevant
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Anons who didn't get replied to in the thread:

(note: this is only based on whether anyone replied to them in the thread or not. if they were emailed/skyped/kik'd, they were still posted here since I have no idea who was/wasn't contacted outside of the thread.)
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I got no contact so here is one more try!
you guys realize these are gonna be crossed out links eventually?

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