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I think most of latin america don't get the credit it deserves, so heres a thread.

Now to kickstart, some questions:
>Are there any Brazilians in here?
>Are there any Brazilians in here?
>Cosplay or Lolita Cosplay or Lolita?
>Where in the country?
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The text came out a bit funky, ew...

When have you had your expectations shattered by cruel reality. Whether it be while ordering a cosplay online, meeting your favorite cosplayer for the first time in person, or attending a Con you thought would be awesome.

Story Time!
I once stumbled across this really awesome armored cosplay (I didn't even know the character, but it looked incredible) while randomly searching the # for the convention I was attending. I was so blown away by the craftsmanship, so I followed them to keep tabs on the cosplay. The day they are debuting their cosplay comes, I see them across the lobby of the hotel and I'm so excited to see this magnificent beast in person... as I got closer I started to realize a few things, first being that the cosplayer himself had definitely shooped almost every photo of his face/body to make himself seem more attractive. His eyes were smaller in person, he was definitely fatter, and he had a layer of poorly applied foundation over his heavily acne infested face (on his Instagram every photo of him looked like his skin was flawless naturally). I then realized he must have photoshopped his cosplay too. There were seems all over his armor and hot glue visible everywhere! event the paint job looked incredibly different! I was so shocked I didn't even know how to react, I just stood there starring at everything on his body, because it all was all so bad! I don't know if he saw me staring (most likely, I was pretty close) but I finally snapped out of it and turned and walked away. After the con weekend craziness was over I decided to show my friends his Instagram and it was GONE! I don't know if he blocked me or if he deleted his page (he didn't have a lot of followers to begin with) because someone called him out on his obsessive use of shoop. Either way I wish I had at least taken his photo instead of running away in shock, and now I never trust cosplayer's photos of their costumes, ESPECIALLY if it looks too good to be true. it usually is.
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The online shopping ones always make me laugh
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Anyone going to this? What should I expect for my first time?
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It's kind of amazing how many people bought tickets for the tea party before buying their first dress, let alone something from Baby.
This tea party is sure to be fascinating...
Fucking Kate is going. The HRL fb page has been a shitshow with itas getting spoonfed and using the page like their own damn blog.
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What's it going to take to win the coordinate contest? I'm sure Kate and the like will be decked in several layers of veils and ceptors. (I bet that and the fashion show are the reasons she's coming in the first place)

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Has anybody worn pictures of the MCD round JSK without a cardigan or bolero worn over it? Colorway doesn't matter.
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Worn pics of Dim Light? I just bought it and I want some inspo. No colorway preference (though I bought the green one)
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Worn pics of Enchanted Fawn in black? Either jsk or skirt is fine. Just bought the skirt and looking for inspo as well.

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How do you all feel about the rise of cosplayers turning into "models" (outside of cosplay) on instagram, and the use of Patreon becoming more and more popular for cosplayers (especially the well known ones?) any good/bad examples of "models" or Patreon users/abusers?
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lewd are fine

but I dont like "get 10% off my print store" type rewards
I don't mind the cosplayers using Patreon, but when they have steady backers and still beg or complain for money, I'm like, "Bitch! Shut the fuck up!"

Not going to name names, but saw one cosplayer bitching about how expensive a gym is for her to even go at $25/month, when she's collecting $500/month on her Patreon alone. Saw another cosplayer/photographer bitching about camera equipment and asking people to donate to her Gofundme, when she's collecting $650/month.

That's the shit that irks me!
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If they have a loyal fanbase who they can make money off of then good for them. They'd be a fucking idiot not to.

Just look at the crazy amount of money Jessica makes. Who would be stupid enough to waste this opportunity? Not Jessica.

KayyBearr as Cammy White from Street fighter.
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Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Hermione Granger

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What's that one character you've always wanted to do, but find it nearly impossible to do right?
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Any tall, white male character (being a short, chubby latino won't hel).
pic related since i'm pear shaped and short...
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I am far too short and chubby to even consider being a clamp noodle, but if I wasn't I would have worked through all of his outfits by now.

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Old thread is falling fast.

Autumn/Winter 2016 con plans? Meetups? Etc?
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Anything other than Unplugged happening relatively soon? I just got my Rem cosplay and it would be a shame to not be able to wear it anywhere.

Also Im not going to post a picture yet, this thread is too new for me to shit up.
Don't go to Unplugged. Please please please let that convention die. The runner is well-intentioned but the rest of the staff are rude, incompetent people and the show is gaaaarbage.
I just want to go for the AA desu. I still have blank space on my walls that I want to cover and I was way too hung over on the Sunday of Conbravo to go back and buy the prints that I wanted.

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I mean, it's beautifull and it's only limited to a 100 set production, but 2 fucking K for this?

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Kimono are usually that expensive. Which is why people rent, and many don't actually own their own fancier kimono.
This one seems to be a furisode, which is the most expensive kind of kimono, which adds to it's price.
Its digitally dyed not hand dyed and the obi costs a grand ontop of that, its tacky as hell
Not really. A furisode at Mamechiyo Modern costs a mere 900 collars, and that brand is quite expensive http://www.mamechiyo.jp/shopdetail/000000002783/020/X/page1/recommend/. Plus like >>9256538 mentioned, it is digitally dyed. 2000 dollars is at least twice the price of the production value.

That said, I'm glad they chose the only design that actually looked good. But I'm wondering when people would actually wear this. It's a nice novelty for sejinshiki, but other than that..

Are you a glomper?
Be honest
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Aren't we all?
Don't do this. You can really harm somebody.
Only basic bitches that can't work it resort to glomping

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Who are we taking to the Winter Ball? /fit/ or /fa/?

Booru: http://shimmie.4chanhouse.org/index.php?q=/post/list
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Both of them are trash. We should ask out /u/. W-we could be kawaii and hold hands
beginning the thread with ouji /cgl/-tan, how can we NOT go kabedon /u/?
Lewd, but I like it.

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Hey, my girlfriend loves this board and I want to get her some jewelry she might like for her birthday. She is into Lolita and loves pink if that helps at all
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Now I want Oreos
If you help me I will post a single picture of an oreo
lacemarket is a place you can buy some from. it's a secondhand website sort of like the eBay of lolita.

there is also wunderwelt and closet child, but these are Japanese shops and it will take longer to get to you(they accept PayPal and credit cards)

Hi, CGL, this is my first time on this board and ive read through the tutorial database and sadly, didnt see what i was looking for. I'm just wondering if any of you know any ways to segment a steel armor underlayer in a way that can provide flexibility and movement for my torso section. I envision something similar to pic related, with the armor plates being individually segmented first for mobility before being sewn together with a cloth over-layer. thanks for any help you could provide.
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however, i was also hoping to be able to have the armor plates closer together, something like the winter soldier's arm in regards to the plates shifting as i would move. is anything like that possible or would the close proximity of the plates restrict movement too greatly?
anyone have experience with this?

Old thread: >>9243387
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Does /cgl/ have any tips on how to attend more cons without breaking the bank?

Even with cons that are relatively close by hotels and gas are so expensive that combined with the cost of cosplay and tickets it's hard to set aside enough money to go to more than even just one a year for me.

I know that most people in the cosplay & lolita communities attend a lot of cons though and I'd love to be able to as well but I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if I'm just poor.
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>there's nothing wrong with rewearing cosplays to different cons (as long as you wash/Febreeze them)
>group discounts on passes, if you can
>car pooling
>using Uber takes out the price of parking
>ghosting, if the con doesn't have many badge-checkpoints
I usually only get badges to access the DR/AA, which is essentially spending money to spend more money. So if you're good on merch and only want to talk to people, you might not need a badge.
>step 1: don't be poor
>be cute girl
>make friends who will let you room for free
>ghost and have friends who'll let you borrow badges for stuff you want to go to
>buy cosplays from taobao and sell them for the same price or more after you're done wearing them because the retards in facebook cosplay sales group are too dumb to use taobao and are used to ebay prices for costumes.

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