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Post inspiration amd stuff here.
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anyone ever did a nanchatte meetup? how many people? what did it consist of? i'd like to wear nanchatte in public with a few friends and some advice on cute appro pros things to do would be nice!
This kind of style has always appealed to me, but in high school my mom was not cool with me wearing Jfash (but she was cool with me dressing like a lame emo kid???)

But as an adult I have the freedom to wear basically whatever I want. I'm 24 and not in school, I run a business. So idk....am I too old to be dressing like this?

Same with Lolita, I have always loved and adored how lovely and expressive it is, but by the time I could afford the dresses and what not, I feel outdated.

sorry for long post!
24?? Too old? No way!! I'm not sure if you're familiar with the term of jk cafes, it's basically like inbetween maid and kyabakura. It's girls in their 20's to 30's dressing up as school girls. Also it's very popular amomg Japanese girls in their twenties to wear cute school girl outfits while going shopping

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I am putting together my first coord and I'd like some inspiration. Post your favorite nautical coords?
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I have one. Other anons might need to help with image dumping.
These are cute! Thank you
By nautical do you mean sailor too or just mermaid-y/ocean-y things?

Also I lost a lot of my inspiration photos and just realized it fuckkk

Time for some rehashed prints.
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Rosette Collection: a rip-off of Loyal Rosette or Chocolate Rosette?

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ILD is coming up again. Post best OTT coord inspo and discuss OTT here. Bonus points for non princess/ royal ott.
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Alright, seagulls. You have $20,000 to get cosplay famous. How do you do it?

Buy up a million cosplays from China and just spam photo shoot after photo shoot?
Get a bunch of expensive camera equipment and stabilizers and become the next random photographer?
Go to every con' you can and make dubsteppy music videos until your famous?
Buy a bunch of lingerie and cat ears and apply to cosplay deviants?
Spend all of it on social media ads for existing cosplay?
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Buy at least 15 sewing machines and random assortments of fabric then go to cons doing "how to sew a cosplay" panel but go the extra step in giving my attendees the fabric and machines and the space to actually try out the techniques in front of me and I can give tips along the way.

The panel would focus on doing one whole item such as a pair of pants or a uniform blazer and of course the attendee would take the item home. I'd also invest in an HD camera so I can film the lecture and put on Youtube.

The class would tour around cons in my state and each session we would make a different item of the same character's outfit so that if you go to enough sessions in a row you will be able to make a finished cosplay all yourself.

Once the panel gets enough traction I'd start having the convention give me space to set up a mini studio at con where I can set up shop, give advice and let people use my machines if they're doing last minute cosplay stuff and would rather work there instead of their hotel rooms. I would also be able to make "house calls" to rooms of clients but I would always have someone with me as well.

From there I'd move onto doing wig tutorials and if the panels picked up enough traction then I'd invite the cosplay guest over and they can demonstrate and share their techniques as everyone will make items together with them giving people another way to connect with the cosplay elite.
>buy quality materials
>buy nice new sewing machine arsenal (aka a serger and a new Viking embroidery machine)
>pay good photogs
>choose skimpy, well-known characters to maximize neckbeard appeal
>well done costumes to maximize everyone else appeal
>set up ~trendy youtube vlog~ where I talk about everything except cosplay
>go to 5 large cons per year
>pocket remaining $10k
>make more costumes using efame money
Why isn't this actually a thing, this sounds amazing.

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Gift assignment emails have gone out. If you did not receive one, make sure to email me or Seagull Santa. Card assignments will be out later this week.

We apologize for being a day late. There were some trouble with miscommunication and complications due to multiple gifts and double the size of last year's participants. I'll post up some statistics later.

>Grinched gift signup and check will be on January 15th, 2017, unless you guys decide otherwise.
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Previous thread
out of curiosity, did many non-lolitas sign up for the $50+ bracket...? haha, I feel like a lot of people signed up for that expecting brand items. I'm going to try my best to research thoroughly and hopefully pick out good items for my matchees, but i'm worried about making a bad choice since i'm not a lolita
Oh god I signed up for a few 50+ and everyone is asking for like handmades and lolita dresses but I'm a basic hoe and I don't craft and wtf oh my god I'm so sorry to everyone I got y'all gonna be disappointed as fuck

Does anyone have any stories of when they traveled and decided to wear J-fashion during their trip? (Outside of cons I mean).

I'm very curious about how locals in different countries treated tourists in Lolita, cosplay,etc.
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I wore lolita a lot during a recent trip to the states, I even wore it at the grand canyon. The only trouble I had was with a homeless guy in New York being a bit mouthy but it was halloween and he was getting on everyone in 'costume's case. No one else batted an eyelid
i ususally wear it when i travel with the same reactions as my home country. Only noteable experience was at Versailles palace in France. A few english-speaking lolitas wearing simple classic IW coords were turned away from entering a building by gaurd. I had read a blog post from a himegyaru blogger about OTT coords getting denied entry, so I went with a simple otome look with no issues. I got in a heated French-language debate with the gaurd about how they were wearing fashion and not costumes and eventually they were let in, but Versailles vistors beware.
Random potpourri of shit

>Got stalked by a shady seller in Florence who kept taking cellphone pictures of me
>also probably got the weirdest comments in Florence/Italy in general
>got a pic taken by a local in London who from the way he talked to me I think probably was aiming to post me to a 'weird people' site later on or at least show pic to friends to make fun of me
>got complimented a LOT in LA
>same deal in certain areas of Chicago (like Logan Square)
>got pics taken in Harajuku by random tourists kek

Generalizations to take from it

>Harajuku is really an ogling zoo.
>Men in Italy are as uh, brazen as the rumors say, or I'm just not used to it.
>The more hipster the place the less weird looks you get.

What are your favorite costume redesigns and and related artists? I just saw these amazing Disney redesigns and I've got the itch to make one but everyone in my area is already planning groups...
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camera duck.jpg
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Talk about taking photos of cosplayers/lolitas or getting your picture taken while dressing up /cgl/

/cgl/-related photography horror stories welcome
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>inb4 entire thread becomes bullshit sob story central
once a photographer touched my tit "accidentally" while trying to adjust my wig.

I highly doubt repeatedly gently caressing my nipple area was "accidental"
wow what
is it normal for photographers to themselves adjust aspects of subjects?

I would have thought they would ask for the adjustment to be made

seems like a poor excuse to me

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What gets the gem boner in you going? Post em.
>Detail shots
>coords that flow just perfectly to you
>That one thing that makes everything around it better

You don't have to explain it but feel free. Could be a good discussion.
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>fem boner.
Phone posting ruins everything good.
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Someone was hating on mermaid costumes in the bad costume thread, so let's get a mermaid thread going.

OC's are welcome, bonus points if you can actually swim in it.
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Previous thread >>9182578

Who had a great time? Who didn't?
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I bought too much shit I don't need and drank pretty much all day every day. I love Youma

Did everyone enjoy their elevator adventure on Sunday morning?
Thank God I woke up early and put all my stuff in my car, then told roomies that checkout was a lot earlier than it actually was.
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It's almost 2017. Is it acceptable to cosplay a geisha yet or must we keep the races and cultures pure and not let the filthy Japanese soil our way of life?

Pick one.
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Do it
I think it's a moot point because to properly play any type of geisha you need very expensive kimono and authentic makeup, otherwise it looks like shit. I've never seen even a decent one so it always looks more like parody than like it is done from admiration.

Otoh, since Japanese do have Geisha henshin studios, is the that basically cosplaying one for a day?
it has to be done right

real geisha are dripping with expensive shit and are graceful as fuck. i wouldn't really call it a cosplay because the title of "geisha" is basically an occupation/status

geisha are real people

it's like cosplaying a social worker

Last thread >>9234942
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Does anyone know if there will be some good black friday deals for lolita items? I know lolita desu had a sale last year.
Usually no. But there is winter lucky pack season approaching.
Not sure about Black Friday but IW have some seasonal lucky packs in stock still.

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Online Comm Thread: Look at me giving back to society edition!
Old thread: >>9227720

Anyone else think it's wrong that this chick wants a comm meet at a hospital showing off lolita to sick children? She's currently getting chewed out for it on RC.
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I think the stupid part is that she'd intend on ~teaching the children about lolita~
like theres nothing wrong with letting your fashion be a costume for a day if it makes a kid happy, but dont pretend to be charitable and then turn around and be the sperg who goes "its not a costume ugh fucking normies dont understand me!"

>tfw I'm a hired birthday princess
I mean to be honest it would be nice to read to kids and stuff but no kid wants to be taught about lolita, especially not sick kids. That's self centered as hell. She can do that in her own time if she really wanted, she doesn't have to involve others because that's just trying to make it a big spectacle. I've read to foster kids while wearing lolita but I mean I didn't mention the fashion at all (kids don't give a fuck they just like the way it looks at that's literally it), I was just there to volunteer and that's what I wore because I thought it might bring some extra smiles (it did).
I responded to the girl calling us bullies for disagreeing with the OP and she blocked me so there's that.

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