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Goku new form when?
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Reminder that Toshio (super writer) wrote ep104 and it's about cauliflower and kale

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Return When?

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tohru is mine!.png
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I legitimately like all the other girls more than Tohru. Not that I dislike Tohru or anything.

That includes the hot mama who only appeared twice.
>liking Elma
Elma is cute!

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People are completely misunderstanding the ending. Them re-uniting is nothing but bait. Think about it: Why did they fall in love with eachother? Was it their personalities, hobbies, looks or flaws, or was it simply the trust established through the process of body swapping? It is clearly implied that they have nothing in common and arent even particularly attracted to the other party, so its safe to assume that they ended up dating but quickly went separate ways afterwards. This also makes the most sense considering how Shinkai usually handles endings. You know its true.
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Fuck Osea
Fucking Eruseans, get out of here with your fascist bullshit
Do you hate us that much?

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Is this the greatest anime of all time? I didn't think anything could top Re:Zero but this has definitely changed things.
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I can't tell if this is bait or just shit taste
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You could have made some people reasonably upset if you had just stuck with the first sentence, but mentioning Re:Zero gave you away.

Just some free advice from an Australian. Usually doesn't come free kid. Better learn from the best when you get the chance.
>Tohru's hips

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You should be able to solve this.
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Give me a moment to check my notes.
>tfw being a NEET for so long has destroyed your ability to do HS-level work

Never gets old.
Recent college grad studying for the GRE and I'm actually amazed at how bad I am at high school math. Shit's pedantic as fuck

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Char vs Ribbons/Amuro
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We're getting a series? I thought this was just going to be one OVA like the Try one.
You're thinking of the upcoming GM's Counterattack OVA. Speaking of which the PV for that is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X84ImjqBDg
Stars the S1 cast

Battlogue is a series of shorts directed by Obari. It's a bunch of fantasy matchups between characters from different series
so basically deathbattle?

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Who is the best sword and shield user in anime?
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Swords are for nerds, polearm superior weapon.
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Oh yeah? Well, how come there's no MC, real or fictional uses this "polearm" as a main weapon.

Swords 1
Polearms 0

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You can only afford one as your sex slave. Which do you pick?
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all of them

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The last piece of Western media you consumed gets an anime adaption. What changes?
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The credits.
Cersei's tits grow 3 cup sized.
Do novels count?
>Infinite Jest
Probably everything

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Listen to that again. Pro tip: The Japanese language does not allow a [Si] syllable.
You did that on purpose!

Angel Beats! -The Last Operation-
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*Angel Beats
Never read Angel Beats manga before. Are they actually good or should I wait on the VN?
As if Maeda Jun would have enough life left to finish all six VNs

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The Heart
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what about it
>tfw bleach is unironically one of the deepest manga I have read
>shippers only ship because they want to feel included in the bleach fandom
The Heart

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This is the ideal anime girl body.
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What the fuck are those noodle legs?
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Kantoku thread?

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Dishonest anime
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Dishonest in literally what sense. They don't get back together obviously because they don't recall any of their past memories.

Taki is still shit at talking to women. The body swap was his trump card and now he is kicked out of the 2d gene pool.
Probably in the sense that it's not true to itself anime-anime because it appeals to normalfags.
OP just thought he formulated something cool.

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Something is coming from the sky !
What is it ?!
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Looks like sunlight.
A tsundere salmon!
a meteor

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