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ueno a shit.png
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My deaf wife is cute!

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lol yeah understandable
They really ruined this entire movie with the terrible music as well as the shitty blur and chromatic aberration filter.
It was so distracting that everytime It felt like I was enjoying the movie, I just started looking at the edges while being unable to think anything but "wow that looks like shit, who the fuck thought this was a good idea".
Also the music in the scene with the massive bitch fight after the suicide attempt was silly and ruined the entire mood of it.
I want to agree with you, but there are way bigger problems with the movie than what you named. Namely, lacking characterization for anyone that wasn't the MC was a glaring issue. Significant events were altered or left out to meet the time constraints. Certain character motives were poorly conveyed because of this. Even so, I still enjoyed the movie. Some scenes worked really well in motion. The core story was still there.

I feel like some of your complaints are a bit shallow, like you were actively looking for stuff to piss you off. That said, there are plenty of folks who feel the movie failed as an adaptation overall but still liked/disliked it for reasons, so that's fair, too.

What the fuck did I just watch ?
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Beginner's cooperative toothbrushing
Strong family values and oral hygiene
Proper brother etiquette.

Would Scatach be a good mother and wife to your kids?
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>mother and wife to your kids

W-what are you implying?
she already is
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I would at least impregnate her over and over and over and over again without putting a baby in her womb.

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Netflix is saving anime.

>More money invested in shows that aren't trash
>More incentive for fansubbers to have a high quality releases

Anyone who doesn't hate their eyes was going to go for a fansub anyway.

Remind me why literally anyone gets upset when netflix picks up quality shows?
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>saving anime
>literally making it more popular to normalfags than it already is
eat shit, OP.
Buy a banner next time
>kyoani light novel shit
>not trash
polished shit is still shit

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What's you're opinion on yanderes?
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shiggy a best
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They are delightful and loyal creatures that need a strong man to lead them. Pic not related.
Murderous cunts

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ITT: Overrated shit
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It doesn't mean it's overrated if you personally dislike it, anon.
Mushishi? More like MushiSHIT
Fok u. I became a surgeon after inspired by Dr. Tenma

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"What are you thinking right now, Anon?"
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About you.
Why does she sit like that?

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>reading colored manga
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they're called POC manga, grandpa
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>watching colored anime
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>watching anime when manga exists

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What was his name again?
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Stop reminding me. I want to forget.

What's your favorite?
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Thighs > Butt = Armpit > Tits > Shit > Feet
tits>ass>hair>legs>everything else

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This was a good use of my time.
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What did everyone think of the episode?
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Kira Kira.webm
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I wonder if it will end up in the manga.
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Kira Kira 2.webm
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Probably not, I don't remember anything from the first OVA being in it.

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>It's another "The MC has a special ability that lets him save and reload time like a visual novel" series
Oh boy this trend didn't get old fast. Is this the new isekai?
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Been there done that. speially because it's isekai+time travel.
name one example

a nice little girl is running towards you
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I punch her in the face.
you are a wise man/woman
Punt kick

fanservice episode incoming
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ITT girls who prefer butt stuff.
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people who bump bad threads should be banned along with their OPs

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