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What are some music anime that are actually about music? The only ones I can think of are Nodame Cantabile, Beck and arguably K-On
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>about music

Detroit Metal City

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Momo Yaoyorozu
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First for Mom!
Useless girl only good for doujins
For breeding

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This is Shibuya Rin.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is this the first manga that was cancelled before it even launched?
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Is this the rouroni Kenshin sequel? It's not out til spring.
I dint know

Post your underappreciated waifu
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This is Fran
>I wonder if I'd feel the same with someone else as you, be a good boy while I kiss someone else.
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Oh fucking god. I'm cringing so hard. How did you guys manage to get past this scene?
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oh boy, this thread again!
Sounds like you could learn a thing or two from him.
I'm pausing for every five seconds because it hurts so god damn much.

I've enjoyed the show so far, but this really hurts my insides. I've never cringed so much because of anime ever.

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How did /a/ react when this first aired?
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Googoo gaga?
i wasnt around but ill ask my grandfather what he thought.
>when it first aired

Ask /a/'s parents.

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It's time for Friday Night Osu, the casual get-together of rhythm game loving anons that's been around for years!

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. We usually play 3-6* star songs depending on who shows up. You can download the game for free at https://osu.ppy.sh/

mp link: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/matches/35025919
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>tfw just got back from holidays and skill has rusted away
any good derust maps?
time to struggle with easy beatmaps like the pleb i am!
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it crashed lol

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New key visual and PV, site also updated with characters.


OP theme is Happy Material. Yes, really.
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File: chara_s1.png (250KB, 422x746px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He plays soccer with the kids
Hes a good guy
I can't believe they added in that scene of Charioce playing ball with the demon kids he helps slaughter on a daily basis without mercy. Was that supposed to make me like him? Who the fuck is writing this? Is this a romcom or a fantasy story about world destruction? I don't even know what it's trying to be anymore.

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How is this thread accurate i mean was like 4 months ago
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Fuck off is that real what the fuck.
Because all battle shonen manga is generic as fuck and Boku no Hero is THE generic battle shonen manga
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Why is Toga so perfect?

Shizuka Ōishi was a mistake.
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The volume covers are stylish. If only the content was worth it.
So is there no new episode?
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>Shizuka Ōishi was a mistake.
Her only mistake was thinking autists would be sympathetic to human emotions. This is the most realistic anime teenage romance there's been for a while.

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Caska return Normal or will remain Potato?
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I miss skullbro.
Me too
>Casca returns to normal
>joins Griffith again
>Guts remains forever cucked by birdman cock
Calling it now. I can't wait to see the look on Guts' face.

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bites you.webm
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Why did Reinhard bite his finger? I still don't get it
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He's thinking of kircheis

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New chapter is out.
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What is Kate planning?

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