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I'm 161cm and 43kg...
im 183 and 48 kg.
Literally double my height. Why is this allowed?

Has there ever been a successful live action adaption of an anime?
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Depends what you define as "successful"

Pic related wasn't better than the anime/manga but it's wasn't terrible and was pretty good overall.
Edge of Tomorrow

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Why was the anime so bad?
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Is that even a question? Most VN adaptations are shit.

For example, Steins;gate, Higurashi, Chaos;Child, Koi Choco etc.

Majikoi's one was especially terrible because of the fact that it literally started AFTER Momoyo's route and nothing is canon as a result.
>shit adaptation
You must be either new, retarded or just baiting. I give you a credit you are a representator of the 3rd option. For your sake.
>Why was the anime so bad?
Because of shit like this:
>(1.27 MB, 3063x1958)

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It's that time again, /a/.

Post them to get your fellow /a/nons through the weekend.

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recently re-watched Baka to Test and remembered how much I like the OP. I really dig the visuals and the song is catchy.

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Not all DBS girls are ugly.
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Kale is prettiest.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
We know

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Let's have a confirmed virgin thread.

For the record, girls that have only had sex with a single, individual, specific guy count as pure.
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Integra too, of course.

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Watch this webm and tell me what you think.
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She wasted too much jelly

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Is this the single greatest frame in anime history?
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Not even close, bud.
nah because the blossom is directly over top of her eye. It looks weird. Maybe the frame before or after.
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Not even close.

Brown girls shouldn't be worst girls.
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I would let Ranko mess me up sexually. In a good way.
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>it's a harem anime
>MC gets a girlfriend in the first episode

What's the fucking point?
so the pervert self-insert protag has an actual non-retarded excuse for not sleeping with every woman

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Your name

Was it all a lie?
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I just finished watching this in theaters. It was pretty good I'd say, there were really sensitive girls gasping and audibly tearing up at the scenes when they both meet at the crater's rim and the ending when looking for each other.

Now I need more weebums of the scenes, anyone got confusedmitsuha.webm?
it was a rip-off
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Is there a particular distinction between the yellow vest and grey vest that Mitsuha wears? I was curious as to why both Mitsuha and Taki know to switch to grey on the day of the meteor falling, especially when it was after the day she wore the yellow vest for school.

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ITT Wasted Potential
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It was alright
You probably just didn't like that you got cucked at the end
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Why didn't he fuck the loli?

I miss my FAGs
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I miss Bukiko.
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It will most likely get a second season. Don't worry !
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>Second season

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How come yamamuro is so bad?
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Praise her, adore her
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Your birthdate is the character you have to support for the rest of the ToP.

1. Piccolo
2. Dyspo
3. Frieza
4. Toppo
5. Murichim
6. Kale
7. Ganos
8. Brianne
9. Android 17
10. Goku
11. Jimizu
12. Frost
13. Jiren
14. Kahseral
15. Hit
16. Vegeta
17. Cabba
18. Magical Girl #2 (purple hair)
19. Gohan
20. Caulifla
21. Android 18
22. Magical Girl #3 (brown hair)
23. Cocotte
24. Botamo
25. Tien
26. Roshi
27. Damon
28. Magetta
29. Rabanra
30. White Beard (U3)
31. Fag from U10

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Why do people like 5th movie the most, when its the worst?
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fuck off
Probably because most people don't have taste as shit as yours son. You're going to notice that a lot as you go on through life, but remember the trick is to just dismiss anything popular, even within a tiny niche, as overrated pleb trash that you're too smart for. Keep that up and you'll have no problems.
Its not the worse though i agree its not the best either

Vote http://www.strawpoll.me/13561495
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