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You know what's really ruining anime? Mecha. And especially fucking Gundam.

Because of this retarded piece of shit 3/4 of sci-fi anime use fucking toy robots.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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rate my waifu
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Fucking pedophile
My last digit/10
I post on r/anime: the waifu

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Couples where one of them died
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fuck you
Nina and Churros OTP get fucked /a/

He wuz a good boi
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So do they actually attempt to humanize him now?
If so then I think I might actually drop the show.

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The return of Croissant.
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He''d better be orange.
A potential happy ending for croissant?! I don't believe it. Well, she fucked it up anyway.

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This is what Japan thinks Italians look like.
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You mean this.
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You mean this
You mean to tell me that real Italians look different?

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Thread for discussing web novels and light novels. Praise them, shit on them, bitch about shitty isekai, find new shitty series to pick up, and complain about bad writing, all in one thread. I'll start with a few I've been reading.

>Katahane no Riku

Nice in that it wasn't overly long (only 100 chapters), but Riku being a sociopath got old after a while. It was pretty decent aside from that with decent action and a straightforward and satisfying revenge story, so I'd recommend it if you've got half a day to kill.


Surprised at how much I've liked it so far. It's a "trapped in VR MMO", but it's low fantasy where magic is actually rare and kinda shitty. MCs are OP (more like glass cannons) but still get their asses kicked in their first fight with some random bandits because they weren't paying attention, which I thought was a nice change of pace. People die easily and even a small mistake means death, so the initial bandit arc was actually pretty exciting. What I was really surprised about was the characters actually being multifaceted with somewhat complex (for a WN/LN at least) motivations and personalities. This is true for several side characters, but especially so for the male MC who has a remarkably believable and relateable approach to the problems, and manages to be one of the few characters I've seen that didn't immediately dip into complete pussy pacifist "good guy" or sociopathic mass murderer. Of course it could go to shit later on, but so far would absolutely recommend it.
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>The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is a hard one. It ranges from really interesting, with a pretty rich backstory and an interesting cast of characters, to nonsensical and confusing slapstick. Even worse, it changes between the two without warning, giving you some serious whiplash when you try to keep up. Only on chapter 32 so far out of 150 translated, but I have high hopes it can be something really special if it smoothes out the transition between the actual story and the comedic sequences since I find the backstory and the rise, fall, and rise again of the MC pretty interesting to read about.

>Skeleton Knight in Another World

Exceedingly average in pretty much every way. World isn't unique, there's never any tension in battle with MC since he curbstomps everything, and his motivations rarely extend beyond food and helping women because they have vaginas. Even worse, MC is never bothered by anything, whether it's murdering someone or seeing someone be raped, and it all seems to slide off him like water. However, one thing that has kept me reading despite that is the author actually made a canonical reason why MC is so incredibly bland. Apparently in his skeleton form his emotions are suppressed, but when he temporarily gains his flesh form, his emotions come back, making him an emotional wreck from all the accumulated emotional stress. Not much has been done with this so far and it's starting to seem like the author threw it in just so he could get away with writing such a painfully bland MC, but I see potential for the MC going from shit to intriguing if this is played right. Add in a dream/nightmare of him going full lich on some guards and I have high hopes for suffering in the future. LN pictures are nice too, so that's a plus.
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Been reading Infinite Dendrogram. It's been pretty decent so far.

I just wish the protagonist wasn't an idiot. And by idiot I mean his conversational skills are just him parroting random words his conversation partner says.
Plus he looks even more stupid when literally everyone else is the intellectual type, save for Nemesis.

The only smart thing he's done is figure Figaro's ability before his other friends, but that was still with his brother spoonfeeding him hints on top of being not that hard to figure out.
not /a/ faggot

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Ebino has successfully set up her defeat flag.
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What now? Also any link to the raw?

maybe now she can now find a good man with a successful job and big cock
post the fucking link

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is panty and stocking better to watch dubbed or subbed?
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>is ________ better to watch dubbed or subbed?

I gave the dub a try because I heard they did a good job localizing it, which they did. But I still prefered the sub.
I did both. They did a good job for the dub but watch it subbed, then if you feel like it, dubbed

Daily reminder
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Epic...oh! and I see you've got the Facebook filename as well.
Simply Eric Bana (Hulk, 2003, dir. Ang Lee).
But both are correct
>Getting this mad over a Facebook filename

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>TFW atomic theory.gif
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Why hasn't Kazuma told Megumin about splitting atoms yet?
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Because she's secretly an evil genius and would actually find a way.
S3 when?
Kazuma can't even make a basic explosive, he needed to repurpose one of Wiz's useless goods for his fakesplosions.

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Why did she have to die so pointlessly?
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Togashi had to get rid of a turd, same with Pokkle.
At least she was spared Pokkle's fate.
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>it's been over a decade
>waifufags still not over it

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>I once had a kid like you...
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>but then he took a rpg to the knee
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500 zeus
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>completely pure vanilla doujinshi
>suddenly a rape scene
>guy rescues her AFTER she was raped
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>he just stands and masturbates during the rape scene
Fucking cucks.
Epic. Did you enjoy?

new chapter is out

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>As he grumbled, Subaru saw Tia, who was lying down while moaning “Oooh” and “Ahhh”, receiving a lap pillow from Rem.
>[Subaru: Don’t be so spoiled. Besides, Rem’s lap is mine. And the fan is borrowed. Who do you think you are, a princess?]
Subaru is getting cucked
Why does Rem still look like a monkey? Do people really defend the official art for this series.
ebin shitpost

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