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Why is there no proper western DVD release that isn't like £100? Is there any other series this popular that had such a weak home release?
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There's been legal troubles with the license since ADV went under. I think Funimation technically owns distribution rights but there's some technicality holding them back from actually releasing it.
Even what they did release, regardless of cost, was garbage.

I have a friend with every episode + the movie in DVD form and it's shit tier. Both EoE and 25 + 26 have entire chunks that are completely unsubbed, like the scene where Shinji chokes Asuka for the first time.
They should just fucking hire Sephirotic to do the dubs for the next official release, especially for EoE.
>tfw the only western DVD release of EoE is the mangled Manga Entertainment version that looks like it was literally exported through Windows Movie Maker

>magical beings stuck in human world anime
>enemies from the other world follow them to human world and inject much needed conflict
>oh no wait they all stop being a threat completely by episode 5
>it becomes a total happy go lucky slice of life by episode 6

what a fucking disappointment
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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anime grils who motivated you to get /fit/. post em. pic 100% related.
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hows a 2d gril gon motivate fitness?
Why not at least post Kanbaru?
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The UFOs are canon normalfags. Kumiko wouldn't date a dude who wasn't /fit/.

I'd still bang her.
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She's going to win the MC right?
I'd run.
Are any of you guys watching this? Until now, I haven't seen a single thread about it.

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Megumin is life.jpg
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How good are you at drawing Megumin, /a/?
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Never tried
Probably end up giving her huge tits anyway
I can't draw for shit, but she'd be the only thing I'd draw if I had the skills.
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Megumin is life an soul.jpg
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I tried

>18if - 05 [720p]
Episode out.
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>i dont want to skate anymore
>let me cut my leg off
Crazy girl.

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He did nothing wrong.
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He was ugly therefore he deserved to die
He lost.
Just finished watching this, in my opinion neither were right. It was a case of opposing factions that couldn't live with eachother, one of the two had to go, and right or wrong didn't come into it.

One thing though, how did Kiroumaru's army get wiped out if the fiend had death feedback on Queerats? Wasn't it the fiend that wiped out his army?

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>like the anime
>hate its fanbase
>now hate the anime as well because its fanbase

Has this ever happened to you?
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No because I'm not petty like that.
>hating an anime because of the fanbase

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It's out
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btw Boichi confirmed that Suika is a girl in a comment
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Chapter 74 : Juryo

Chapter got delayed for a day, so it didn't come out yesterday, like it normally does.
But it's out now. It's the sumo vs the wrestler!
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Kengan Asura_v09c74p160.png
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Kengan Asura_v09c74p161.png
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The results of the Sixth Popularity Poll will appear next chapter
>inb4 Big Mom gets in top 10
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Sanji and Nami will be first because they are canon now
If Doffy didn't get top ten there is no way in hell BM gets there. Katakuri is a different story though.
can you not just wait until later in the thread to start your shipping bullshit?

you can't at least give the thread a fucking chance?

How much ongoing manga are you reading? I think the one thing holding me back from actually getting into manga is that almost every series I find that interests me will probably be going for another 10 years.
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A single one currently, and yeah, it's lasting for more than ten years. But previous ones too, they eventually ended.
Im at around 100 ongoing with about 20 completed in backlog
238, but the scanlation-update schedules are completely fucked so calling a lot of them "ongoing" is only technically correct.

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So what is the QUALITY Code of this summer?
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rabbit run.webm
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Only on loli.
Because you are a hentai*

*Translator note: Hentai means pervert
They aren't. Spats are better.

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nishimiya 2.png
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I want to bully Nishimiya until she likes me.
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Me too.

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