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What news are you looking forward to the most?
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Honestly still waiting for 774's latest Naked Princess Honoka to get translated all fucking ready before I really care about anything else. Bretty hyped for Hirame doing a Kemono Friends AND an Overwatch doujin though.
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More Iori doujins.
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Arakure's Hot Spring wife, Arai Kei's Fuuka compilation and Kaki Hoshuu 08
And of course, 40010's oranges

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megumin best girl!
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Megumin best girl.
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megumin a cute!
You think there's anyone on /a/ who doesn't know that?

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He's doing exactly what the OP is aiming for. If you don't like people blogging about 3D weights, you need to point your finger at the OP.
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I can't believe Kirino is taller than her.

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Episode 06 preview is up. No video this time.

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>shouneshit again
I hate it!
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How you guys liking the arc?

When will Rokudou 'awaken his powers'? It's inevitable right?
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This arc is legit amazing in every way and this mango deserves more readers.

Sure the artstyle is a little funky at times but it has a lot of heart.
What power?

It's not like he's in need of any with all the walking natural disasters with vagina around him.
the writer seems decent but it seems like it's only going to get more centered around fighting from here on out. Rokudou is going to need some way to defend himself since he doesn't want Ranna fighting his battles for him; which leads me to believe he's going to find out his tattoo gives him super strength when he's fighting for his girls or some shit

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Next King right here.
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What's a 'snort'?
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How many spiders is he gonna one panel?
Also how long till Kurapika finds out they're on the boat?

Was it rape?
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So is Takamizawa Erika's father or what? Stepfather? No relation at all?
It will be.
She called him ojisan, so he's clearly neither her father nor her stepfather. Which makes me question whether Angelica is actually Erika's mother. Was it ever confirmed?

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Let's discuss shows that for some reason the West likes, while Japan didn't. We also discuss why the West liked them, and why Japan didn't.
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Only 12-year-olds and ironic weeaboos liked that piece of trash.
Shut the fuck up dude
Is a Masterpiece
The Big O


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Flat chest or cow tits?
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Cowtits naturally, although bust size doesn't change best girl.
What about medium-sized?

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Why do girls in this show even like this faggot? In other harems they at least show that MC is kind and friendly towards girls, this nigger gives impression of know-it-all who's also loud and complains about things often. Also ugly hairstyle. What's so good about him that girls are willing to beat each other for him, and an idol girl who barely had any conversation with him makes a love confession literally out of nowhere during her concert?
There must be some limits to making self-insert characters.
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Looks like somebody is still salty.
Every character named Kyousuke is either homosexual or clinically retarded. I literally cannot be proven wrong.
Being a strong and reliable person? Is in his nature to help others, also he's the "straight man" kind of character so that makes him more alluring, what's not to like? Without to mention that he's tall and handsome, so he basically sounds like a dream, of course all these traits are part of the "Super Kyousuke" that came back thanks to Kirino and transformed into something even more awesome since the original Super Kyousuke was kind of an idiot.

what a dumb hillbilly!
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And she always will be now that she's a shut in.
What does she do all day?
She's not going to school in the city, I can tell you that much.

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How did such generic edge shit become so popular?
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Repressed murderous urges are a scary thing
I imagine it wasn't quite so generic back when it was created in 1968.

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Why is she consistently in the list of top 10 anime lolis?
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>top 10
She isn't even a loli, summercancer.
Probably because she isn't a loli.
Because shes shit, and MALfags love shit girls.

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No girl comes close to being as embarrassingly bad as vento.

Her motivations are fucking stupid, but her voice is sex
Do you guys have any idea how to phrase this? >>160367635
I'm really not sure how to translate these 3 bubbles. Especially since "astronomical observatory" doesn't really fit in.

Currently I would go for this I think
>Oriana looked for a point (written: Astronomical observatory) to activate Peter's Cross
>Astronomical Observatory
>If you understand that much, can't you calculate(derive?) her place (read as point) from it?

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>Good art
>Lewd fox
>Gets axed
For what purpose
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